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  1. He's our offensive line upgrade I can see him making that right side a mauling unit which seemed to be the outlook during last preseason. Wasn't he the highest rated lineman thru the presaseaon last year? With J.M. coaching em up a year of nfl conditioning under his belt should be ready to go. Our overall draft seems right on point with the undrafted gems we upgraded dline found our dbs for the next few years found our Olsen successor and upgraded our special teams with Cash. Call me Mr optimistic but we are good.
  2. Selecting the 2016 Panthers Wide Receivers

    Ok not two surgeries but he has missed Valuable playing time because of the same shoulder injury two years in a row. They do have good chemistry but he also has somewhat suspect hands if you watched his catches last year they were 80% body catches that took him to ground allowing a minimal yac. Last season I saw a major improvement in those body catches but still see overall minimal production however you slice it. If Byrd offers similar output but the (John brown) big play affect it puts us in a better position to win long term and current day. From what I say Cotchery was the real security blanket, Brown was an option that played out of neccesity where he preformed decent and above average in two playoff games last year. I like a Brown a lot nothing not to like but Im hoping we field the best team possible whoever that my be.
  3. Selecting the 2016 Panthers Wide Receivers

    Brown definitely came on strong for the playoffs but you have to take one major factor into consideration, this will be his second year in a row having shoulder surgery or let me say a shoulder injury to end the season. They say to be dependable you have to be available and to hurt your shoulder by simply falling on it a year ago then to reinsure it on a simple tackle to me imo means he's no lock because it's not a guarantee he can handle the physicality of the league. Truthfully I'm a big Philly fan but if he is very similar (during camp) to Bryd it's going to be closer then some of us think, because Byrds speed adds a different dimension to the wr group. But Philly also has a huge advantage he's hard as hell to check off the line his initial moves are sick if you ever just watch him shaking a db before he even gets his route started its a thing of beauty similar to Smitty, so we shall see in due time.
  4. Yes yes yes the saints are adding a lazy, slow witted, lack of heart player into their mix I love it, now if we woulda signed him I'd be claiming he's the next all-pro but that's the game. ~The Huddle~
  5. Enter Sandland

    Which seems like a big risk transferring to a much smaller school but it paid of as he said himself. I believe he has all the tools to similar (not jumping the gun) to Wesley walls.
  6. 2014 Benjamin vs. 2015 Ginn

    it seems like estimated yard lost might give us a better gage, because a ten yard hitch route vs a fifty yard Td would tells more about the reciever ie big play ability and clutchness. They both have the big play ability I just don't remember KB dropping any potential TD. Maybe someone can refresh my memory
  7. This is hands down is a good reason to do our due diligence, we've typically score on a situation like this because of our strong coaching staff usually working or being around greatness (Cam/Luke entering their prime) elevates your focus your game even your prep so we definitely should look into it.
  8. Panthers list Jeremy Cash as linebacker.

    This is the major reason he dropped yea his coverage is sub par but to think with all his positives traits and football tape somebody would draft him with the mind set to develop him into a major contributor. But he couldn't work out either time because of the same nagging hamstring so no one got a chance to really see him work out flip his hips in coverage etc plus the wrist to injury late December that's a bad combo for a player in between positions. I read a couple different articles and that's the main reason I've seen it's still crazy somebody didn't use a late round on him.
  9. Panthers list Jeremy Cash as linebacker.

    What's going to be hard for him to catch on here? I'm just wondering becaue it seems like his only responsibilities will be attack the line of scrimmage tackle the ball carrier or play runner in punts. I'm wondering are we grooming him to replace Shaq with Shaq replacing TD next year (typically)?
  10. Gentlemans plans seem to assume he can....

    Hahahahahahaha I was about to change or try to edit it but it became to much a part of the whole convo.
  11. If Daryl W has progressed just a marginal amount he's pronanly gonna be a stud based off his strong preseason before the injury and then we got on a roll so you can't switch up if you haven't lost. He's insertion into lineup feels like we are getting another starter added so OT isn't as weak at seems.
  12. Gentlemans plans seem to assume he can....

    This is very true but I mean in terms of needs it seems like his evaluation and scouts can find a starter at almost any position without drafting one Glanton played well in limited times Cory could start for us Norwell is a beast Remmers was on somebody practice squad chilling next thing u know our SB starting right tackle it's seems like his consistency let me say with picking studs all throughout and after the draft has him choosing what seems like Greg Olsen 2.0 right before Mr irrelevant. It just seems like positions will be filled with good players no matter how we acquire them (udfa late picks etc)
  13. Gentlemans plans seem to assume he can....

    This is funny, i was on the iPhone driving home this morning I'm going with Nipple shorts from here on out
  14. It's starting to seem like players or needs we may have or seem to have Gettlemen makes moves with the cockiness, confidence, or sheer true football knowledge that is superior to others in a manner where he knows he will fill positions with excellent UDFA year after year. Maybe simply from vigorous scouting he plans to acquire the best undrafted talent and expects them to contribute sooner then later. Does anyone else get this feeling from Daves moves?
  15. Panthers Tango with Cash

    Man what's crazy is Gettlemajic does this consistently now. I think this deserves its own thread im about to make one, I'm feeling crazy not like that #bromance crap tho