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  1. Walking Dead Season 6

    After the fact, I can see the validity of your criticisms.  I'm a theatre teacher. I spend all day trying to teach these kinds of things to kids who hate reading. I like TWD since I can just put my critical basin away for a bit and just enjoy what I can from each episode. I'd call what we've seen laborious. It's like waiting for Goku to FINALLY go super sayan in the dbz cartons. There are lots things to look at and enjoy, but not a lot happens. I've enjoyed most of it, I've enjoyed some exposition, and how the characters cope with the situation. But it has been long enough. I willingly ignore the bad to enjoy the good, for me.   I have to ask though, did no one noticed the tower burning?  That was a bit irritating.
  2. HVAC Question

    ...   That is possibly genius! Why did I not think of something that obvious...
  3. HVAC Question

    I can't give you a heads up in King's Mountain.  Hodge Heating & Air of Lake Norman actually installed the unit in our home when it was built, and they've serviced it since then.  They have also been INCREDIBLY reasonable.  Sorry, I don't know if they will go out that far.   Here's their number:  (704) 892-7002
  4. HVAC Question

    Nope, we built the house and have lived there since 2006.  There have been some issues over the summer with the bypass in the attic.  It's also a builder basic comfortmaker system, which we've been told is eeking closer to the end of it's life, but we'd rather not have to replace the system..
  5. "But the Redskins are just as bad as every other team the over rated 10-0 Panthers are.  They haven't beat anyone, not like Miami with Romo at the helm.  You know he once save 38 orphans with just his smile!  And Romo would be the best president ever but he's not running so he can concentrate on winning all the Championships for the Cowboys.  Did you know he can win not only the NFL Championship, but the NHL, NBA, CFB, Checkers and Chess at the same time, as well as the requisite number of miracles to be sainted...." Some folks just refuse to accept that the Panthers are a really great team.  This shows how well the individual and group elements work in harmony.  And why we are so tough defensively.  Everyone with a halfway decent offense thought they would run through us because they thought we were overrated...and what happened? Dallas could very well make a little bit of a run, but we're not going to rollover because we wish we were at home with our families.  They are going to have to beat us at what we do well:  blocking and tackling.  
  6. HVAC Question

    Yeah, that's the plan first.  See if it's something mechanically simple.  Like we had an issue with the bypass over the summer, and i'm wondering if there are more issues there as well.
  7. HVAC Question

    I know there are wonderfully knowledgeable huddlers from a variety of careers who waste their time come here for camaraderie among other things! So I do have a heating my home/oven of a home question. Basically, now that we're turning the heat on, it's getting to over 80 degrees in bed rooms over night when the heat setting is 66.  So I'm trying to eliminate me being dumb versus calling a pro, versus some other problems. So my home was built in 2006, it's two story.  There is one main air handler in the attic with a dampener/valve thing which is supposed to bypass between upstairs, downstairs or both based on the temperature settings.  I do have two Honeywell Programmable Thermostats, which we do have programmed.  We do sleep with our doors closed because of darned cats who I hate and my son is three (everything that encompasses!).  We have a child monitor which tells us the temperature in his room when he sleeps, which was an alarming indicator this morning. So here's the story where I'm looking for recommendations from you smart peeps.   At night, we keep the temperature at 66 degree because we all sleep best in the cold.  In the morning, we have the heat set to warm the house up to 68.  Since we've had the heat on this week (we live in Concord), we've been roasting at night.  I know part of that is that we keep the doors closed at night, that ruins circulation.  The heat has been keeping me up, so I've gone to sleep with it running, noticed it in the middle of the night, and it's still going when we wake up.  It was 80 degrees in my son's room and 78 degrees in our room...  And down stairs, it's 66 degrees (that's its supposed to be) I'm wondering is there is a fault in the Thermostat Systems communicating to the main system to stop heating the upstairs, or maybe in the bypass dampener/valve not shutting off between the up and downstairs so it's continually sending hot air upstairs while heating the down.  My wife seems to think adding a smart thermostat would help solve the problems as well.  I'm not convinced dropping $500 on two nests is going to be a magic elixir to solve our issues.  I love the idea, and all the reviews are compelling, but that's a lot of dough! What does the huddle thing?
  8. So where was that Defense and the rest of the team during the 0-7?  They did not make the plays to save their QBs. Conversely, we made the plays to win the games.  They weren't given.  We won because we made plays.  Skip is such a painful homer.  I love how he thinks that NO is a dangerous game....  OK Skip! Same old hate.  We're not good enough because we don't fit some mold.  We broke that one wide open!  It will be a tough game because it's a NFL game.  Dallas has nothing to lose and will pull every trick in the book on us.  Just keep pounding.  Keep hitting, and play until the end of the game.  I'm pretty confident we'll come out on top.  I don't think the leadership of this team lets us have a down day.  Not on Thanksgiving in front of the whole world.  Let's arrive in style and send America's Team home, crying in their dressing!
  9. Do we have reliable back up RBs?

