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  1. RetiredCollegeCoach

    A practice facility in South Carolina?

    Two Cousins One Kid Stop Humping
  2. RetiredCollegeCoach

    Young offensive Weapons

    My money on 900 yards for Gold Jacket. Goodnight Irene.
  3. RetiredCollegeCoach

    A practice facility in South Carolina?

    Historically, placing any kind of people or settlements or buildings in South Carolina has always proven a mistake. Excepting Charleston and the Low Country, South Carolina is for people who couldn't hack it in North Carolina and, mostly, always has been. (Charleston and the Low Country are for people who got sad when they heard you couldn't own slaves anymore but realized they could just play dress-up.) You build a practice facility there when you lose hope of winning a Super Bowl. It makes sense to try to court the other Carolina, since at present no one there cares about the Panthers.* But it doesn't make sense to over-extend. * I am fully ready for some redfaced goatee puffalump from Rock Hill to start hollering himself sore about how SAW CARALINNY LUV DA PANTHURS - hell, I've read over a hundred Mr. Scot posts and counting - but I cannot ignore a lifetime of experience.
  4. Duke LAX turning out to be innocent was like watching all the way through Goldfinger and then at the end Goldfinger didn't do any of that stuff and James Bond lied. Duke lacrosse, you were the perfect villain, why did you f*ck it up.
  5. RetiredCollegeCoach

    Derek Anderson...update?

    As much as he would have made a better starter in years past, I think DA's glory days are behind him and it won't hurt us to part ways. It's a damn shame we couldn't get Lamar in the draft - would've been the best backup in the league and probably a top-15 starter by December. Pretty awful to see the Ravens, of all teams, hit that jackpot.
  6. You can write this down right now: Gold Jacket will be OROTY in the NFL. On top of that, he's in a great learning environment. If there's one underrated feature of our QB, it's the way his accuracy problems challenge receivers to be the best versions of themselves. Can hurt the stats, but it teaches a lot as well. Gold Jacket is going to go through a trial by fire, and, yes, he'll be able to handle it.
  7. RetiredCollegeCoach

    MLS to Charlotte?

    Exactly. An NFL stadium can be either a cradle or a tomb depending on different factors. The two teams above have raucous atmospheres and crowds of 40k or more - absolutely electric. On the other hand, unsuitable NFL stadia - and the unbearable coffin-like atmospheres they produced - were the major factor in slowly sucking the life out of initially vibrant fanbases in the league's early years - the Revs, MetroStars, and DC are good examples, not to mention teams that were virtually stillborn, like KC at Arrowhead. The Revs continue to struggle with atmosphere at Gillette even when they draw well enough, Metro (RBNY now, of course) have done better despite absentee ownership since moving to their own 25k ground, DC were basically slowly strangled to death by RFK and hoping for a resurrection at the new stadium opening this year, and of course KC combined a great 19k stadium with league-best ownership to become a model franchise with sellouts from here to infinity. (On the other hand, poo ownership can kill any opportunity - the Rapids, under Kroenke, still draw flies in Colorado after moving from an NFL stadium to a 20k soccer-only setup.) The key factors for succeeding in an NFL stadium are: a.) Fanbase, obviously. This is an area where drawing 20k vs. 35-45k makes a big difference - the difference between filling the lower parts of the stadium and leaving them half empty. There's a chicken-egg factor, and ownership quality is important, but some cities can cough up 40k for a regular season soccer game more easily than others. Columbus is not Seattle. (And no one who closely follows soccer in America was all that surprised by Atlanta catching fire, except people stuck in the past.) b.) Pitch width. A soccer field, obviously, is well wider than an NFL field. The newer breed of NFL stadiums are ALL designed with hosting soccer in mind. (Even if an MLS team isn't in the picture, the lure of various one-off matches that pull 80k is huge for a sporting venue that otherwise draws 8 sporting dates per year.) I've watched a lot of soccer played on old-style NFL fields (or worse, like San Jose for most of their history) - the narrow pitch considerably diminishes quality of play. Really, it's a big problem. c.) Concealability of the upper deck. Big difference to atmosphere. In older designs, you can't effectively conceal it; it just looms above the game like an damn ghost army. In Seattle or Atlanta, they do a beautiful job and you wouldn't even think it was there d.) Commitment of ownership to the playing surface. This is less and less of a concern, but back in the bad old days, soccer in an NFL stadium would very often be played on football lines. I can't begin to tell you how much this ruins the overall vibe. No one thinks MLS is the Bundesliga, but there is a big difference between seeming like a respectable lesser league and being so goddamn Mickey Mouse that you're playing soccer on top of hash marks. These days, the owners see enough money in MLS to make this not happen. There are some other factors, but this post is already too long for anyone to read.
  8. RetiredCollegeCoach

