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  1. Awesome information and a welcomed perspective! So basically football video games and ESPN teach us nothing about football? Craycray.
  2. Sorry. Gettlemens Draft This Year Blows

    Yep, apparently were selling the team to China...moving tomorrow! While everyone flips out (huddle gonna huddle), let's try to put this in perspective. GMan got the players he wanted. Would a RB or WR be a better pick if they got cut? Let's grab two guys the coaches and staff believe can contribute. Sure they weren't sexy, but we don't have a ton of holes. Instead, let's get guys who might see the field instead of being inactive. And if it blows up in Gentleman's face, he's a big boy and can wear it.
  3. Anyone Dislike This Draft,

    With the year round NFL coverage, everyone has become a draftnik. Everyone thinks they are an expert. Except there is a small number of people whose job it is to actually choose guys. While fans can he fans, and huddle can huddle, we are not NFL decision makers. The coaches and GMan believe these guys will help us win the Super Bowl. I got to trust them. Despite not following McShay or Kiper's rankings! ;P
  4. Rapoport: Panthers Looking at Quarterbacks

    so we're cutting and trading Cam??? 4th Round rookie QB SB??? ;)
  5. Cam makes another wish come true.

    Man, I watched the whole video. Good stuff. There are a lot of guys who do good stuff like this in the world. But I still think that stuff like this is so cool! I love seeing how engaged Cam is with kids. Man, just really good stuff!
  6. I bet his family wanted him to tow the line a little bit more because Cam does get folks everywhere taking shots at him. Again, I can understand that. It would be so much easier to be as loved as Payton Manning was..I mean he practically pooed gold. How many people spewed the hate at Mannings way? His image even survived the whole HGH and 90s sex scandle.
  7. I don't like that he came out and said anything. Personally, I'd rather him stick to his guns as the Nicest Villan in the NFL. He's cocky, rubs it in your face a bit, an entertainer/icon type. The anti-Brady/Manning. Doesn't like losing. Those are all endearing to me. That's MY QB. He's the best player on the field at all times. To me, the apology is in a way going back on that persona. You can't really be both, in my opinion. The funny thing is that the entire NFL, not limited to the Broncos, have gone out of their way to poo on Cam. Don't open it up with apologies. Double down in this case. Continue to dab in their heads. As a rational adult, I get why he wanted to do that. But as a fan, I was OK with him being a sore loser of the Super Bowl. More fuel for next year. Or he could be transitioning his image a bit too. Sometimes, Cam's hard to read (like his posting...OMFG!)
  8. The DE Position

    Here's a thought on it. Guys you draft "have" to be, or will become, better than those guys on your roster. I think as Gettleman looks at players, he's constantly debating them versus what he already has. While it's easy for the media to say what they want, like why we didn't draft Dodd or someone, Gettleman has done a great job of roster building his way. It could be that there wasn't a huge difference between these late first guys and 4th rounders in their evaluation. And that our guys have the traits to be better than those guys. I don't know, I'm full of it!
  9. We've done a pretty good job of getting DL guys during the Gettleman era. I'm cool with it =) I can't wait for everyone to start picking the Saints, Falcons and Bucs because they picked the easiest watercooler picks!
  10. I'm not sure there are many real fans of the team who hope Norman fails. The article simply points out the holes in Norman's game that he hasn't been able to close up (or simply hasn't needed to). In our zone game, Norman was the man. But if he's asked to be a bump and run, man up guy, that doesn't really play to his strengths. Norman is a really good player, he was great for us. It's fair to say that Washington is going to have to use him properly to get value out of their investment. If they line him up 1 on 1 all game, Norman is going to have a long game because he was never asked to do that for us. I hope he does well, I really do.
  11. Cam shirtless

    Man, I feel bad about my beer belly...Not really!
  12. Josh Norman agrees to terms with Redskins...

    While it sucks to lose Josh, I understand why we let him go. We would never give him $50 million guaranteed, ever. I'm glad he got paid. December 19th should be interesting. So will his first three games.
  13. Interesting...that sheds some serious light on things for me!
  14. Maybe? Stewie? I just did some internet butt-talking =)
  15. I get why Deangelo is still talking about the Panthers. He lives in Charlotte. I saw him at IKEA a few weeks ago. He's also still very close with his teammates. As a player, he's going to side with the players. He doesn't care about the business of running a football team because his business is to be a good player. He can throw the shade (what a dumb term BTW) all he wants. He can insinuate all he wants. He isn't a Panther, he's bitter about that. He doesn't like Gettleman after the coddling of Marty Hurney. Three straight NFC South Championships, NFC Championship, and being the envy of the NFL say all that need to be said.