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  1. i'm only two seconds old but i like delhomme's playoff meltdown better than this crappy new school carson palmer meltdown thumbs up if you agree
  2. oh yeah it was definitely something like that. he had a much quieter second half hence alejandro focusing entirely on that aspect when he would abortively try to talk poo in smack. armstead did turn into a hell of a good tackle though so i'll give that to him. one out of fifty million isn't bad i guess.
  3. yeah sorry for not picking up on the nuances of your one-sentence post earlier in this topic and no the notion that spending money=bad team isn't something that's embedded into my brain. i basically agree with the notion that loomis just sucks at building a roster which is why the saints have sucked following that approach.
  4. it seems like it's a notion you disagree with considering hurr durr the saints are going to collapse any day now lol huddle e: to make it more clear it's like you're talking out of both sides of your mouth. like you're implying we're all idiots for thinking the saints are a house of cards but at the same time acknowledging that yes without brees they'd be a dumpster fire. so what are we arguing about?
  5. and it's not that they're cap strapped, it's that they're cap strapped and not a serious super bowl threat every year e: or rather big spenders. i don't know if they're up against the cap right now, i know they've moved some salaries around recently
  6. they would legitimately suck without their quarterback and he's old as hell so put two and two together
  7. you'll have to wait for a certain mole owner to hang it up.
  8. pat was blubbering for months in smack central about him shutting down hardy in the second half of the rain game against the saints in 2013 legitimately one of the best OTs in the league so the number shouldn't be all that surprising.
  9. could you give me his username? we could probably cure cancer together. great minds and whatnot.
  10. this thread haha i'll take my pie now thanks
  11. Trai Turner hires new representation...

    kelechi osemele is averaging $11.7 million/year but that's the highest by a few million as the cap ceiling continues to rise i'd think that number is only going to become more normal though
  12. Best Hair Band songs

  13. Trump vs. Hillary

    if they want to live in this country they should learn english am i right guys