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  1. Bleacher Report

    Interesting report ranking active NFL DT's. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2751939-nfl1000-ranking-the-top-defensive-tackles-of-2017-season I thought some of our guys might be higher, what think you? #74 #54 #51 #6 If Star is really only average is redrafting for a guy like Daron Payne ( Alabama) the best option or do we have too many other needs?
  2. It's a one-off game-anything is possible. If we lose, we can have no complaints, i can live with that. I get thàt watching the O today was a downer, but we put 30 on the vikings. We beat vikes and pats this year so on our day we're dangerous. One of the things that is dangerous (for us and our opponents) is our unpredictability. The games we lost apart from Philadephia it felt like we didnt show up. Now i know you can reasonably argue that this is the other teams doing but if we play well the skys the limit. Cheer up you miserable buggers. Happy New Year.
  3. Yeah... what a bust.

    Thats a logical fallacy. I think you're giving yourself a bit too much credit there mate. Either way i'm done here. Have to take my son to nursery. Ciao.
  4. Yeah... what a bust.

    Not important. Comparison is fine but making incendiary statements like CMC is better at nothing than Kamara on another teams forum is the definition of arrogance and in no way enhances the value of this thread.
  5. Yeah... what a bust.

    This thread isnt about kamara and this isnt a saints board. Nobody here is makig categorical statements about kamara vs CMC except you. If you choose to believe that he is a better receiver thats your problem but it comes across as attention-seeking.
  6. Yeah... what a bust.

    I get the argument that we can't judge CMC as an RB until he gets more carries. It's fair, the problem is it comes with risk. Our WRs are badly denuded atm and CMC has been used very successfully as a 3rd down back. If you feed him like an every down back his injury risk increases especially if they ask him to run like JS. He also might lose his edge in an area where hes been key for us on 3rd downs. At this stage of the season im just not sure if its worth it to prove the point that he can be an effective RB.
  7. Yeah... what a bust.

    Im not saying he doesn't or can't. Your point was a blanket statement saying that hes better than CMC at everything. Thats the kind of one-eyed perspective i wouldn't expect from you. Stats are flawed. Volume, opportunity and usage are relevant. I'd love to see Kamara make defenders miss when his OC tells him to run into a wall of D-linemen without blocking. I would also love to see CMC given the ball in space which best utilises his strengths.
  8. Yeah... what a bust.

    CMC is doing an important job and i am pleased with his production considering his patchy usage. I still don't think we were the best fit for him, but thats not his fault.
  9. Yeah... what a bust.

    Thats nonsense. Kamara can't be used as a conventional receiver out of the slot. He can't run a route tree and he isn't an exceptional catcher of the ball. Does he make returns for ST? As an rb he runs behind an excellent o-line and hes been great. I have Kamara as OROY but lets not get carried away here. He hasnt even completed his rookie season yet.
  10. Giveaway/Takeaway

    Also 3rd in sacks only 3 behind the vaunted Sacksonville D, and 1 behind the Steelers.
  11. Playoffs Question...

    I've gone for other though I agree that all of these things are factors in playoff success. I just made a thread where I point out the giveaway/takeaway improvement and I think it will be a big deal. I also think showing a capability to make plays in ST is a huge edge in tight games.
  12. Giveaway/Takeaway

    Anyone remember when we were -7 after several games? http://www.espn.com/nfl/statistics/team/_/stat/givetake We've been rapidly improving in takeaways. I don't know the stats on turning these into points but it feels like several of these have been big turning points for us in close games. Had this not changed, I would suggest that we would currently be on the outside looking in at the playoff spots. I find it hard to imagine that we could have continued to overcome a big giveaway deficit. Tony Romo mentioned in the Vikings game that in our 15-1 season we had fantastic field position which was making a huge difference to our ability to score (short fields). I saw a stat prior to the christmas games that since week 10 we are the highest scoring offense in the NFL (ppg). This is an ascending team even if the TB game makes us feel otherwise.
  13. 2018 FA thread

    Yeah I agree with this. It's a bit of a shame but our hands are tied on Kalil and as you say they drafted Moton. I actually think the draft's OT's are good value this year and they may be great value with a number of QBs going high in the draft. But basically, any OT drafted will be likely unused which isn't a great use of draft capital with other needs. I like the idea of a veteran WR on a short-term prove-it deal. We have a young group of WR's and the draft class doesn't look brilliant. I hope they draft safety. I don't know about DE. If we lose Peppers and CJ (which means we won the SB-yay) we will have a young pass rush with the exception of Addison. But if that happens we may have other holes too.
  14. Huddle Fantasy Football 2017

    I thought I had won, but then I see that I'm second in the final standings. This must be how Kelvin Benjamin felt on Sunday! Good fun. Now we can concentrate on the real thing.
  15. PFF Panther game grades

    Funny that the 3 o-line panthers mentioned are the only ones currently NOT on big contracts.