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  1. Sometimes a guys feeling can be hurt when he sees others/team doing better without him and not expressing that they miss him
  2. A lot of people still had love for kB but now I think that's going to change
  3. Palmetto

    I want to see more of this

    They play better when they are having fun
  4. Palmetto

    The Panthers Logo Challenge

    Panthers logo at the 50 SC state outline at the 20 NC state outline at the other 20
  5. Ravens weren't an expansion team to be fair
  6. A lot of helmet to helmet penalties coming this season
  7. Elway was the first Qb I thought of And to be fair Elways line RBs. and Wrs got better also
  8. A consistently great Cam Newton would be the 3rd best Qb in the NFL after giving props to Brady and Rodgers Glad Norv wants to teach Newton instead of an if its not broke dont fix it approach I can remember Elway and Cunningham talking about coaches helping them get better even after they were already considered great players
  9. Besides Brady and Rodgers every other QB in the NFL would have to accomplish a tremendous amount to pass LeBron who many are ranking behind just Jordan in his own sport
  10. People complaining about LeBron and will then go on and complain when Cam is treated the same way. Ironic
  11. Palmetto

    Gettleman has lymphoma

    hope he gets well real soon