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  1. Hurney still has to prove that he is capable to the new owner. His skills were tailored to being JR's yes-man GM, not a singing endorsement for competency. There are a number of ways he could fail at being a GM from this point onward. I would think that the record reflects more on Rivera then Hurney. When Tepper hires a new President, Hurney will have a non-JR person in a position of power that is Tepper’s guy. Most of the people in high positions in the NFL work for different teams and peoples to acquire skills and knowledge, Hurney was picked because he would do JR’s bidding, a skill that is no longer desired here. Only time will tell.
  2. I'm not a soccer fan but if it makes fans happy and our owner money, good luck. The same with MLB but it better not be were football is played because if my team has to play on dirt, I would go absolutely ballistic. That crap is bushleage. Let the MLB nuggets play on grass. Otherwise, again, go make that money and make fans happy.
  3. Waldo

    Shady McCoy

    Master Plan = Have a fall guy...lead the police to you - Chris Carter - ish
  4. Waldo

    Tepper engaging fans

    He looks to be a great owner for us. After JR and with many owners being complete douches (Jerry Jones, Jim Irsay, Robert McNair) I hoped for the best but was prepared and feared for the worst. Tepper could really be the real deal, which I am ecstatic about. I just don't want to put this guy on a pedestal and enable him the way JR was enabled to be a complete phony. If he keeps being a great dude, I'll be a fan.
  5. Waldo

    Is Shaq Thompson a bust?

    Using him as a nickle back against speedy WRs in the slot constantly is a bust. We will see how he does when TD is on the bench serving his suspension. I'm rooting for the dude but I just haven't seen enough either way. I wish there was more need for a full time 4-3 package but opposing teams seem less than willing to play to our strengths. Why not play against nickle and dime defense when our 3rd and 4th CB can't beat out a LBer?
  6. I'm ready for a house cleaning. It's a shame but it completely feels like a wasted year is upon us.
  7. And the owner's wife just took over as team president, permanently.... http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/05/02/kim-pegula-named-bills-team-president-expected-to-stay-in-role/ Billionaire boss doing billionaire boss things. What could go wrong?
  8. Maybe we can find a good nickleback....
  9. And yesterdays good will is gone.
  10. Waldo

    Newton: Hurney 2.0

    Hurney and Newton (ESPN one) are so perfect for each other. They are both unqualified to do their jobs and they probably love the fact the guy access from him is too stupid to call out the other one's BS. #safespace