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  1. Besides Brady and Rodgers every other QB in the NFL would have to accomplish a tremendous amount to pass LeBron who many are ranking behind just Jordan in his own sport
  2. People complaining about LeBron and will then go on and complain when Cam is treated the same way. Ironic
  3. Palmetto

    Gettleman has lymphoma

    hope he gets well real soon
  4. lets be the first team to deploy the run and shoot 4 TE set
  5. Palmetto

    Hunter Henry just blew out his ACL

    Probably was going to have a great year with Rivers also throwing to Allen ,Wlliams and Gordon out of the back field. lot of weapons couldnt cover them all
  6. Palmetto

    So what is he saying?

    Lets Play a game a year or even every other year in SC. The Packers played a couple of games in Milwaukee from 53-94' The Bills even played games in Toronto
  7. Allen Reminds me of blaine Gabbert All off seson im wondering why is this guy getting so much hype
  8. When the jets drafted him i knew it was a wasted 2nd round pick
  9. Palmetto

    So what is he saying?

    Stadium wise no need to leave Charlotte
  10. Palmetto

    So what is he saying?

    I like what he said a lot people seem to believe the team is only playing for Charlotte
  11. Palmetto


    Drew Brees (with a great running game) vs the Panthers secondary
  12. Palmetto

    About the new stadium...

    I remember reading stories like that about Vegas And owner still used Vegas and LA as excuses for funding even if they never planned on actually moving St. Louis, London and maybe even mexico could be used now