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  1. AJ Hawk Released

    Also it would be one more white LBer for our crowd to yell "LUUUUUKE" at after a tackle.
  2. Man I was at BofA when they announced the Cam draft pick. Thousands were there and went nuts. Was a great experience.
  3. Sweet, now I can completely ignore that FS1 channel.
  4. Buy them and for the love of Christ don't sell themPanther fans. If I show up to the 49ers and Vikings games andthe joint is 30% trash fans I'm gon-be-pissed.
  5. COLA - Charlotte to San Fran

    Those California hops though. Im heading to San Diego on Monday. Hitting up Ballast Point. Delish. The taxes suck though.
  6. I'm writing him in that's for damn sure. The other two options areborderline insane.
  7. Heathered Gray Draft Hats - Hot or Not?

    This shiny logo phenomenon needs to end.
  8. Then again Ramsey would be nice. Too tough to call
  9. Tunsil or Stanley. Maybe a pass rusher. But it would definitely be trench help.
  10. @95KeepPounding Follow me for general musings on sales, Golden Corral, and tips on scratching your asshole while on stage at a seminar.
  11. Cam on the cover of EBONY

    On the Huddle, onecould start a thread about IKEA and it would turn into a discussion about porn.
  12. It does get dry if you don't wrap in foil and let rest in a cooler under some towels after you take it off.
  13. I'm thinking if you take that recipe and add a jalapeño toit it could change the world.
  14. I am a card carrying pork guy and am aware of the NC protocol but when we play a team from the heartland I will normally go with beef.