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  1. Murph added a post in a topic How to deal with an employee that wanted your job?   

    Don't walk on eggshells around him at first. Immediately extend the hand of friendship, comradery and teamwork. I wouldn't bring up the subject about the job. If, after all that, he is a long term jerk and difficult, report him.
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  2. Murph added a post in a topic Virginia TV reporter, photographer shot to death during live interview this morning   

    So, based on preliminary info wouldn't this be some sort of race related hate crime?
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  3. Murph added a post in a topic Ashley Madison Hacked   

    Glad to see attorneys haven't changed. Typical scumbag
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  4. Murph added a post in a topic 77,625 fans came to training camp!   

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  5. Murph added a post in a topic Watching a NFL Preseason Game   

    FWIW, in the six seasons the Panthers have made the playoffs, they never had a losing record in those preseasons. All .500 or better.
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  6. Murph added an answer to a question At what age should kids start watching the Star Wars movies, and in what order should they watch them in?   

    I plan to introduce my daughters to 4,5,6 this fall so we can watch 7 in the theater. They are ages 11, 10 & 6. My 6 year old might not enjoy it as she is rarely into anything that isn't girly cartoons, princesses, classic Disney etc.
    1,2, & 3 are not on my list and, IMHO, completely unnecessary for my girls to watch to prepare them for #7.
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  7. Murph added a post in a topic Armed white racists with Conferdate flags and pickup trucks storm a black child's birthday party   

    If you were invited into the conversation that is one thing but if you just chose to jump on your

    and butt into the conversation because you felt you had some moral obligation to put him in his place because he doesn't share your views.....well that's not really OK.
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  8. Murph added a post in a topic Let's remember the SuperBowl where Seattle loses   

    For the almost ten years I've been a member here the Pats and Dallas have always been at the top of the most hated teams outside of our division. However I think that a large majority of us, just for one play at the end of the Superbowl, were cheering like crazy for Brady's team. Right now Seattle is really under our skin and it is hard to like anything about them. Even if it means cheering for the Pats.
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  9. Murph added a post in a topic Ousted Saint Junior Galette's girlfriend takes to Twitter, hilarity ensues   

    dumpster fire no longer describes this organization.
    perhaps this

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  10. Murph added a post in a topic Post a pic, any pic.   

  11. Murph added a post in a topic Nathan Bedford Forrest's remains to be exhumed   

    I would personally deface them weekly.
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  12. Murph added a post in a topic Bull Poo we were told as kids (and what we are still passing on)   

    Eating + swimming = cramps & drowning
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  13. Murph added an answer to a question Crocs shoes are...   

    Never owned or worn any
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