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  1. I can't stand Ron Rivera

    good lookin out CRA!!! POSITIVE I LIKE IT BABY
  2. I can't stand Ron Rivera

    If we lose at Tampa this weekend, you think we finally pull the plug on someone?
  3. What was it, 2013 when we started 1-3 and finished 12-4. He won coach of the year that year. Optimistic?
  4. Game etiquette

    I always have fans behind me get pissed at me because I stand the whole time, I've had security called on me, people leave the game, etc.. At the end of the day, they didn't buy my ticket, I don't go to the game to sit down. Once again, wine and cheese crowd unfortunately.
  5. Eagles injury updates

    The rain may be a factor
  6. Great play from MNF

    it's beautiful
  7. I looked up the home team win % on Thursday Night Football, seems to be around 60%, figured it'd be higher than that or else it seems like it to me. Either way, Cats win.
  8. Luke Kuechly

    I noticed he looked a step slow today too, besides the miss tackles, still played a solid game. He's prob. just banged up, the 10 day layoff after Philly will do him good.
  9. Tampa bay kicker

    0/3 talk about a rough night, they'll prob cut him, they would've won if he coulda knocked down 2/3 of them.
  10. Cam apologizes

    agree 10000%, country's gone soft.. charmin soft
  11. Cam apologizes

    LMAO ahahah this made my night. exactlyyyy. I eat 2 a day on average, 15g per + granola is a nice little snack. I just hate Dannon let him go over it.. Kinda torn makes me wanna choose another brand now.
  12. Cam apologizes

    Should I keep eating Dannon Yogurt or should I move on to another brand? I'm torn...
  13. Pissing Excellence Gets Cam Drug Tested

    Me & Luke have the same birthday.. 4/20 I wonder if he'd light up with me in the off season?
  14. Armah promoted to the team

  15. Those redneck yankees are just mad Brady isn't the playboy of the NFL anymore, ITS KUECHLY BABY
  16. REPORT: Gary Barnidge

  17. Dude i know right, he shook the hell out of him!!!
  18. Had to go listen for myself, i agree that background music sucks lol
  19. Polian says BOA will be "50% Bills Fans"

    LMAO, FS1 is all I watch now. First Things FIrst > Mike n Mike at 6:30 AM Skip & Shannon > First Take at 9:30 AM / 10 AM Not to mention, FS1 hired all of ESPN's "Fire'es".
  20. Thank you! Our SuperBowl was in reach the entire time, very competitive defense bout.. The Falcons was clearly more EMBARRASSING.
  21. Sounds like a Falcons fan... Get out. And no, our SuperBowl performance was not more embarrassing than theirs.