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  1. That's exactly what I was thinking. Romo Part 2.
  2. JNo not happy could he come back?

    I'd love to have him back.
  3. Eagles are still tough even without Wentz.
  4. Ryan Kalil responds to Geoff Schwartz criticisms

    That's great and all, but this year all he's done is make funny videos and ride the pine.
  5. Ryan Kalil responds to Geoff Schwartz criticisms

    Anyone with the last name of Kalil really has zero business talking poo... to anyone.
  6. Vikings plan.... Just hit Cam Newton

    Everyone has this plan since SB50. It works.
  7. A room full of missed opportunities.
  8. Gettleman started it, took all the money and spent it on Domino's. Then he banged Richardson's and Rivera's wives.
  9. At Bojangles for the First Time, Right Now

    Cajun chicken sandwich, large fries (extra seasoning), dirty rice, sweet tea. Boom. Shart-attack but well worth it.
  10. Shouldn't he be making funny videos, or pulling more practical jokes? That's kinda his thing now 'cuz it sure as hell ain't playing center alongside his not-good baby brother.
  11. In Hindsight....

    And a LB...
  12. Lack of effort? I saw zero effort and CMC got smashed.
  13. Would Belichick ever do this? Would Green Bay? Would Pittsburgh? Hell no.
  14. Defense needs as much blame

    Oh my... talk bad about *the* TD???? Watch your back young man! I agree with all of this.