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    We need a de to keep Pep fresh, then yes you are right
  2. I agree about samuel. I just think you have 5 skill positions on the field at one time no matter how you slice it. I think we will have a rb on the field at all times, even if he goes wide. That leaves 4 spots Funchess, Olsen, and Smith takes three spots. Having Ebron/Samuel/Byrd/Armah be that last spot isnt horrible.
  3. really tho, if we sign ebron do we really need another reciever this year? can only put so many players on the field.
  4. QB2 - who's our backup?

    the answer is on the roster
  5. the most productive offfseason i can remember, it makes sense that we are all here. Not just with players but coaches, GM and Owner.
  6. offseason isnt over yet, before the season starts he will make him out to be the second coming of steve smith
  7. Funny how people confuse Gettleman hate for Hurney love
  8. Stewart released "confirmed"

    Why let stew find out about it from someone else. This was the right way to do it
  9. just hook up an atenna for local channels, plus you get a bunch of extra channels. Its easy enough to go back and forth between antenna and streaming tv.
  10. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    but i thought Getleman wanted him gone. Wheres the thread where he blamed keeping Shula on Ron. Gettleman is a joke.
  11. Marty Hurney Has Been Reinstated

    This is the right thing since he was put on leave for something he didnt do, he should get his Interim GM job back. This doesnt mean he will be our next gm, but its the right thing to do and I am sure there would be legal ramifications if they didnt reinstate him.
  12. Peppers just had surgery?

    he said he stopped talking to the standard hurney personnel and is only dealing with becker. Probably because there is a gm search
  13. who would want to listen to Fox call a game. Every play would be "It is what it is" Plus his voice is annoying
  14. Make sure you pay up if it's not