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  1. Ian Thomas needs to be released the second the new season starts tired of seeing him get blasted by 5'10 corners
  2. take a shot every time they mentioned "alignment" last year was "collaboration" with Reich and Fitt
  3. two premium picks and a young pass rusher with potential plus not crippling your cap space? I take this in a heart beat
  4. -Played next to Ickey -From NC -Had to beg Fitt to draft him via text Fitt - "yeah sure, why not"
  5. CJ Stroud as Jon Snow aka "the true heir to the throne" but knows nothing like his S2 scores
  6. at the very least, most of these picks should be depth and/or special team players since they are on cheap rookie contracts. instead most of the players drafted by Fitt are gone after one season
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