    MLS to Charlotte?

    As an American soccer supporter old enough to have lived through the death of the NASL ("slowly at first, and then all at once"), I strongly appreciate MLS for avoiding the pitfalls we have already seen destroy professional soccer before in this country. The league has committed to a model of slow and organic growth from a very early point. Yes, it's not a top ten league - but yes, it's sustainable and has significantly improved over its first two decades. It will be a top fifteen league in five years, and a top ten league in ten years. Anyone who's paid the league real and honest attention over the course of its existence will agree with me. And no, ARSEN, pro/rel is not happening and will not be happening. I don't like it any more than you do, but it's not the kiss of death for a serious league. Liga MX, for example - a competition that I've watched move from a backwater to a serious international concern in my own lifetime (f*ck, a third of my lifetime) - has been de facto eliminating pro/rel for years while only growing stronger.
  9. When you fear for your children's lives or your family's lives, that's not politics. Tamir Rice dead at twelve is not politics. Eric Garner and Alton Sterling dead over nothing but nonetheless dead forever is not politics. If politics has "bled all over everything", maybe it's because people are bleeding all over. (And that's barely scratching the surface of how our country is failing its citizens, but dead people do get the headlines.) As for the anthem and the kneeling and the new policy and the locker room and the blah blah, who really cares about the specifics? That was just one way for brave people to bring word about injustice to the wider world in a way that couldn't be politely ignored. It never had anything to do with the song or the flag or the "troops" that people who don't want to talk about injustice kept using as a shield. There will be other avenues of protest so long as this country keeps forcing people into protest. Some protests might even pop up at a football game - especially since, y'know, 70% of the players come from the group most severely affected by these issues. Let's all get ready for the new rules about "political" touchdown celebrations - they'll be issued one year from today.
  10. RetiredCollegeCoach

    DB Coach Curtis Fuller Resigns

    You're that uncfan888 guy who sent my son those weird messages. I know it and you know it. You can swing whatever way you like - you're gonna swing in the wind in the end.
  11. RetiredCollegeCoach

    DB Coach Curtis Fuller Resigns

    Says the alt of the obese Segway pirate mall cop who sexually stalked my son. I will college-coach your ass until it bleeds.
  12. RetiredCollegeCoach

    Eric Reid files collusion grievance against NFL

    Mall cop and alt
  13. RetiredCollegeCoach

    Eric Reid files collusion grievance against NFL

    Nothing sadder than when people try to build pride, camaraderie, and fellow-spirit by forcing some people to recite other people's words. Imagine if you learned your favorite sports team was trying to build a spirit of teamwork and brotherhood by forcing players to recite a "Falcons Oath" or some crap --- while treating them like garbage as human beings and never being there for them when they face a problem. If you want to build something, here's two steps: a.) Make people feel like they belong and are included b.) Create something people feel proud to belong to If you can't do that much, you haven't built sh*t and should maybe think about getting started on actually building something. Forcing everyone to play make-believe is perhaps a sign that something has gone seriously wrong and you aren't working on fixing it. Applies equally to building a country or a team. We could use Reid btw.
  14. RetiredCollegeCoach

    DB Coach Curtis Fuller Resigns

    Careful what you joke about, young man. Honestly I couldn't even get a sniff at it for so, so many reasons, but it would be just your luck if I did.
  15. RetiredCollegeCoach

    DB Coach Curtis Fuller Resigns

    LOL at Freddie Hubbard somehow stealing every record he plays on.