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  1. You're misunderstanding my comparison and twisting it to support your irrational hatred of the Saints draft choice. My point was both star and Lattimore were highly thought of prospects who fell (rightly or wrongly) a little bit because of injury and/or durability concerns. I am not comparing their college experience, or skill set which is obviously different because I wasn't trying to make that point. That's your fixation not mine. Don't be putting words in my mouth. Anyway why do you care so much? He doesn't even play for us. Its so ridiculous to get worked up over another teams draft selection. Does Marshon owe you money or something?
  2. I don't follow the fan logic that says if someone does something right, they are beyond reproach and cannot suffer regression. This is true of Shula and Cam. It also works in the other direction. Nobody here would be upset to see Shula or CN prove the huddle wrong. I don't accept that the answer is black or white, surely there are shades of grey here right? I mean even Shula supporters, must admit that variety is not the panthers watchword. Its the repeated banging of the head against the wall that's so dispiriting. They don't have to completely move away from their strengths, but they just look so one-dimensional. I've watched a few games this year including NY-Detroit with crappy O-lines on display. The Lions prevailed passing the ball despite having the statuesque Robinson at LT, against a very good D. Acknowledge the problem and have a plan B. That's why fans are upset with Shula IMO.
  3. I think if Lattimore stays on the pitch he will be a really good player. The concerns about him were durability but the same was said of Star proving that people just don't know. I like Barnett too, but lets not pretend that there were no concerns about him. It's six of one half a dozen of the other. Both good picks IMO and I will trust that the Saints fan knows what his team needs. I thought the Ramczyk pick was more questionable but as its turned out that's looking like genius right now... Either way this news certainly doesn't improve Saints chances next week.
  4. Getting this guy for nothing as a project is a good move.
  5. What Bills fans are saying ...

    I feel better about this game than SF. Home opener against a squad without depth albeit with one of the best RB's in the league. That formula didn't work so well last year for the Rams.
  6. PFF: Refocused Car-23 SF-3

    As much as I like stats I'm not going to pay a subscription to read them. In an amusing example of how stats can be 'false' I read an amusing thread on the 49ers forum which quoted a PFF grade on Arik Armstead. It was pretty funny to see how many 49ers fans were ridiculing the grade. IMO the Panthers interior pass rush was better. How does Buckner make this list and Short doesn't?
  7. Advice on trade possibility

    I wouldn't touch it. Odell missed game 1 and Eli looked terrible, and I read Howard actually had less touches than Tarik Cohen and could face a shared workload this year. Bell had a bad first week but he only rejoined the team recently and hes arguably going to be top-scoring RB now Johnson is done for the season. Its pretty good value-2 top tier players but do you really want to give up the guy you picked probably 2nd or third overall?
  8. Huddle Fantasy Football 2017

    I bet you were cursing after his fumble though! Great recovery in the end. Not too impressed by his speed in the open. He shouldn't have been caught by that cornerback when he broke through in the 4th Q.
  9. Huddle Fantasy Football 2017

    I hate logging into the account and seeing draft in progress when it has half an hour until it starts. Makes me panic that i got the timezones wrong again. Thats when i find out i have Edelman Luck Ware, etc in my team since I missed the draft...
  10. Kicking choice is "a fluid process"

    Nick Novak was cut by the Texans. He had a far superior 2016 to Gano. Why would anyone trade for a kicker who had a crappy year when Lambo and Novak are available? Cut Gano. Is Austin Sefarian-Jenkins any good? Apparently he was a 2nd round TE before being cut by the Jets...
  11. San Fran - What do you know...

    Apparently though he's worked with Hoyer before and done well with him. What I worry about is Shanahan's strength and our biggest weakness. Splash plays. Look at the Pittsburgh game we controlled most of that game but we gave up big plays on ST and with our up/down secondary. Goodwin, Garcon, Hyde and Bolden can make those plays that make a mockery of ball control. If we are poor on ST or commit turnovers we could end up undeserving losers despite the balance of play in the game.
  12. San Fran - What do you know...

    I watched the first half of their game against the Vikes. I thought they looked quite good. Vikes couldn't move the ball at all. Their DL is impressive.Reuben Foster looked great at LB. They have a ST guy called Bolden who made some amazing runs after catch. Saw an amazing long Goodwin TD. I was a big fan of TE Kittle who scored a nice pre-season TD. Surprised they cut Kerley though..
  13. Saturday Carolina Panthers Cuts thread

    I missed Zach Moore. Then its LJ Mcray/Colin Jones, Greg Van Roten Jalen Simmons. Those are the only other guys i can think of...
  14. Saturday Carolina Panthers Cuts thread

    Mose Frazier, Keyarris Garrett, Wes Horton, Toby Johhnson, Damian Parms, Jalen Simmons, Eric Wallace, Larry Webster
  15. Saturday Carolina Panthers Cuts thread

    Oh yeah, forgot about the front page, thanks everyone for your efforts.