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  1. In defense of conservative play calling..

    You mean one highly improbable onside kick away from having to drive halfway down the field in under a minute with what, one or no timeouts, and score a touchdown against one of the league's top defenses? And then there's overtime. I'd say at the most, their chance of victory was 5 percent after that late field goal. 
  2. Huddle Contest: Tickets and Pregame Field Passes

    I liek Panthers and tickets. 
  3. Amazing weather prediction for potential WC opponent

    Our guys were beat up after the cold weather game in New York. No doubt we came out a bit soft against the Falcons. I see cold weather as more of a factor in the following week's game, as weird as that sounds. 
  4. Pro Bowl Selections - Bad Omen?

    Damn, I wish we had worse players! Then we'd win the Super Bowl for sure!!!    
  5. "Josh Norman has not seen a guy on Julio Jones's level"

    LOL.    Anyone that watches any of Norman's game-tape realizes that Jones will be lucky to catch two or three passes with Norman manned up on him. The guy just doesn't allow receptions unless it's garbage time, hands-off coverage. 
  6. Romo discusses playing against Luke

    I've been battling a mental block for about a month now trying to think of the word cathartic. So THANK YOU sir! PIE TO YOU SIR!
  7. Unheralded Architect of the Carolina Panthers

    Interesting, though it's probably taboo for many on here to talk about how the big cat might have screwed us in the short-term. Hey, but all's well that ends well and I'm pretty happy with where we're at so let's give all of management past and present some credit for where we are now. 
  8. Phil Simms

    If you're bitter about anything after that game, I feel bad for you. 
  9. Phil Simms

    Not how I saw it. I think he called it pretty fairly, didn't seem to biased to me. At the end, he was definitely rambling confusedly, but it's tough to find things to talk about late in the 4th quarter when one team dominates the game from beginning to end. 
  10. Frank Alexander - Suspended for 1 year

    He was just medicating. 
  11. Why isn't Bene a full time starting corner over Tillman?

    How can anyone want Jones covering the slot after him getting burnt to a crisp today by Jackson?
  12. Panthers/Redskins Hype Video

    I'm so hard. 
  13. Flags Fly Forever

    We're not gonna cap-strap ourselves again for a receiver when we get a stud in Benjamin back next season. Just isn't gonna happen. We'll develop the guys we have and hope Benji stays healthy in the future. 
  14. Official Panthers - Eagles Gameday Thread

    Ummmm...can you say UNCATCHABLE?
  15. A Pair of 18-0 Teams In The Super Bowl

    Two crappy teams and an elite team all at home. Can you say 0-3 Panthers fans? Me neither.