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  1. Imagine spending multiple draft picks, free agent acquisitions, and trades on the defensive side and still can't stop 3rd and long's.
  2. Took Rhule and staff until the FINAL game of the season to finally bench John "Sacks Happen in the NFL" Miller
  3. All these talks about analytics and cutting edge sports science and Rhule still can't beat the Giants third-stringers
  4. I wonder what the locker room thinks of Rhule and his list of BS Coddling Darnold Brady Christensen 1 inch arm length BS/Deonte Brown "needs to be in better shape" but at the same time trotting Erving, Daley, Elflein, and Miller out there every week Blaming the defense when the offense stalled Always protecting his Temple/Baylor boys Releasing players after praising them in the media
  5. about the same distance it would have been if we punted...
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