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  1. So I floated a hypothesis out this morning on Twitter about Dave Gettleman’s plan. So far we have seen ol’ Nippleshorts plant seeds about Norwell and Gano. These rumors did not get out of the Giants front office by mistake. Dave is going to rope-a-dope the less savy, emotional Marty Hurney into overpaying Gano. Dave wants Norwell, obviously. Dave is not happy with how JR bumbled and fumbled his job. Dave floats out the Gano interest becuse he knows Marty will panic and take the bait. Meanwhile Marty and Ron let emotions factor into decision making and are now planning to either tag or overpay Graham Gano. Meanwhile the Giants sign Star and Norwell. Think about it. Dave knows Hurney’s history. He’s studied all Hurney’s work and past moves from the inside. He knows Ron and his affinity for vets. Nippleshorts NEVER showed his hand while here as GM, why else would he let rumors about Norwell and Gano leave his office in New Jersey? Why? Because Dave knows exactly how to play Hurney and Ron. Feel the Hurn 2018!
  2. It’s a hypothesis. That said, Hurney can be played like a fiddle. The Giants leak interest in Gano then Hurney responds with Gano being a top target.
  3. Hi there

    I’m going poop. Like right now. At this very second while typing this. Weird.
  4. This whole GM search is such a crock of poop.
  5. So last week I went to the team store to buy a new coffee mug and to put in a bid to buy the Panthers. I had high hopes walking in and I am not accustomed to losing many negotiations. We haggled over price. In the end $2.3 billion is not much worse than $2.5 billion but I wanted a few things thrown in with the deal since the price was a sticking point. I asked for some land to build a 3 acre area dedicated to the Roaring Riot tailgate experience. I was adamant about the team remaining in CLT as long as I’m alive. The NFL would have zero leverage in wooing me elsewhere. The stadium is fine and I said I would not host a super bowl. Speaking of stadiums, the RoaringRiot would have one entire lower bowl endzone section free from PSL licensing so the Riot can make their presence felt in one large raucous area complete with vuvuzela’s and a large bass drum. Football is to be played outside on natural grass.I have 8 and 12 year old sons that would take over as owners when I finally die of a heart attack on the shitter in some remote town in central Canada. I spoke with city leaders and they agreed to make every Panthers home game weekend an official Paint the Town Panthers event. Opposing fans could stay in hotel rooms but the council agreed to pass legislation that would prohibit the lame ass Epicenter from catering to locals that sell out the home team. They also agreed to pass legislation that would allow open containers throughout the city within the I277 perimeter on game at weekends. I also have numerous other plans to make B of A Stadium our home. For example, any PSL broker caught selling out entire sections of seats to opposing fans would lose PSL rights and I would sell those PSL’s to young and passionate Panther fans for pennies on the dollar. But I digress. In the end JR didn’t want to sell to me because I like to stand and raise hell during the games. He felt selling to a yahoo like me, raised in the port city of Wilmington NC, purveyor of all great things Panthers, drinker of cheap beer, would not be wise. So I bought a coffee mug and wrote a song about Norv Turner to the tune of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”. Let’s hope we get a good owner.
  6. This is an extremely accurate post.
  7. I don’t like any of the decisions being made at B of a Stadium right now. That probably means they’re good decisions but we seem like a stupid organization.
  8. This whole process from the day Nippleshorts f**ked up the JNo situation has been a comedy of errors masked by a super human QB and once in a generation LB.
  9. Yea it’s a clown show over there right now. So damn frustrating.
  10. Yea I noticed that when I got to the office but it was just adhesive
  11. Worst case scenerio....

    Bring back Bell and Chandler Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  12. I don't know much about any of the kids in the draft so you get an A+ grade from me.
  13. So did @CarolinaHuddle get a press pass for the game?
  14. If I win them then I authorize Zod to give them to you.
  15. Awesome of you. I don't need the tickers but if I win those field passes I will donate them to somebody else on here because I would probably punch Russell Wilson or Pete Carol in the face when I saw them on the field. I got field passes to the Giants game in 2011 and got in trouble for booing Justin Tuck. Sometimes it's just hard to turn it off. To those Hawks fans that will be in attendance on Sunday:
  16. Ball in left hand has a weighted sleeve on it. Ball in right hand does not.
  17. Seahawks fans are mad and talking trash because Russell Wilson is in a commercial sharing a pool with Macklemore. He also drinks water that heals concussions and he refuses to give the D to his pop singer girlfriend who may actually be Macklemore. Our guy wears bedazzled shoes at his press conference and makes cool commercials and actually has sex with his girlfriend. We win. Screw these clowns anyway, we aren't even playing this weekend.
  18. Has Russell been able to turn Ciara into a virgin again? That Macklemore commercial is embarrassing.
  19. I bet Walmart started selling Seahawk jerseys in Augusta in 2013.