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  1. Panthers list Jeremy Cash as linebacker.

    This is the major reason he dropped yea his coverage is sub par but to think with all his positives traits and football tape somebody would draft him with the mind set to develop him into a major contributor. But he couldn't work out either time because of the same nagging hamstring so no one got a chance to really see him work out flip his hips in coverage etc plus the wrist to injury late December that's a bad combo for a player in between positions. I read a couple different articles and that's the main reason I've seen it's still crazy somebody didn't use a late round on him.
  2. Panthers list Jeremy Cash as linebacker.

    What's going to be hard for him to catch on here? I'm just wondering becaue it seems like his only responsibilities will be attack the line of scrimmage tackle the ball carrier or play runner in punts. I'm wondering are we grooming him to replace Shaq with Shaq replacing TD next year (typically)?
  3. Gentlemans plans seem to assume he can....

    Hahahahahahaha I was about to change or try to edit it but it became to much a part of the whole convo.
  4. If Daryl W has progressed just a marginal amount he's pronanly gonna be a stud based off his strong preseason before the injury and then we got on a roll so you can't switch up if you haven't lost. He's insertion into lineup feels like we are getting another starter added so OT isn't as weak at seems.
  5. Gentlemans plans seem to assume he can....

    This is very true but I mean in terms of needs it seems like his evaluation and scouts can find a starter at almost any position without drafting one Glanton played well in limited times Cory could start for us Norwell is a beast Remmers was on somebody practice squad chilling next thing u know our SB starting right tackle it's seems like his consistency let me say with picking studs all throughout and after the draft has him choosing what seems like Greg Olsen 2.0 right before Mr irrelevant. It just seems like positions will be filled with good players no matter how we acquire them (udfa late picks etc)
  6. Gentlemans plans seem to assume he can....

    This is funny, i was on the iPhone driving home this morning I'm going with Nipple shorts from here on out
  7. It's starting to seem like players or needs we may have or seem to have Gettlemen makes moves with the cockiness, confidence, or sheer true football knowledge that is superior to others in a manner where he knows he will fill positions with excellent UDFA year after year. Maybe simply from vigorous scouting he plans to acquire the best undrafted talent and expects them to contribute sooner then later. Does anyone else get this feeling from Daves moves?
  8. Panthers Tango with Cash

    Man what's crazy is Gettlemajic does this consistently now. I think this deserves its own thread im about to make one, I'm feeling crazy not like that #bromance crap tho
  9. It's seems very similar I hope it returns similar results ie... saints allowed most receiving TDs last year and Vaccaro played all 16 games im pretty sure. Can't build from the outside in with no pressure no db's stand a chance and Atlanta gets no pressure except that one game oh never mind
  10. Swole Bones to the Seahawks

    Seachickens looking for intell on their New big brother, probably play them twice next year.
  11. Honestly that seems like a perfect draft for a losing franchise lol Gettlemajic drafts stars in each round and these mock can't take into account his vigorous research and knack for choosing football studs
  12. The two deals posted aren't clise to maxwell money and he's deserving of that kind of money so we have to offer a little more imo to secure the dark knight.
  13. Notes and Memos - Bucs

    I mentioned this in another thread just now I truly thought we brought in Fun Fun to play and dominate slots and nickel backs a major mismatch for us. Keeps the field wideopen with Ginn's speed on the outside Benji on the outside his physical dominance and Fun dominating the weaker backs I think that's the plan next year.
  14. 2015 Carolina Panthers Offensive Stats

    I think next years formations are going to be more of Fun Fun in the slot he was brought in to dominate slots etc. keeping Ginn outside to utilize his speed keeping the field wide open. Just what I thought they drafted him for mismatch against nickel backs all day long
  15. #PanthersGoExtraMileToSignLa'el

    First tweet in two years I put starting LT to spice it up