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    Brenton Bersin is arguably our best receiver, and everyone is looking at Steve like he'll come in here and make things worse?? This anti-Steve circle-jerk is baffling to me. If we can bring him back without giving up much, I would be ecstatic! Does anyone realize that the reason we can't run the ball is because our WR's (none of whom have eclipsed 100 yards in a game yet) aren't serviceable enough to demand any kind of attention?
    I mean, this is his last chance to get a Super Bowl ring...if he came back to us and we went all the way? The world would drown in my semen.
    Show some logic, Huddlers...
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  2. SCPantherFan90 added a post in a topic VIDEO - 1 on 1 - Lee Ward vs AJ Klein   

     1.archaicguard; protect. 
    It is his destiny.
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