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  1. Your Odd News For The Day

    I agree with that part of the liberals argument. Conservatives use structural and systematic factors for control over minorities Comparing race though with men who think they are women is different They clearly have not done a good job standing up for the minorities as the black minorities are still oppressed meanwhile on the LGBT side they are making great progress and raising hell if they don't Where is this effort on behalf of the black impoverish community
  2. Your Odd News For The Day

    What about the black youth and racism towards blacks ? If Libs wanted that to be an issue it could blow up and be a big one too instead we dont hear much about it
  3. Your Odd News For The Day

    "Fake Friends write the wrong answers on the mirror for ya" - Drake lyrics so it must be tru right the fake friends of the LGBT community are the liberals
  4. Your Odd News For The Day

  5. Your Odd News For The Day

    More like the devil wanted transgender people to become main stream, killing all of Gods natural work and letting humans re do it LOL
  6. Your Odd News For The Day

    If you enjoy natural things like blue sky's green grass and the ocean But are for a man porking a man in the rear end, the most un natural thing ever You are straddling the fence, pick a side
  7. Your Odd News For The Day

    It is ok to believe what I believe man, being hated for standing up for whats right is fine. This is not a good comparison. You dont have to wire your brain to understand it, don't understand it and let the Libs hate - they too will have to answer to God If you enjoy blue sky's and green grass, natural things, then stand up for natural things
  8. Your Odd News For The Day

    The Libs can stand up for any minority or group they want, a group or minority that nobody even thinks about right now, but if the Libs stand up for it and call oppression, everybody who didnt even think about it are now strong supporters and for the equality for this group nobody even thought about 3 years ago
  9. Your Odd News For The Day

    So its a level playing field now that the Republicans are cheating too. It's like two baseball lineups both on steroids, its a push, they both are corrupt in an attempt to push conflicting views But uhm I can use the female restroom in Target today, if I self identify as a female today. Beard, T-Shirt, baseball cap, cargo shorts, but if I self identify as a female, I can use the bathroom with all of your young daughters, Huddlers But tomorrow if I self identify as a man, I can go back to using the men's room. Perhaps next week when the whether gets warmer and females wear less I will re self-identify as a woman so I can use the woman's bathroom Don't tell me I'm missing the point and that is not why Target made the bathroom policy change I'm white but I self identify as black. They are my people. I am one of them. If you don't acknowledge me as black you are hateful and for discrimination Why don't we take a look at the perpetuating poverty among blacks particularly within inner-cities of America ... niggaz in poor areas of America's inner-cities can't even get fresh fruit Blacks AIN'T EVEN GOT IT EQUAL YET and we are focusing on the small .1% of the LGBT community ? http://www.nber.org/papers/w9873 That is a link of a study showing that those people with black sounding names get called back less for jobs than white sounding names We still haven't conquered racism onto blacks in this country and were focusing on the poor men who feel like women, give me a fuging break ... last I checked you couldn't have surgery to be white
  10. Your Odd News For The Day

    The day it becomes widespread, that kids as early as elementary school don't know whether they are a male or female inside thanks to society confusing them, is the day ... well ... you know
  11. Your Odd News For The Day

    Young LGBTQ kids need counseling, need professional help Boys feeling like girls is not fuging normal. Its not. These people need help ... Caitlin Jenner is thinking about changing back to a man already. What about the people who have had sex changes and can't afford to go back the other way ? What if you have surgery and wake up one morning and arent happy being a girl anymore but dont have Caitlin Jenner money and can't afford to switch back For that matter, what about all the LGBT's who don't have the money for a fancy sex change . The men dressed as a woman, but who is clearly a male with no money to get a sex change Slipper slope guys, enabling this (small) group, telling them that everything is ok isnt the answer And for the record, Charlotte wanted to go above and beyond making these revolutionary bathroom laws making it so businesses no longer had a choice, they HAD to accommodate the LGBT community by making the bathroom switch, what is this Russia ? Shouldn't businesses have a choice on how they run their business ? PayPal, instead of moving their chintzy 800 jobs (fine, take them away NC will stand for what is right) under McCrory's system, would have been able to make their bathrooms however they wanted. If PayPal wanted to make a statement then make your new company in Charlotte have Transgender bathrooms, you could of been the only business in Charlotte to have Transgender bathrooms, now wouldn't that have been revolutionary? All you liberals, what you stand for, you only stand for it because money you cant see is controlling your thoughts to that angle
  12. Your Odd News For The Day

    Problems where problems don't exist . The liberal way
  13. Your Odd News For The Day

    I mean to the .1% of the population that gets beat up in bathroom for how they dress ... Deal with it McCrory said this liberal agenda pushing group makes the NRA look elementary in comparing how much power they have. If you've got the money you can voice your opinions all over the air waves and soon the opinion you want everybody to have, everybody will have
  14. Your Odd News For The Day

    That's me What the fug is wrong with people where having to use the bathroom of your anatomy is considered hateful
  15. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    Not even a Warriors fan but I don't want to see the best ever NBA record go to waste they need to win a ship