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  1. NFL Turning Point: The Clete Blakeman Effect

    Dude....chill... Remember, this is all the big set up!  Next season we're going to win the Superb Owl because it will complete our and Cam's story arc about redemption.  Then he'll be old enough to get the calls!  Then he won't just be some crazy kids, instead he'll be a fiery competitor who take losing personally!
  2. We need a DE... so whom?

    What do y'all think about Corey Wootten of the Detroit Lions? http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/players/historical/565129 There's his draft profile. http://www.nfl.com/player/coreywootton/496883/profile His current stats. I remember him being talked up during the draft years ago.  He's had a fairly unspectacular career, but has some physical ability.  Not sure about his injury history other than he had a bunch in college. This could be one of those under the radar kind of Gettlemand guys.
  3. I disagree.  While he has had a history of injuries (I would not call him soft), his cap his isn't going to allow us to cut him for at least one more year.  Also, he was very productive when he could play this year, even earning a pro-bowl nod (whatever you think on the glorified touch game that it was).  Stewart still has the power and quickness (if not his 21 year old self speed) to make our read option attack work, break tackles and move the ball effectively for us.  We'll have to ride him for one more year. Find a suitable replacement might be a big of a challenge.  While there is no shortage of young running backs who have played in read-option games, finding one as a replacement, starter level talent isn't going to be easy.  Hence, we are going to have to see about CAP/Weiger and whoever else we can pick up this off season.  
  4. Can we drop the issue?  I mean it feels like we're arguing which of your kids is uglier.  (Sorry little Tim Bobby, the 3rd ear on your chin does it!) The fact is, he didn't dive on it.  We can all think what we want, but at the end of the day, do you think Cam makes the same mistake again?  I don't think so.  I'm pretty sure that the Panthers know who Cam is when they signed him to his contract.  It was a bad play in a terrible game.
  5. Dude @KB_fan, stop having so much fun with spreadsheets!!! It's going to be very interesting to see how Gettleman addresses FA for us.  We all know he likes to set up FA to pick the best draft picks. I think we'll bring in some of these unknown, unspectacular DEs.  Maybe some kids who were drafted high, but never panned out in other teams.  Same for CBs. I think one of the most important areas for us to improve in is the Special Teams coverage.  We haven't had a kick off return or punt return for a TD in a LONG TIME.  I mean, Philly's TD was kind of a completely broken play.  Other wise, we seem to allow a lot more returns for yardage than we get.  That's a big issue.  
  6. I know we've always like Gil for a reason =) Looks like the uber competitive great QBs tended to blow their tops from time to time.  Wonder why? Cam is just Cam, and everyone wants their pound of flesh!
  7. What is the relationship between the media and players again?  Is it contractual?  Also, the more he writes about Cam, the more hits he gets.  So theres that too.  I would think that Cam has made the media a ton of money over this whole thing!
  8. There has been an awakening...

    11/10, would read again in the shower, on the john, and while eating green eggs and ham!
  9. Getting Benji Back

    Keep in mind that lots of guys tear ACLs and come back just as good as before.  I mean, we can talk about TD, but there are a ton of other players who tear ACLs and come back to be just as good as before. I think KB has a big hole in his heart because he missed this season, and the only way to fill it is with more wins and a championship next year!  Being what he is, I think it just makes our team better and more difficult to defend.  So long as the O line can keep Cam clean...
  10. Tom Brady: The Winner

    But he's a fiery competitor!  A winner!  He's so handsome!  Married a super model!   Cam was right when he said he's different, and he breaks expectations... The sad reality is that people will deny it's true to protect their own bubble of perceptions we keep around ourselves so we feel better about being terrible human beings...
  11. Dameshek defends Cam

    I saw that this morning.  I was kind of shocked he would take the high road there.  I mean, Cam's whole meltdown was such an easy story to write... Its interesting to see other media types basically call the system out to a degree.  Like a head on a hydra eating another.
  12. But...can I still have my redemption story of a Carolina Super Bowl win next year???? No?  Psh...I'm going to talk to my imaginary stock broker!  He's got some great beach front property in Wyoming!
  13. Voth talks about Rivera and Newton

    If the media wants players to play nice with the, you need to let them take a shower and collect their thoughts immediately after a game. Just saying...
  14. CJ nearly changed the game. Nearly.

    But wasn't the game rigged? =P Football is a game of inches...sheesh...
  15. Carolina Panthers Top 3 Offseason Priorities

    Honestly, I don't see how you can let Norman walk.  Sure, tag him this year, but Josh has to be realistic about his future prospects. On one hand, he could sign the tag, then try work out a deal to move him in some way.  That's a loss for him and us.  That's a bad deal. He plays through a tagged year, but at the end of it, he's still 29, got a $14 million pay day last season, but has zero future income.  How many teams are going to go to the bank for a 29 year old CB?  I guess we'll see. Working something out.  So I think we can all agree, he mad the best business decision by turning down the $7 million a year deal last summer.  So now he should be paid like one of the top guys in the $12-15 million a year by virtue of his production alone. For a long term deal there has to be a balance of the money in early years versus later years.  4 years/$50 million is a real possibility I could see.  Give us more flexibility after he's 30.