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  1. Why You're Wrong About The Cam Newton Press Conference

    aw man looks like i missed an unbelievably hot take
  2. To Denver Fans pointing at Cam Newton for his behavior...

    wahhhhh act like you've been there
  3. To Denver Fans pointing at Cam Newton for his behavior...

    what did that trash can ever do to that guy
  4. Winning with grace

    uh huh right this fanbase in many ways is still hung over from the john fox era and i think we consciously or unconsciously believe that the only way the panthers can win anything is if they slip in under the radar and are taken lightly by a superior opponent.  to some extent we've become the superior opponent in that scenario and it makes everyone really uncomfortable. 
  5. Winning with grace

    are you implying that there are different types of date-circling or something getting a team's best shot is getting a team's best shot
  6. Winning with grace

    oh please do you think the patriots are worried about being every team's super bowl?
  7. Peyton Manning stormed off the field in 2010.

    i remember him being pretty unfairly slammed as a crybaby and choker for years.  he was regarded as a stat padder who piled up numbers and accolades in the regular season but crumbled under real pressure.  the peyton manning as we know him now only really started to take shape after super bowl xli.
  8. Peyton: Cam "Couldn't Have Been Nicer" After Loss

    talib should be suspended to start this coming season having openly admitted to trying to injure another player butttttt we all know it's not gonna happen
  9. Peyton Manning stormed off the field in 2010.

    it's been pointed out over and over again that peyton manning and other high profile quarterbacks act exactly like cam did when they're losing or getting killed but cam will forever and always be the guy who stole a laptop and dances instead of "acting like he's been there" and tossing the ball to the ref when he scores a touchdown in the minds of a lot of people so the double standard at play here is virtually a moot point
  10. Peyton: Cam "Couldn't Have Been Nicer" After Loss

    i'm sure he knows how it feels.  some of manning's early playoff outings were just really ugly.  the colts went one and done three straight times including a 41-0 loss to the jets.
  11. Kony Ealy

    he had an absolute monster game.  one of the few good things to take from last night.
  12. Winning with grace

    for those of you whose ideal version of the panthers is a charming little small market team (read: irrelevant) that usually went a sleepy 7-9 or 8-8 with a roster composed of scrappy "lunch pail guys" you're in for a rough decade.
  13. Mike Remmers

    he was a scrap heap warm body signed in 2014 who turned into something of a decent JAG right tackle.  he got taken apart by the best pass rusher in the league which tends to happen to guys like that. thankfully his replacement is on the roster.
  14. about the best thing you can realistically ask for as a fan of an NFL team is for them to consistently make the playoffs.  it sucks to lose a super bowl and i know some people get off on the "super bowl or bust" angle and like to talk about how any season that doesn't end in a championship is a failure and blah blah but there is just so much parity in the league now that even getting a stab at one is something rare and special.  i enjoyed the journey the whole way.  having a 15-1 regular season is just not something you can take for granted.
  15. Kony Ealy's ridiculous stat line

    can we get gettlolman in here to explain what an inept awful pick he was again