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  1. I can't stop staring at that crap on the front of Billicks head.......shave that poo off man being bald up front is a helluva lot better than that sparse shiate on your forhead. IT BOTHERS ME !
  2. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    Agree totally. My coworker drives me nuts about this stuff "This season is slow" "its boring" "wheres' all the good stuff" ...........like the story and preamble is what makes it great when things do go down STFU dude and watch lol
  3. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    For those of you wondering if the series would finish- See The Wheel of Time- Jordan died - Sanderson completed the series. As long as Martin has great notes and a dedicated staff that knows what's what it can be done.
  4. 2016 superbowl. Its not your typical flick. It will accomplish a horrific feel and make you sick on your stomach all at once. Some would say it was an action/ drama but DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM. IT WAS HORRIBLE AND STOMACH UPSETTING TO THE MAX
  5. Overwatch

    Just as well for me. I typically don't play games for more than a year or so anyways. There is always something new coming around the bend and I own so many games that I've not put as much time into as I'd like. Also the smaller player base is also a blessing of sorts for a short term anyways. I've played with / ran across many of the same players multiple times which gives it a much more communal feel. The ranked matches with friends are more fun to me in DB than any other MP game I've played and I'm a veteran of many clans/ leagues in CS 1.3 to CSGO (4k hrs in CSGO alone) and other games. In the end its all about individuals taste as I said above many of my friends are playing OW. I just wanted to point out that there was a very similar game that is fun and free.
  6. Overwatch

    Played beta. Bunch of friends now own it and play it but I won't buy it. Nothing wrong with it but DIrtybomb is just as good to me and FREE. Really the only difference to me OW vs DB is OW has crazier abilities and a price tag.
  7. The way I heard it was the NC coach told him Football only no baseball and that if Wilson played baseball he wouldn't start. So Wilson played baseball anyways and then transferred
  8. Fantasy Baseball Time Again

    My team is full of Mendoza line flirts. I remembered the draft about 2 hrs after it began :0
  9. So being a WoT fan boy I've started working on a tatical/ dice/ card game of WoT on the simulator. You can import lots of stuff for custom games as I have done so for Wheel of time. (primarily chapter icons for cards and such) Add me on steam if you'd like to play or help with testing some time. I'm also on the CAROLINA HUDDLE steam group- turnbullTeRRoR.gc This is a work in progress. Just gauging interest from different areas and trying to build a pool of peeps to pull from for playing/ testing. WoT knowledge not required but the game makes a lot more sense if you have some. Message me or ask here if you'd like to know more.
  10. Discord

    yeah it keeps asking me to create one. I can't get away from creating one.....leave me alone "create your own server button"
  11. Josh Norman agrees to terms with Redskins...

    75 Mil guaranteed ........lulz typical Dueche Snyder move
  12. Metal Music favorites

  13. Don't look for a big move to replace Josh Norman

    Maybe because they actually play the corners of the def/ field while a running also just blocks or a quarter back doesn't just play a a quarter of the field :D
  14. UNC vs Nova Championship Thread

    8 straight hand check fouls ( at least 6 were checks) vs UNC. On the other end of the court it looked like Nova was running karate class against UNC when ball handlers tried to drive. Can't get a travel call on the numerous EASY travel calls esp the one with under 2 mins #shm Instead we a get a bail out foul call and here NOVA free points for traveling. Loose ball on the ground Meeks recovered.........ooops foul apparantly my bad for thinking a loose ball was up for grabs by either team...... #smdh
  15. How dare Cam take over 'our' QB position!

    Seems like Tinderbox material to me. *grabs popcorn and eagerly waits to see if this discussion remains civil I'm sure race has something to do with it, but its actions as well. The "face" of the NFL as he is being proclaimed now has never had so much swag. I think that puts him on a pedestal to be criticized and its open game for racism. I don't know that its just because he's a QB in particular.