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  1. Photoshop Request: Explosion behind the Panthers Captains

    dude...  saw you on reddit.   https://www.reddit.com/r/panthers/comments/3t3l7t/our_captains/cx2umem
  2. 4 game lead in NFC now!

    They ain't lost yet guys...  Onside kick back to Packers.  
  3. Mike Tanier on Panthers-Titans

    What really grinds my gears here is that when we destroy titans, he'll say well we should have, because we are a superior team....  But if the titans somehow pull off a miracle,  everyone will think this man is a genius....  There is simply no logical reason to suggest the titans will win.  Don't buy into the sensationalism...  9 and 0 coming up.  Fug this guy.
  4. My brothers momma never worked with either, but she's dead now to.  Thx.