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  1. Gettleman's post-draft press conference - video

    Man, are we lucky to have this guy at GM or what?
  2. Remember that his system ranks players by a combination of measurables and athleticism. So the top players are going to be a mix of big, fast, and agile. It doesn't take anything else into account. If you want to see his actual big board, which goes into greater scouting depth, you can go to .
  3. Carolina Panthers select in the 3rd round CB Daryl Worley

    Really enjoyed that interview. He seems extremely sharp. Gonna be very interesting to see how these guys develop.
  4. Panthers Select CB James Bradberry in the second round

    He's got some long arms, that's for sure. Dude could easily pull off a wacky inflatable arm-flailing tube man costume for the rookie halloween event!
  5. Top talent going into round 5

    I'd like Cash or Higgins please.
  6. Been waiting for this all day! Pretty much everything you'd expect G-man to say, but it's still nice to hear it straight from the horse's mouth.
  7. I'd temper my expectations for this year. Personally, I don't anticipate players drafted in the second round or later to make a true impact in their rookie years (unless it's very early in the second). That being said, I agree that we have one hell of a coaching staff, and that it's only a matter of time before one of them breaks out.
  8. It sure seems that way. lol And FWIW, he's got Butler at the top of the list for NT's!
  9. Agreed. People can talk about Gettleman reaching all they want, but the fact of the matter is that we just grabbed two guys with extremely high upside at a position we're thin at. I'm excited.
  10. Not the one you're thinking of though. I'm talking about Steve Wilks. To add some perspective on the thought process that brought these two CB's to Carolina, you need to check out SPARQ. It's a formula that the Seahawks have been rumored to use that calculates a player's athleticism, which Bradberry and Worley did very well in. However, SPARQ only tells part of the story when it comes to a player's physical talents. It doesn't account for a player's measurables. Now, I'm not much of Twitter guy, but after hearing about our two prospects being high on the SPARQ scale, I went down an analytical rabbit hole that lead me to a man with the twitter handle, @NFLDrafter. He's come up with a system that combines SPARQ with another formula that grades measurables. It's a very interesting system he's developed, that provides a clear picture on the overall physical abilities of players and guess what? Bradberry and Worley have that in spades. They're combination of athletic ability and size put them in the Top 15 out of every position of this year's class. Feel free to disagree with the formula's used, but I personally found it extremely intriguing. Obviously this only accounts for a portion of what you like in a player. You still need to know if he's coachable, hard-working, fits into the scheme, etc. But, I think the Panthers always make sure those boxes are checked on every player they pick. So, with no more Norman, what did Gettleman do? He just gave Steve Wilks the marble to sculpt two masterpieces. They might be raw, but considering the sheer physical talent possessed by both, three years down the road I feel safe to say that at least one of these two CB's will be a very good player for us.
  11. Well he's a definitely high effort guy. So we got that goin' for us, which is nice.
  12. This is classic Gettlemagic. Raises eyebrows at first, but drops jaws later.
  13. McCoy vs Kelly

    So he wants special treatment over other teammates because he thinks he's a star? Sorry, this isn't the NBA.
  14. Robert Lester one of the best DB in the League next year?

    I will always love him for this play alone. That was one of the best Panther games of all time, and it ended with us on top because of him.