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  1. ForJimmy

    Cam Jordan best 7 Player in NFCS

    Yeah imagine if Julio had Drew Brees throwing him the ball... That poo would give me nightmares!
  2. How many rush attempts per game is Cam taking? We have a QB that’s going to get his attempts in plus Anderson. A lot of CMC’s “receiving yards” are just quick passes out to him in space which has the same effect as a rush attempt. If we gave him 20 actual rushing attempts plus Cam’s attempts, plus Anderson’s attempts, plus CMC’s quick pass receptions we would be running the ball a majority of the time and not have s balances attack on offense.
  3. Overthinking, having bad position, being overtired, being out of sync, but also the offensive guy wins sometimes. With Luke it’s not very often, but it happens....
  4. Man if we can get Williams locked in for a decent price because of his injury our line could be Moton, early draft pick, Larsen, Turner and Williams with Moore, Samuels, Thomas and CMC all building chemistry with Cam. If we keep Norv around our offense is going to be great!
  5. ForJimmy

    Rookie WR snap Counts

    I think it was a rush/sweep play.
  6. ForJimmy

    Kuechly looks like poo

    Our defense rarely plays good in ATL with this core. Same thing will happen at New Orleans and everyone will freak out again.
  7. ForJimmy

    Starting O-line announced

    Outside of chemistry the only real weakness is LT, which was the case with our starters in (M Kalil) anyway. I think Turner had a hand in this line up...
  8. ForJimmy

    CMC Segment

    I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22...
  9. ForJimmy

    Panthers Owner David Tepper Says President Trump Is Wrong

    Then sign Eric Reid!
  10. What are the odds of Matt Kalil being able to play next week. Kalil and Moton aren’t the worst tackle combo...
  11. ForJimmy

    DJ Moore: ROTY

    I think Donte has a better chance of getting DRPOTY than Moore getting ORPOTY. Barkley is probably getting offensive because he will be getting a lot of touches and OBJ will keep the defensive honest.
  12. ForJimmy

    Olsen and Williams Both a Go?

    You mean to tell me we might have two capable tackles starting??? I thought this was a Panthers forum...
  13. ForJimmy

    Game Day Menu

    Beer and wings and wings and beer!
  14. Quick pass to CMC for 5 yards. Leading to an opening possession TD to Greg!
  15. Cheap, young, and serviceable for depth. Sounds solid to me...