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  1. It's our turf now anyway. The Roaring Riot card @SCP buried in the parking lot last year will soon be paved over and solidified in perpetuity, tainted with the mark of Carolina Panthers fans and the haunting whispers of Atlanta's championship woes. The ground is soured.
  2. Really smart guy? Well, Captain Crunch's full name is Horatio Magellan Crunch. Take that poo Koetter!!
  3. What happened to Netflix?

    No more Disney movies on other streaming providers outside of Netflix from 2016 and beyond. Including any Disney company owned subsidiaries. This is HUGE for Netflix. Dvd's, Blue Ray and the like will still be available.
  4. What happened to Netflix?

    Well, this is a pretty big deal Netflix officially announced today. Literally and figuratively. Beginning in September, Netflix will be allowed to stream all Disney films — including Marvel, Pixar, and Lucasfilm titles - In the same window that they'd typically be made available to HBO, Starz, and other paid TV networks. That's still after the Blu-ray and digital releases, but it's much, much sooner than the long and often unpredictable wait that Netflix customers had to put up with before. All Disney films released theatrically in 2016 and beyond are included in the agreement, for which Netflix is reportedly paying hundreds of millions per year.
  5. Ok, so I have a Bayou Classic set up I use for different things, turkey fryer for Thanksgiving, chicken wings for game days and the occasional low country boil. This weekend I want to try my hand in the unknown. What I now want to do is task myself with the painful and rewarding job of boiling peanuts in it. I plan on doing maybe five pounds as I will be sharing and freezing some for a future snack. I want them cajun/spicy style. I recently had some that just blew my socks off and I want to replicate what I had. However, I have no idea what ingredients were being used. I do know, crushed red pepper was among them. Delicious! I'm not even a novice at this procedure and it will be my first time. I have done some cursory research and have a basic idea of the ingredients I will be using and the process in which I will be enduring. I wanted to reach out to any fellow huddlers that may have experience with this. Anyone? Talk to me.
  6. What happened to Netflix?

    Some of you may already be aware of this site, but for those that aren't here is a handy link for what is currently trending on Netflix and Amazon streaming services.
  7. What happened to Netflix?

    I still have love for Netflix but I HATE the recent auto play feature where the movie starts playing. I just wanted to read more info on the movie or show I might watch. Don't start playing the damn thing! I have yet to find a way to turn off this damn feature. That auto play stuff must suck for those that are on a capped bandwidth plan. That could add up quick.
  8. Got a relationship question...

    You need some Leykis 101 in your life.
  9. Post Your Favorite Football Stuff

    Bears fan catches kick in mid air from the stands. A classic that always stands out to me.
  10. I certainly will.
  11. Best Hair Band songs

  12. Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2

  13. Metal Music favorites

    Lady Gaga? Here is a metal cover of Lady Gaga. This dude takes pop songs and makes them Metal. His Adele cover is hilarious. Better than the original in my opinion. Check out his channel, very talented dude.