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  1. Probably already said, but Shula.
  2. 17–13 panthers. Last second TD to Bersin for the winner and first place in NFC South.
  3. 28 up the middle for -4 yards.
  4. It feels like I’m watching the 2010 panthers today.
  5. I thought Cam looked fine throwing until his Superman dive for a TD (or not) where he sold out his body for the play. Afterwards he wasn’t the same. I hope he didn’t set himself back by diving like that, but I appreciate him for giving his all (unlike some players).
  6. I’d say it’s also the offensive philosophy at the end of the 3rd and entire 4th quarter that aids in the opponents coming back. Shula/Ron loves to go run heavy when we have any kind of a lead, even when the opponent knows what the panthers are trying to do. Doesn’t matter about execution if the opponent knows what you’re going to do. More 3 and outs = our defense goes out there again with minimal rest.
  7. To me it sounds more like a name given to an unknown assailant based on a composite sketch, aired on unsolved mysteries.
  8. This cannot be coincidental.
  9. Relax guys. Position conversions will happen. The answer is on the roster.
  10. If he was guaranteed to make a game changing pick six in the superbowl, then sure.
  11. I dont know if it's been discussed, but wasn't Ward part of the trio that laid illegal head shots to Cam in last season's opener? If so, do we really want that man on the team?
  12. Been a fan since the franchise's first Super Bowl run. Gone to a couple games (Cam's rookie season where he took off for a 91 yard TD, and the 2014 Thursday night game loss against the Saints). Now that I'm living in California, I'm following the team from afar. Its nice to have football at 10am. Nick