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  1. Cool. J-No showed up for Tolbert's charity event

    I look at him and I see a troll. Let's not feed him anymore, shall we? The ignore user function is a nifty tool. I would recommend people use it more often.
  2. tarheelfan23's list of free agents we should bring in

    Why not just get Scott Eastwood to do it? He's a carbon copy of his father.
  3. Lil Dicky - Mean Guys

    That's actually hilarious
  4. They both look like ben affleck to me
  5. Sporting News most hated NFL players of all time

    Greg was never found innocent. Charges were dropped after Holden failed to show up in court after Hardy and her reached an agreement out of court. He was found guilty then he appealed.
  6. Arian Foster?

    Yeah that's not important in the slightest. If you read that article that ESPN put out last year on his faith (or lack thereof) they talk about how Justin Forsett became one of his best friends while he was on the Texans with Foster. Forsett's father was a minister or some such and Forsett is very devout in his faith. Didn't stop them from chumming it up and being friends. Just because you don't believe the same thing doesn't mean you can't be bros.
  7. Arian Foster?

    That would take reps away from the younger backs who have more to offer than a one year rental at less than 100%. Give me the youts.
  8. Arian Foster?

    Tony Gonzalez was a vegan and dude missed two games his whole career. Foster is just injury prone.
  9. Arian Foster?

    No for a number of reasons: He's older than all of our other backs he would take carries away from stew Injury after injury in his history coming of an Achilles injury. Those who tear that don't always come back 100% and coupled with his age, it isn't worth it. Pass.
  10. CPAT!!!!

    He's a one trick pony. All he can do is return stuff. With the new rules in place, there's no point in having that kind of one trick pony on your roster anymore.
  11. Selecting the 2016 Panthers Wide Receivers

    Ginn Brown/Hill Garrett That's if we only keep 5 receivers. I give Brown a slight edge over Hill, but wouldn't be too surprised if he makes it over Philly. I don't think they want to lose out on Garrett.
  12. Panthers Release Boykin

    Shh bby is ok
  13. Panthers Release Boykin

    I'm a Gettleman fan. Blatant and proud. I defend the dude more than plenty do on this forum. I however know he is not infallible and has a few misses in his career here as the Panthers' GM. Most of those misses came in 2014. Those moves include: Antoine Cason Letting Smitty go in a not nice way Thomas DeCoud The Tackle situation that was 2014 Franchising Hardy Having listed all those problems areas (the majority of which were caused by a lack of $ but people don't seem to understand that), they all have one thing in common: They didn't hamper the LONG TERM SUCCESS of the team. All of those moves had a one season negative impact on the franchise, and we still managed a playoff appearance out of that crappy season. Counter those negative moves against Hurney's Negatives: Trading away multiple future 1st round picks Drafting like a dunce Signing homegrown talent to unfriendly deals (Williams, Beason, Anderson, Godfrey, etc.) The Peppers Fiasco The Delhomme extension All of those moves had negative long term rippling effects for the franchise. So the big difference between Hurney and Gettleman is when Hurney fuged up, he fuged up BIG, but when Gettleman fugs up, it seems to be a small contained fug up that won't hurt the team too much long term. That's why I'm all in on Gettleman. He's playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers. He assigns each player or position a relative value, and then determines which ones to put in danger or to sacrifice in order to win in the end. That's why I don't care that he released Norman and Boykin, because he has a plan in place and that plan has worked so far. When it stops working, I'll stop trusting him. Until then, He's my GM and I'm on board the Gettlewagon.
  14. Cam TD celebration 5.0

    It'll be the running man.
  15. Panthers invite RB Jalen Simmons to Camp

    I now want him to make the team because his nickname is scoot.