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  1. We could definitely have done worse than CMC. He is healthy with dependable character and attitude and he's been far from unproductive. Good luck to the bloke. I just am not sold on him as an RB.
  2. Glad to know he's doing better-makes me feel better about my judgement, but slightly annoyed that an NFC rival got him. His first sack i think was against us (typical).
  3. To answer the op's question depends on how you view draft value. If you are content to take a top 10 pick who is a solid, 'safe' player who is good at several skills and can act as a red herring to confuse defences while at the same time offering a safe minimum of productivity, then yes hes great. If you want to get a high-ceiling franchise changing player with your top 10 pick, hes not even close because as only a slot he simply can't make enough of a difference to be worth it. He was sold as an RB and his production doesn't begin to justify that. Want to blame OC and O-line? I'm sure he could do better elsewhere-but that's not the point-we drafted him. If your starting point is that our OC and OL make the pick pointless why would you pick him? I wasn't thrilled with the pick but the guy i wanted isn't doing any better. (Barnett). Of course we will never know how he would have done for us- but I rationalise it as a more sensible use of a top 10 pick. I recently checked the 49ers forum where Solomon Thomas is getting a lot of heat for his inability as an edge rusher. Loads of people here wanted him but he played inside a lot at Stanford. You can't guess production but you can guess fit. We needed safety, WR, TE and edge. We could have traded back. Historically very good RBs have been found in later rounds. So no, nothing against the guy but in terms of value he isn't worth the #8 selection. If that isn't bad enough we then drafted Samuel who is exactly the same type of player in Round 2. Both RBs who we wanted to use as WRs. Risky? 2 players without clearly defined positions for Shula to use creatively. What could go wrong with that?
  4. My bad. MT is no bust. But top 5 based on 1 completed season? With one of the very best QB's, a consistently strong O-line and Brandin Cooks spreading the field (last year). Payton calling the plays. Its harder to fail than succeed in that situation. I'm willing to give him a bit more time before I put him in front of proven players like Jordy Nelson and Nuk Hopkins (who has 8 TD's this year despite 3 games of Tom Savage).
  5. The point is, OP is correct. Based on individual stats Funchess is actually outperforming many vaunted WR names. If he can consistently produce such performances we have a really good WR on our hands. Not based on 'reputation' or 'ranking' but what they're actually doing now.
  6. Who said he was irrelevant? Nobody-least of all me. But here are his stats: 2 TDS all year, consistently contributing no argument, but top 5? So basically you are so wowed by his rookie season that you rate him higher than both AJ Green and Mike Evans? Ok then. 2017 REGULAR SEASON GAME LOG RECEIVING RUSHING FUMBLES DATE OPP RESULT REC TGTS YDS AVG LNG TD Sun 11/12 @ BUF W 47-10 9 10 117 13.0 28 0 Sun 11/5 vs TB W 30-10 8 11 65 8.1 24 0 Sun 10/29 vs CHI W 20-12 7 9 77 11.0 23 0 Sun 10/22 @ GB W 26-17 7 11 82 11.7 21 0 Sun 10/15 vs DET W 52-38 3 5 11 3.7 5 0 Sun 10/1 @ MIA W 20-0 8 11 89 11.1 30 1 Sun 9/24 @ CAR W 34-13 7 8 87 12.4 26 1 Sun 9/17 vs NE L 20-36 5 10 89 17.8 33 0 Mon 9/11 @ MIN L 19-29 5 8 45 9.0 14 0
  7. It's also why @saints4lifeagain gets a lot of pie here. His opinions make sense. I remember when he predicted a week 3 saints win because its a division rivalry and on any day our teams are a close enough match-up to beat each other. People need to accept that its how you play on the day, not whats gone before...
  8. I enjoy reading one-eyed bragging from opposing fans. For example Falcons website pre-season predicting a waltz to the superbowl demolishing all before them with their new 'quick' defence, and years of future dominance in the NFC South. Their biggest threat was undoubtably Tampa. LOL. You should read it now. It's called pride before the fall.
  9. Fair enough- I haven't seen much of them this season and I'm certainly not faulting him for his efforts. I may be a little bitter cos he hasn't done it for my fantasy team. Still, It's funny that NO's offensive strength this year has been their running game, despite Bree's and their annually effective passing game. If only they had kept AP.
  10. I don't mean to criticise him and you're right about NO's style of play. Nonetheless I expect he and the NO team and fans might have hoped for more. I guess what I'm saying is he hasn't clearly stepped into the WR1 role after the departure of Cooks, so as to be considered on the same level as Julio and Mike Evans.
  11. I'm a fan of Michael Thomas. But I'm still a little disappointed by him this season, after his rookie year. TG and Brandon Coleman have done as much if not more, to impact games. On topic, glad DF is doing well. I would feel better about him as WR1 though if he had shown this kind of production over a season. I will still be happier when Greg returns.
  12. Nasty tasting stuff kava, I hadn't realized that it had pain-deadening qualities though. The image of the players passing the kava bowl after a tough practice with RR and JR glowering at them nearby is pleasing to me nonetheless. http://www.espn.com/blog/nflnation/post/_/id/256632/kava-the-nfls-newest-and-safest-painkiller Obliquely Panther-related since it refers to former LB keiser. What think you? Gimmick or useful for NFL players to explore?
  13. If you don't mind me saying that's a very cynical observation. For all I know, you could be right, but if the starting point for assessing what anyone says about anything is that they have an 'angle' and it is therefore likely a lie, I pity your view of the world in general. It honestly doesn't seem worth the effort, why bother when they invested no draft capital in him? But let's say it is a retrospective lie. Especially in the case of a rookie kicker. Does it even then serve a purpose in boosting the kicker's self esteem? I get that your point is to shoot down the quote and show that actually KC had no other choice available. But at that time there were several veteran kickers including Nick Novak and Josh Lambo available. By the way I'm guessing you didn't read the article because Reid has said several times that he had no idea who Butker was. It talks about their ST and player assessment people.
  14. So far Roaringriot has laid into me for calling Matt Kalil overpaid and for disagreeing with the kicker decision. But y'know he sat near the sideline in camp so...
  15. It just amazes me that even questioning a team decision on a sports discussion forum enrages you and some others so much. You know its completely okay for people to have different opinions right? I hope Butker does well. I am glad Gano is doing well. If I wish to continue to reflect on what might have been and contrast our kicker with the fortunes of Butker then that doesn't seem unreasonable to me. I am not responsible for making any Butker thread I am simply commenting because it is of interest to me. Nobody (i think) is forcing you to do the same. Perhaps if you're looking for unquestioning sycophancy you and roaringriot should support a franchise from North Korea. They do a great line in unquestioning obedience to the party line over there.