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  1. I know we've always like Gil for a reason =) Looks like the uber competitive great QBs tended to blow their tops from time to time.  Wonder why? Cam is just Cam, and everyone wants their pound of flesh!
  2. What is the relationship between the media and players again?  Is it contractual?  Also, the more he writes about Cam, the more hits he gets.  So theres that too.  I would think that Cam has made the media a ton of money over this whole thing!
  3. There has been an awakening...

    11/10, would read again in the shower, on the john, and while eating green eggs and ham!
  4. Getting Benji Back

    Keep in mind that lots of guys tear ACLs and come back just as good as before.  I mean, we can talk about TD, but there are a ton of other players who tear ACLs and come back to be just as good as before. I think KB has a big hole in his heart because he missed this season, and the only way to fill it is with more wins and a championship next year!  Being what he is, I think it just makes our team better and more difficult to defend.  So long as the O line can keep Cam clean...
  5. Tom Brady: The Winner

    But he's a fiery competitor!  A winner!  He's so handsome!  Married a super model!   Cam was right when he said he's different, and he breaks expectations... The sad reality is that people will deny it's true to protect their own bubble of perceptions we keep around ourselves so we feel better about being terrible human beings...
  6. Dameshek defends Cam

    I saw that this morning.  I was kind of shocked he would take the high road there.  I mean, Cam's whole meltdown was such an easy story to write... Its interesting to see other media types basically call the system out to a degree.  Like a head on a hydra eating another.
  7. But...can I still have my redemption story of a Carolina Super Bowl win next year???? No?  Psh...I'm going to talk to my imaginary stock broker!  He's got some great beach front property in Wyoming!
  8. Voth talks about Rivera and Newton

    If the media wants players to play nice with the, you need to let them take a shower and collect their thoughts immediately after a game. Just saying...
  9. CJ nearly changed the game. Nearly.

    But wasn't the game rigged? =P Football is a game of inches...sheesh...
  10. Carolina Panthers Top 3 Offseason Priorities

    Honestly, I don't see how you can let Norman walk.  Sure, tag him this year, but Josh has to be realistic about his future prospects. On one hand, he could sign the tag, then try work out a deal to move him in some way.  That's a loss for him and us.  That's a bad deal. He plays through a tagged year, but at the end of it, he's still 29, got a $14 million pay day last season, but has zero future income.  How many teams are going to go to the bank for a 29 year old CB?  I guess we'll see. Working something out.  So I think we can all agree, he mad the best business decision by turning down the $7 million a year deal last summer.  So now he should be paid like one of the top guys in the $12-15 million a year by virtue of his production alone. For a long term deal there has to be a balance of the money in early years versus later years.  4 years/$50 million is a real possibility I could see.  Give us more flexibility after he's 30.
  11. So who goes this year? I am not sure if Tolbert is back.  While he has been fun, his effectiveness is down.  He's also a 30 year old running back, while the mileage looks low, he's been forced to get fat to be a 260lb full back.  I love the guy, but I don't see the value/performance enough to resign him.  He's made plays for us in the passing game, but the question is could we get younger and cheaper? I can see Harper retiring, though he's shown nothing to us about that.  He's been pretty good from a leadership perspective for us.  It's always good to have some vet experience, but is it Boston's time to really shine now? Same with Cotchery.  Does he want to stick around for another year?   Jared Allen I think is gone.  He just didn't have enough in the tank.  Good, fun dude, but not sure he's worth much anymore. JJ Jansen?  I think once you find a good long snapper, you have to keep them. Then you look at Norman, who will probably get tagged and have to deal with it.   Tillman?  Would he come back for the minimum to try to win a SB, though he might not start next year??   I think Dwan Edwards is gone one way or another. Do we draft a punter or go with our holder and a vet?   I think Rimmers comes back for depth alone, and that he was actually pretty decent.  I could see another team trying to swoop him up and offer him a crazy contract. There's a lot to go through.  There is going to be a fair bit of roster turnover.  I look forward to seeing how Gettleman fills in the holes we have and rebuilding the bottom 1/3rd or so of the roster.
  12. I'll add a FA list from: http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/carolina-panthers/   Mike Tolbert FB 30 CAR TBD $3,425,000 UFA Roman Harper SS 33 CAR TBD $1,800,000 UFA Josh Norman CB 28 CAR TBD $1,591,750 UFA Amini Silatolu G 27 CAR TBD $1,570,897 UFA Charles Tillman CB 34 CAR TBD $1,531,250 UFA J.J. Jansen LS 30 CAR TBD $995,000 UFA Frank Alexander DE 26 CAR TBD $760,272 UFA Kyle Love DT 29 CAR TBD $745,000 UFA Brad Nortman P 26 CAR TBD $679,670 UFA Joe Webb QB 29 CAR TBD $665,000 UFA Chris Scott G 28 CAR TBD $665,000 UFA Stephen Hill WR 24 CAR TBD $594,500 RFA Tyronne Green G 29 CAR TBD $585,000 UFA Ben Jacobs ILB 27 CAR TBD $585,000 RFA Mike Remmers RT 26 CAR TBD $585,000 RFA Fernando Velasco G 30 CAR TBD $550,588 UFA Brenton Bersin WR 25 CAR TBD $450,000 RFA Cortland Finnegan CB 32 CAR TBD $172,058 UFA
  13. You need to read this

    While calls come and go for any game because of the human element of officiating, I have to strongly disagree that there are any "experts" on Sirius!  I have the trial in my car, and I spent two weeks listening to the NFL station, and all I got was the basic "takes" on the game and products.  My god, everyone was selling something!  It drove me crazy!  I couldn't go 5 minutes without someone mentioning some kind of freaking product!  I'm glad I don't pay for sat. radio! sorry to be off topic! On topic:  We will always complain about bad calls in any game.  It's the nature of following the sport.  If Denver had lost because a few of those calls went our way, there would be Denver fans complaining about playing against two teams as well. As we have seen the past few years in the NFL, being a ref is hard because one mistake out weighs 99 correct calls.
  14. While it could happen, I don't want to believe it.  I'd like to think that these guys have too much pride, and fixing things like plays would be extremely difficult... But if it does happen, I want my retribution story for Cam and the Panthers next season!
  15. So what about Antonio Gates

    I'll pass on Gates.  If some big, athletic, raw TE prospect is sitting there in the 3rd round, that's cool.  Or if there's a bit player with some tools as a FA, that's cool.  On one hand, I wouldn't mind adding another young TE to get coached up.  Competition is the best thing for any team. It would be cool to find a TE who can catch, do some blocking, and is an upgrade over Dickson.  We can all kind of fantasize about two athletic TEs, KB and Funchess in a line up....  Just have to call the plays!