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  1. Stewart is easily the 2nd most important person on offense for that reason.  He makes his own yards.
  2. Bene is playing great.  Bene's replacement?  That is worrisome b/c it seems to be easy pickings.  I would imagine as bad as NO is that is a matchup Brees should have a field day with.  Shorter throws to the slot also help negate some of the pass rush.  Hopefully Ron can scheme something up.  Jones simply can't play man coverage on those slot guys.  Gonna need to run some heavier zone stuff IMO and take Jones out of it.
  3. I like it.  Tillman is a true Panther.  SMOKESCREEN.  Nicely done, Peanut.  Nicely done.
  4. I don't disagree w/ that. I just think divisional games sort of disregard often how the rest of your season has been going and often are a unique beast.  I don't think the Rams are better than AZ.   You give both the same non-divisional opponent and it is clear who is leaps and bounds better.  But I think the Rams make it tough on AZ again. Saints have been bad but have shown some surprise explosion more than once this year on O. 
  5. They hung with us outside on grass with a backup QB. Yeah, they stink.  They still are a divisional rivial whose coach has the most experience in the NFL against our team. Division games are a different beast.  Can't expect any of them to be easy.
  6. Saints week Part Deaux

    We need to officially end the Payton/Brees era on Sunday.  Sweep the leg  this game will be tougher than people assume.  No coach in the NFL knows Cam/Rivera better.  Payton has faced off more than anyone in the NFL with them. THAT does mean something and is why they were a tough out without Brees earlier.   Reality is Payton is likely the most prepared coach to deal with Carolina in the NFL.  His issue is the tools to execute what he would need to do. 
  7. I think Ron could do a better job managing 28's reps.  Stewart does brutal work.  Our offense depends on it.  We will need him for the postseason. Ron needs to find a way when a game is in hand to get CAP or Weigher some reps.  Also would be nice in case 28 gets dinged they actually have some real NFL reps under their belt before asked to take on a bigger load.  Tolbert won't be the answer 
  8. Williams also got into shape when we cut him  but an in shape Williams ain't gonna be able to get those tough yards Stewart does.   Stewart fits what we are doing now.  Stewart's production is very underrated b/c like you said....ypc doesn't impress.  Few could actually do what he is doing IMO
  9. KC also has straight up strong run blocking.   Which is why about anyone the past couple years Davis, Ware, etc all have thrived rushing 
  10. Gotta give props to a huddler for calling it....can't remember who it was but that annoying get rid of Willliams guy totally nailed it.  Cut Williams and BOOM.....11-0 and on our way to the greatest season in franchise history.                        That was a joke.  I bet someone already started some long rant reply.
  11. Did Anybody See Travis Kelce Dance?

    I just think society likes to pull for people to fail... That started in college.  His scandal made people want him to fail.....and he countered w/ one of the greatest individual seasons of all time under a crazy microscope of hate.  That grew the hate.  The group wanting him to fail grew.  He had immediate hate entering the league.....and then rewrote the rookie record book.  That made more people angry.  I don't think it is a pure race thing.  I think it started in college.  People wanted him to we in society do w/ public figures.  People we want to fail having great success just throws gas on the fire.  Newton's Auburn run, coupled w/ his historic NFL rookie season was just a nuclear bomb.  People got so dug in on him.   His personality just is a steady kick in there ribs. I don't think it is a Carolina Panther issue.  It is Cam centric.  Cam gets it for lots of reasons.  Most are bogus...
  12. Did Anybody See Travis Kelce Dance?

      meh, fact is Cam was one of the most scrutinized players ever in a college season.  That same hate/hype followed him into the NFL.  It simply is what it is.  It is comical.  Not sure why people can't just accept that fact. Cam certainly has been under the microscope in a very unusual manner dating back to college and that trend hasn't stopped.              
  13. Did Anybody See Travis Kelce Dance?

    Tom Brady does all kinds of stuff on the hasn't been questioned.  Aaron Rodgers has too...and simply gets annoying commericals as a result. So no, those 2 don't dance.  Those 2 do however act out on ways that get Cam in the newsfeed    
  14. We are top 5 in ppg on O and D. We have a QB who plays the game like literally no one in the history of the sport.....which makes a lot of the "let's talk about X stat" completely pointless.   Yet that is all people want to focus on.  But but his passing yards aren't what I think a great team should have.  Um, no one as even come close to playing the game in a manner like Cam.  He isn't going to grade out like you would a Peyton Manning b/c he isn't playing that game. Where on a stat sheet does it show since Cam arrived in the NFL only 1 player has more first downs converted on the ground and that one player is considered the greatest RB of the decade.   He likely passes Steve Young's career TD mark this year.  None of that shows in a QB rating.  Cam is historically unique and that paired with a great something the NFL hasn't seen.   Cam is just becoming a better version of something that compares to nothing.  Yet all people want to do is compare him to people that don't compare.  So b/c we don't play offense like prior NE teams doesn't mean we are a lesser threat....and we have a better D than they have had.