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  1. Browns take 2 QBs?

    What if they dont draft a Qb at 1 or 4 and just pick the best player on the board Barkley and Edmunds Ward Chubb
  2. Brandon Marshall Released

    Could be the end of the road for Marshall. never made the playoffs i believe
  3. Uniforms

    http://www.jaguars.com/ http://miamidolphinsuniform.com/
  4. Pretty sound logic!! cant shake the feeling that I've heard it before
  5. Besides a #1 who can do all of the above a guy like Cooper Kupp would be great
  6. Wouldn't be mad at WR but i would like to rebuild the defense and speaking of first round Wrs
  7. Ya boy's well timed mock draft

    A lot of josh Jackson and Justin Reid in these mocks that means we wont get none of them...
  8. Cornerback Boards

    I understand i just though it was funny he mocked to us today
  9. Morgri's Mock (only Mock)

    2nd or 3rd but 1st?
  10. NCfan's Mock draft

    Best case Scenario mock Ridley and Chubb plus Reid in the second A+++
  11. Morgri's Mock (only Mock)

    Honest question . do we really need a TE that bad?