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  1. I like taking a hard look at all three and seeing what the best combo is for the regular season. I'm not sure how I feel about 3 but that is where we are with our O-line.
  2. Waldo

    McCaffrey doubters

    I certainly was a doubter. The dude has proven me wrong. His extra strength and weight is making a huge difference in his run game this year. Last year was kind of what I feared with him and I couldn't be happier that he made the changes because his total game is awesome now.
  3. Waldo

    New Team President Tom Glick

    Looks like a competent and high quality hire.
  4. Waldo

    Is Seymour that awful?

    Dude has never been good. It's OK, we got Jones. Lol just kidding. Every year this team shows ridiculous amounts of loyalty to guys who really are jags at best. Like, they are going to suddenly turn into a good player and not the guy they have been for 4 or 5 years with horrendous consistency. Just 2 or 3 more years before they give up on him, it'll pass in no time.
  5. Waldo

    How low is the bar for Mahon?

    How low is the bar? Touching the ground. Like a speed bump...or a pair of empty cleats. I would be happy if he shows improvement and becomes serviceable.
  6. Any of those reps that can go to someone else is a good thing long term.
  7. Link I am not a fan of his but I was trying really hard to not be a bad person with this one. Mahon got the reps in his place. "Offensive lineman Amini Silatolu left practice in the front seat of a cart, and he was sent back to Charlotte for evaluation of a sore leg. In his absence, Brendan Mahon, an undrafted free agent from Penn State, got first-team reps at left guard." Link
  8. Jones is a special teamer, I do not want him playing defense at all. I'm not sure Rivera can actually use the Buffalo Nickle correctly. Allowing a LB or DE or S to line up on the opposing teams fastest WR has not served us well. Some of the guys that Shaq was asked to cover was just a bad match up and that dude is fast for a LBer.
  9. Waldo

    Where's Corn?

    Corn is 5' 10". I honestly thought he was a smidge under even that.
  10. I will wait till after the 2nd preseason game before freaking out. I am not against bringing in an OG or CB if there is a solid one year player cut for cap vs production reasons on another team. I am very unimpressed with the left side of the line at this point but I'm still holding out hope a player is improving in training camp.
  11. Waldo

    Bucs extend GM Jason Licht

    I agree! This is another reason for hope, I'm just antsy to get on with it. I would probably be out of being a football fan if I was a Bucs fan at this point. Why do they have hope if their organization keeps wallowing in the muck, doing and saying the same stuff year in and year out while doing crap like this? At least we were competitave and won every other year. These guys live on scraps.
  12. Waldo

    Bucs extend GM Jason Licht

    JR and Hurney spent years destroying my hope. That well was pretty shallow. Tepper is tapping it again but I have zero hope for Hurney. I just want the divorce this time to not require the smoldering remains of this team. I have a ton of positivity for aspects of the Panthers right now, just none for Hurney. Once he is gone, the sky is the limit for me. I am so much more excited to watch games this year versus last year.
  13. Waldo

    Bucs extend GM Jason Licht

    I'm just not willing to cut Hurney slack or go the 'well this time it's good so far' route. His total body of work is deep in the negative territory. There are better options we should explore, and the fact I can say that easily is enough from me to cheer that happening asap. Buc's kinda look like they are mailing it in. Their coach and GM are poop. Their organization is poorly run and it starts with ownership and as we all know, poop rolls downhill. In this case it seeps downhill cause their product has been diarrhea since they won the SB. I would put Miami in this category without the SB.
  14. It’s still really early but he is looking like a great owner for us. I love it and I am finally excited about the future of Panthers football again. The last two years have been pretty dark for me. Going to the SB and watching that poopshow in person and then a lost 2016 and the drama of 2017 with all of the failings in between was rough. I haven’t seen anything from Tepper that I haven’t loved yet.
  15. Yay, our new owner doesn't hate us! Nike has put out some awful uniforms. Browns, Bucs and Jags comes to mind immediately. I don't mind tweaking them but I would rather keep them kinda like they are.