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  1. Could be. That said, there've been a couple of guys over the years who've floored me with how rude and aloof they were toward important figures in programs they WANTED to play for. Some people simply have no idea how to act in life.
  2. Assume no more free agents are signed ....

  3. Are there any portraits of rough-edged ideologues who find that their radical politics put them at odds with the squad's machine gunner, or is that reserved for the cognoscenti in the All-Pro Insider forum?
  4. Yeah. I'm no fan of the player - people here are delusional about his ceiling and his suitability to be a #1 - but Wilks ignored the specifics of his skillset, put him in a position to fail, and made his scheme a Procrustean Bed for his team. Bradberry is a limited player but will eventually be useful when positioned to succeed. (Honestly, every coach goes through that at least once in his life, and usually more. The question for Wilks is whether he learns from it, or whether he takes his elevation to head level as a sign that he was right and doesn't need to rethink.)
  5. Mark it down now: Super Bowl LIII belongs to the Panthers

    I don't really disagree with this, I just happen to also not like the way Gettleman operated, his tendencies, or quite a few of the decisions he made. I think he's a beautiful example of intelligence that curdled into arrogance. I definitely don't lay primary blame at his feet, though. He could have been far better than he was and still been limited by the nature of the organization.
  6. Mark it down now: Super Bowl LIII belongs to the Panthers

    Even for you, a man who has pestered my son for pics, this is a strange post. I do not love OR hate Cam Newton. Obviously, a member of his cult might perceive me as a "hater" - but I am simply aware of his drawbacks and unafraid to speak about them. Certainly I don't love him, but I do not hate him either. I take an objective view.
  7. Mark it down now: Super Bowl LIII belongs to the Panthers

    There are folks in this thread who'd do anything to stop a Super Bowl season - I've mentioned in some other threads that I worry about the lengths they'll go to, but we'll leave that aside here. Anything that challenges their narrative - succinctly, the narrative is "Everything sucks and will always suck, we're cursed, Gettleman was our last hope, GOOOOO GIANTS!" - is idiocy, or wishful thinking, or trolling, or offseason twaddle, or homerism. It's a type of person I recognize easily, because I built a career on avoiding them and making sure they never played for me. Quite simply, there are people in this world who are happier losing than winning. It's usually a combination of what psychologists call an "external locus of control" and a high tendency toward neuroticism. These are people who've told themselves a tale about the world - it's evil, they're out to get me, nothing can ever go right - and they subconsciously bend their lived realities toward that shape, that arc. They are genuinely more comfortable that way, because it confirms their worldview. To win, to succeed, would be an intolerable shock to the system. You know who you are.
  8. Mark it down now: Super Bowl LIII belongs to the Panthers

    Okay, it's no guarantee. But I've always taught the power of positive thinking.
  9. Mark it down now: Super Bowl LIII belongs to the Panthers

    Giants forum not treating you so well?
  10. ...reinvigorated by new ownership, and not just the same old Boss Hogg bullsh*t ...world-class receiver already on the books for half his worth ...overrated greedy Carolina-hating meatball sub sandwich b*tch ("Star" Lotulelei) switched out for a player of superior talent who's never had the right fit ...dodgy veterans with no future politely shuffled off the books ...for all I'm loathe to admit it, a solid caretaker/bridge QB with a unique selling proposition ...aggressive approach to free agency instead of bargain bin tomfoolery ...Draft God waiting in the wings, setting up the next Kuechly-level steals There's not much left to derail us. 2018 is the year.
  11. Jets trade up to third in NFL draft

    "It's dumb because that's the way they been doin' it since my pee-paw was in short britches AND THE BAD MAN WANTS TO TAKE AWAY MAH TER-DITIONS PLEASE SHERIFF BAN THE BAD MAN" Well argued.
  12. Jets trade up to third in NFL draft

    In a lot of ways this is an advertisement for tanking and an indictment of the draft system. Talent-wise, people expected the Jets to finish in the bottom three anyway. But instead of tanking and throwing the season, they played gutsy and finished with the sixth overall pick despite a garbage roster. Their reward? Apparently it's giving up half of their potential young talent for the next two years just to get the same pick they would've gotten by not trying at all. How harshly we punish bad teams that have the temerity to try winning games.
  13. Dontari Poe to Carolina Panthers/3 yrs $27m

    Poe and Washington, silly.