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  1. A cam vs luck debate, original. and on a panthers forum...surely this will provoke some objective discussion. Please August hurry the fug up.
  2. Huddle Workout Warriors Part deux

    My 5 reasons why this (video) is misleading (I didn't read the comments) in order of importance. 1. Age - this individual is 24. His metabolism and hormone levels are at ideal levels. He could literally do 100 push ups and sit ups a day and look exactly the same. He states he feels great and my question is what 24 year old doesn't? 2. Genetics - play a HUGE role in what your body will look like doing something like this. Some people will lose fat in areas they don't want to. 3. Fat reserves - when fasting your body eats off fat reserves. If you don't have any, or any carbs, this fasting will eat muscle. Unless you get your body fat professionally checked on a constant basis, fasting like this will likely be very hard to track for most people especially over 24 (all this comes back to age). 4. You will not be big and strong - but you will have abs, that seems to be the main focus here. And indeed if abs are what you want this is the way to go. Unlike every other muscle on your body, abs have a lot to do with body fat and a little genetics and almost nothing to do with actually working them out. As you can see from the video every subject on there has a great set of abs but really no real muscle anywhere else. 5. Real muscle means a real diet - as pointed out fasting like this is best for one thing, cutting body fat. But I would not use it to build muscle. Why does this matter you ask? Because in order to have a nice looking lean body you have to build muscle and then cut the body fat while maintaining the muscle. Fasting will cut the body fat but preserving the muscle at the same time relies on a lot more and just fasting for the average, over 24 year old person who seems to live in a mansion worth no stress in his life. Which would be a 5b subject. I'm just pointing out the fallacies here and the main one is age followed by muscle building. Clearly this is a great way to lose body fat but kind of a lazy way to do it. You can build strength and lose fat by doing something like swimming and have much better results than just fasting. my two cents.
  3. The dab made me want to stab myself in the eye when I first saw it and still does. I like superman though.
  4. Got a relationship question...

    Get rid of her and do women right. You spoil them too much and will never find anything real doing that poo. You need to learn to let them like you and even then don't spoil them. They need to be happy without all that poo. I mean unless you're just trying to keep them around with gifts or whatever. She'll never want or commit to you. Women know what they want when it's in front of them for 11 months. Trust me, she isn't interested.
  5. Huddle Workout Warriors Part deux

    While bulking, being a little chubby is what you want and isn't an issue. Workout hard, lift weights and eat a ton. Some people bulk for years before cutting but it's not really a month to month type program. I would at least bulk 4-6 months and then cut 2-3. Maintain for however long you want.
  6. Huddle Workout Warriors Part deux

    The food plan is the most important part lol. Unless you're going on a major bulk spree, a diet supporting little to no muscle loss while also losing body fat is the hardest thing period in obtaining that body you want. That's why 90% of lifters bulk, cut, maintain, repeat. Much easier. The plan has solid routines but I would not use it at ALL for a complete routine. You will over train doing that and doing cardio every day along with lifting weights, which they mention but response with 'we have a movie to make?', but you don't have a movie to make. And trying to go that fast and do everything at once will certainly restrain your progress to reach full potential. Take time, experiment. If you put your head down it will take about 12-18 months to perfect your workouts and diet but once you do, you're set for life all you need is determination and obtaining the knowledge for me was much more stressful than finding the will.
  7. The irony. Another us against the world, everyone hates us....but I'm a fan so I'm unique thread. I honestly have never met someone who doesn't appreciate the panther's last season. The people feeling inadequate are the ones making these threads and constantly bitching about the 'hate', and have been since the day Cam was drafted, that really isn't there anymore than any other successful team if you pay attention. Look, you'll find it. But I get it, it's human nature to want to find some reason to think we're different and special. I just wish it was a good/valid one.
  8. Favorite songs about relationships

    Based on a true story I'm sure everyone knows:
  9. Metal Music favorites

    I'm not knocking anyone's tastes I already said it was subjective. Most the bands I like start 2000's and mid 90s but that lost covers 1980-today. But I'm not one of those people who always needs to be listening to something new to feel hip/cool. Also, I'm a drummer and have been for years I don't listen to poo drumming except my ruin. Also nothing I listed would ever be considered Pop. Groove, progressive and nu metal, yes. I always give credit to female metal My Ruin, Otep and Kittie are the best IMO.
  10. Metal Music favorites

    Man you guys have awful metal tastes lol. Big hair metal, pop metal and bands like System of a down and disturbs are more rock slightly nu metal. Not knocking nu metal, I love nu metal. It's all subjective though. Slayer Lamb of God Pantera Chimaira Gojira Otep (sevas tras mainly) A day to remember (little punkish but has some great songs) Korn (mainstream but everything Issues and before is good stuff, I'll take them over Metallica going mainstream) Skinlab (disembody mainly) Slipknot (Iowa and before, newer stuff isn't very metal) Kittie My Ruin Hacride My favorite metal bands. Some bands I love are close but aren't exactly metal, like Godsmack or Disturbed.
  11. Been getting sick a lot lately

    Your diet is eventually going to destroy your body. Why do smokers ask why they don't feel well? Why do people who eat poo? Why do people ask why they're tired all the time but have never set foot in a gym? People who never get check ups wondering about reoccurring issues.... As you age these things are going to hit you and hit you hard. Not only that but perfecting working out and diet takes trial and error and needs to get started ASAP. Now for the first few months you're going to feel worse and this is why people quit. You will start to feel better. Eat right, excersise, drink water. These are the things we can control. Why fight them? You're already fighting time, genetics and diseases. A little bit of tough love but get your poo together!
  12. GTA Vice City

    1. Vice city 2. San Andreas 3. IV 4. III 5. V I didn't like 5 all that much. Vice city to me is the ultimate albeit the map is a little small.
  13. My son is going for Eagle Scout

    Weird I can relate and I'm 30. I am an Eagle Scout and I got made fun of big time in school for it. That was in the 90s/00s though I guess kids haven't gotten any better. I don't really bring it up much and it doesn't give me any special privileges but it was fun to do and it gives you know-how and work ethic like no other program at that age.