    I'm sure they are, but we've not just been in the right position to do it.  Stewart is one of those guys who only gets stronger as the game goes on, you don't want to bench him when he's getting ready to hammer teams.  Honestly, he's looked pretty good all things considered!  And his carries haven't been too insane over all.  He's at 19 carries per game this year, and his career is 12ish per game. That's not too horrible a load for a 28 year old RB.  I just don't want us to push him to 25-30 carries a game the rest of the season. If we're going to run that much with the RB, I'd expect to see more of the other, younger players.
  10. Here's what REALLY scares me

    There will be attrition, but so long as we have Cam, Luke, Rivera, Gettleman at the core, we're going to be pretty good.  TD, Olsen, Kalil, Stewart, Norman, KK, Star, etc are all excellent players who will be here, but there's a good chance of many of them leaving in the next few years.  Maybe some to time, some to money, some to performance, who knows.   We do have a very special team.  We started with some great pieces in Cam and Luke, and now the coaching staff and Gettleman are really putting the pieces together in such a way that the sum is greater than all the parts.  Watching some video on NFL.com, and Marshall Faulk said that the reason we're perceived to be less than was we are is because we aren't flashy.  We're effective.  We do our jobs (blocking and tackling) better than "you."  Fans and Media love the big numbers, but we're one of the top scoring offenses in the NFL for a very good reason. Players will come and go.  Gettleman has done a great job of finding available talent, and the coaches have done a great job in putting them in positions to win.  We do have to face some realities though, and the primary one will be coaches getting hired out.  Shula probably doesn't want to go because he's having a LOT of success here.  McDermot will probably get tapped very soon, and that's what's scary to me.
  11. Cowboys vs Miami

    Getting your team leader back is a big thing for any team.  I'm not sure how I would characterize the win against Miami and how it affected the morale of the team.  But I bet it made everyone take it a little more seriously. I've read a little bit up on the attitude of the Cowboys, and they really have nothing to lose.  This is a mulligan season.  If they lose out, go 3-13, everyone can blame the injuries, timing, whatever and no one will really feel the heat.  If they win out and make the playoffs, then everyone will be anointed as Kings of Texas and the USA or something.  To stop Romo, we have to move him.  He plays much better from the pocket than he did as a young man, running for his life.  It's going to be up to our Dline and blitz package to force him into errors.  Oh, and let's cover Jason Whitten.  He's still very effective in his 12th year. We really need to come out like we did against Washington, sure they got a blow coverage and a great return, but we kept scoring TDs.  If we can do something similar and score a bunch early, that should properly deflate them.   Then again, they are professional athletes and this will be Greg Hardy's vengeance game.
  12. Having Big Money come back is only going to be helpful.  I don't think it will lead to an 8 sack day against the Cowboys, but every bit of pressure from the front four helps against Romo. Dallas has a very good Oline, and I am worried about them dominating our D line.  That's going to be where a major component of the game will take place.  If we are able to beat up on Dallas's OL, then I think we'll be golden.  But Dallas does have some excellent players...
  13. Out of curiosity, how many game saving plays has Greg Hardy made?  He's playing well in the bits and spurts, I mean, in 6 games he has what 4.5 or 5.5 sacks and a pick. That's great, but they needed Romo to win. What does that tell you?  How many 4th quarter drives has he ended?  Or many momentum changing plays has he made?  I honestly don't know because I don't care about the Cowboys except for this week.  All I know is that they didn't win a game once he came back from suspension, and a lot of that can be laid on the Dallas QBs.
  14. To be honest to PU, no.  Gettleman won't retire until he's ready to.  He waited close to 30 years for a chance to run an organization.  No, he won't be here for another 20, but as long as he's healthy (relatively speaking!) and can still do his job, he'll be here for a while yet. IF we did win, why settle for one?  Why not go for more, especially when we get KB back?  
  15. Well, let's get down to it

    AZ is the scariest team in the NFC for us.  They do have a smart,s avvy, pelvic thrusting QB who has performed a Vulcan mind meld with his HC...  They have a stout, opportunistic D.  They are 8-2 for a reason.  We haven't really faced a team that's that good offensively AND defensively who continues to play at a high level.  That's going to be one heck of a game when we do face them. I'd rather do it in Charlotte than AZ. While, I am confident we can beat them, they are probably the most dangerous team in the NFC after us.