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  1. Panthers will interview Norv Turner

    Awesome video, thanks for sharing. Makes you realize everyone is human and has feelings. Huddle give him a chance.
  2. Should I Quit?

    Reply back with a Cam Newton superman GIF when scoring on New England earlier this year. :D
  3. Carolina shocks the world. Gets the W
  4. Most athletes do PED's, its a matter of who gets caught. Quit crying, its a mans game.
  5. Wake up Call

    Next 2 are tough, but the following 2, GB & TB should be considerably easier W's at home.
  6. Panthers Snapchat last night

    Didn't catch it. But I LOVE IT
  7. Anyone else see Cams presser?

    Just watched the presser, he did a good job. Body language could've been better, but he spoke true words. He knows its a business and football is still going to be played on Sundays. He's fine, we'll be fine.
  8. Marty Speaks...

    Thank you. Couldn't agree more.
  9. Positives to the KB trade

    1) We went 15-1 without him & to the SuperBowl. 2) Allows for more speed to stretch the field, Samuel and/or Clay. 3) Spend money elsewhere at the end of the season, his contract was coming up along with others, (Norwell/Lotulelei). 4) Funchess is younger, more athletic, and healthier. They went with youth here, hes going on 4 yrs younger than Kelvin. In my opionion hes just as good if not better than Kelvin. Funchess gets the nod here, due to age, health, production, and contract. 5) Get something for Kelvin while you can, good timing. Kelvin was a late 1st rounder, 28, in 2014. 4 Years later, absolutely take a 3rd & 7th for him. Ideally, you'd like a 2nd, but that you know you're not getting a 1st for Kelvin. This is a BUSINESS move. If anything, this hurts feelings the most. R-E-L-A-X
  10. You won't like this at all.

    I hope Kelvin doesn't break down in the cold up there in upstate NY. He's in for a treat
  11. Kelvin was a late 1st rounder, pick 28 in 2014. 4 years later, he is definitely worth a 3rd rounder absolutely take it and a 7th. Devin Funchess produces similiar, if not just as much and is 4 years younger, its a no brainer.
  12. CALM DOWN. We went 15-1 and to the SuperBowl without him. We have Funchess, another big, younger, athletic, and healthier WR. Also, this allows more reps for Samuel / Clay to the stretch the field with speed, I like it. People forget, Kelvin Benjamin's contract was coming up and for a unhealthy, unreliable, and older WR, it'll scare you come commitment time.
  13. Greatest Halloween costume ever

    dude i said the same thing, looks just like her.
  14. CMC is averaging like 4-7 carries a game? That's not enough for him to get any rhythm going, If you wanna see him produce results he'll need 15-20 carries a game like at Stanford. Our O-Line could always be better too.
  15. Game ball, who gets it?! LUUUUUUUUUKE!!

    Tcon with the stats LOL i hear ya baby!!
  16. I can't stand Ron Rivera

    good lookin out CRA!!! POSITIVE I LIKE IT BABY
  17. I can't stand Ron Rivera

    If we lose at Tampa this weekend, you think we finally pull the plug on someone?
  18. What was it, 2013 when we started 1-3 and finished 12-4. He won coach of the year that year. Optimistic?
  19. Game etiquette

    I always have fans behind me get pissed at me because I stand the whole time, I've had security called on me, people leave the game, etc.. At the end of the day, they didn't buy my ticket, I don't go to the game to sit down. Once again, wine and cheese crowd unfortunately.
  20. Eagles injury updates

    The rain may be a factor
  21. Great play from MNF

    it's beautiful
  22. I looked up the home team win % on Thursday Night Football, seems to be around 60%, figured it'd be higher than that or else it seems like it to me. Either way, Cats win.