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  1. He took a Knee.. Don't sign this guy. F YOU HATERS, MERICA
  2. TE2 is getting worrisome

    Jeremy said it best, with the departure of Ed Dickson to Seattle, if Wilson doesn't sign with us, absolutely draft TE 1-3.
  3. Panthers tender ERFA

    little cheeks.
  4. Revis Island?

    No and no some more
  5. For once, I agree with Tom Brady

    Alex Reimer's comment shouldn't surprise anyone, Gisele spends the majority of time with her since Tom is playing ball. Can you imagine Gisele raising you? Mrs Queen Bee, high maintenance, etc..? HIS DAUGHTER IS A PISSANT, IT IS WHAT IT IS. lmaooooo
  6. Panthers will interview Norv Turner

    Awesome video, thanks for sharing. Makes you realize everyone is human and has feelings. Huddle give him a chance.
  7. Should I Quit?

    Reply back with a Cam Newton superman GIF when scoring on New England earlier this year. :D
  8. Carolina shocks the world. Gets the W
  9. Most athletes do PED's, its a matter of who gets caught. Quit crying, its a mans game.
  10. Wake up Call

    Next 2 are tough, but the following 2, GB & TB should be considerably easier W's at home.
  11. Calvin Pryor anyone?

    I like where your heads at baby!!! People need to realize this kids a 1st rounder, only 25, and was consistent in his play his first two years. You better believe he could elevate his play even more in our defense with our front 7. SNAG HIM BABY
  12. Calvin Pryor anyone?

    A former 1st round pick, he was equally productive his first two seasons with the browns, i say... STEAL HIM!!!! We have a locker room capable of keeping his emotions in check.