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  1. I have had this full copy of the Observer under my desk calendar here in the office since 4/29/2011.  I glance at it often after Cam has a good game. Now he has guided us to the Super Bowl.  War Damn Panthers. Let's get us one this Sunday.  Have a great weekend my friends. 
  2. What position did you play?

    OG and DT in high school.  OG and C in college.   New Hanover High baby!  Go Wildcats.  The good old days.  All you young fugers enjoy it while it lasts.
  3. Dats my dog:  Andrew Norwell Reminds me of: Hamish Campbell from Braveheart   
  4. Club Shiznit

    The last one of the season was for PhilyB's book. 
  5. Club Shiznit

    Per @blackbluereview Mike Tolbert and Fozzy Whittaker have conjoined rooms, so they opened up middle and started "Club Shiznit."   Awesome
  6. Got My Rejection Letter Today

    I got mine yesterday.  Oh well.  15 years of women telling me no before I met my wife prepared me for this moment.
  7. Panthers Pride Rally

    Please tell me that you are making up the "we got spirit" thing.  Please.
  8. Panther Gear at CLT Airport?

    There is an EA Sports shop that sells Panther gear on way to C concourse.
  9. Ya screw those clowns. Never forget. 
  10. So did @CarolinaHuddle get a press pass for the game?
  11. I thought those 49er clowns in Greensboro would like to see the field 
  12. Photo courtesy of @levisstadium (fug the 49ers!)
  13. Jean Short field is looking sexy