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  1. Its three hours out of the whole week No sports team should be your whole life or even that important Besides this is far from the worse this franchise has seen Imagine being a lions or a Browns fan
  2. Palmetto


    I think he's going to prove how much of a monster he is as the season goes on
  3. Palmetto


    It's only been five games. Moore is going to be a star every time he catches the ball he gains YAC. but then agian if the stats were reverse most here would be claiming Ridley a bust and Moore the next Jerry Rice
  4. Mahomes and Hill are Monsters together
  5. I don't think he's getting number one money from anyone. good number two guy most of the time
  6. Yea we know the answer to every Panthers problem is play more TEs I'm just waiting for the other guy to post a picture of Greg hardy now
  7. The defense is not that strong this year Can't have three turnovers and expect to win Have to play disciplined football now
  8. It doesn't fit the narrative that the Panthers need to play more TEs
  9. HIf the team isn't playing well expect most fans to express how they feel about that Can't watch a game with rose colored glasses on Pretty sure you will find the best comments on the Rams and Chiefs forum since they are undefeated
  10. Palmetto

    Are the last three plays on Cam?

    Just pick up the first down
  11. Im screaming don't let the O-lineman get the first down
  12. to only get the ball once in the 3rd qtr says a lot about our defense
  13. noooooooooooooooooooooooo
  14. No one can deny that Moore is better than Smith