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  1. Over or Under | GREG OLSEN

    I think it's always in @sanjay_rajput's world
  2. I'm sure Pep and Rodgers are friends. It's gotta be hard hitting someone knowing you could end his career, especially if you are friends. I'm not saying Pep will go easy on him just wonder how he feels about it.
  3. he was suposed to talk about the Panthers after talking about Gronk and Steelers vs Pats. It never got there of course, He is a total Asshole anc hope we never give him a call
  4. Luke intercepted him 3 times that game, mabe thats what hes refering to. But, seeing as he is a Cowboys fan he most likely has no idea what hes talking about
  5. JP's got a point to prove!

    Really bad idea to bring Rodgers back this week. I believe our Dline will feast, led by Pep.
  6. JNo not happy could he come back?

    I have no problem with it if we can get him at a good salary
  7. he will win because of the publicity it got. He raised donations like many other players have, Im not sure that alone should be enough
  8. Everyone used to roast tampas coach for playing hard vs victory formations. I never had a problem with it, but its dumb when your down at least 2 scores like they often were. Theres nothing in the rules saying you have to give up during victory formations. If youre within a score might as well keep fighting.
  9. Graham Gano Deserves Pie

    Does he have an account on here for me to pie?
  10. See you guys Sunday

    Why all these opposing fanbases have to be so fuging nice.
  11. JNo not happy could he come back?

    He will be in NY with Gman next year
  12. Killa Cam is my favorite Cam

    Winning Cam my favorite Cam
  13. why did they make Walter Payton look like Darth Vader?
  14. Different Experience

    The games are always fun when they win