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  1. Carolina Panthers Roster Projection

    After watching Garrett's video on he is going to find his way on to the roster one way or the other IMO
  2. Selecting the 2016 Panthers Wide Receivers

    You are underplaying Brown's postseason production. He had the biggest passing play in the postseason that blew the doors open on the Cards and sent us to the SB. He made the play that setup our only TD in the superbowl.
  3. Selecting the 2016 Panthers Wide Receivers

    Philly has not had 2 shoulder surgeries. If you had a shoulder injury you understand why it lingers until surgery. Cam has simply had good chemistry with Philly. Philly has at least 5 targets in every playoff game IIRC. That says a lot. KB and Funch are our upside in the WR core. Philly is the closest thing Cam has to a security blanket outside of Olsen and KB. He is cheap and just 24, whats not to like?
  4. Selecting the 2016 Panthers Wide Receivers

    Brown is a lock. Funchess is in just his 2nd year. KB is in his 2nd too essentially. Byrd, Garrett, Hill have virtually no experience. Ginn is a one dimensional vet. Brown will be going into his 3rd season with legit playing time in big spots. Brown is the closest we have to Cotchery in terms of being able to run any type of route.
  5. Selecting the 2016 Panthers Wide Receivers

    zero chance this on happens
  6. Selecting the 2016 Panthers Wide Receivers

    Ginn Brown Hill unless Garrett beats him out (haven't seen enough) Not buying the Byrd hype
  7. Proehl talks about Damiere Byrd

    Philly is safe. Started some as a UDFA rookie. Started 11 games last year. Has had 2+ catches in every playoff game. Entering his 3rd year.
  8. Proehl talks about Damiere Byrd

    Hesitant to read too much into offseason coachspeak? I hope so considering Armanti's a 2 time camp MVP award winner The article ends with Proehl mentioning the offseason. Leaders and workout warriors have value in the offseason and are deserving of praise too. That doesn't mean a role will ever be carved out for them. Sometimes beating up on 2nd and 3rd teamers is just that.
  9. Panthers Release Boykin

    Especially true if it can influence the rookies negatively This defense (and offense too) has the foundation set for a long time. Our LBs are set for years. Our DL core is set for years. McDermott is here, Wilks, etc. Leadership, maturity, etc, is all there. Last piece really was the secondary. Apparently it wasn't worth spoiling our future by being around any tension. If it was a great culture fit, no way we cut him now considering we paid him 80K and have roster spots available. Arguably the same reason Norman isn't here too.
  10. 2016 Panthers First Round Draft Selection Tree

    what changed? #1 offense in football with every OL returning and a young backup OT we love getting healthy and better every day
  11. 2016 Panthers First Round Draft Selection Tree

    I've heard this and it seems ridiculous
  12. 2016 Panthers First Round Draft Selection Tree

    I question our love for Coleman. If he isn't targeted he looks completely lazy and disinterested. He is the compete opposite of Smitty when off the ball. That said, he is competitive, and he probably goes before us anyways.
  13. Along the Sidelines - Panthers at Seahawks

    Is that Jeremy with the big grin right after the Olsen catch?
  14. In 2 drafts Gman has hit on virtually every position he has attacked except RB. He has had multiple rookie UDFAs turned into productive starters. Now we see a whole new rookie crop of RB/FB flash... with only Hurney regime, old RB/FBs in front of them. It would kind of be silly to have low expectations about CAP/Wegher/Ward at this point (not attempting to take anything away from Stewart + Tolbert)