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  1. KSpan

    Tepper engaging fans

    As someone who lives out of state and doesn't experience the day-to-day presence firsthand, isn't this exactly the type of thing that Danny Morrison did/was known for? Obviously not the owner but I seem to recall the same thing being said about Morrison.
  2. I don't think he's overstating it at all considering how bad M Kalil was last year, Ryan's injury history and Trai's down year but it's not to say that it can't be mitigated, and he does offer ways to do that. Lot of unknowns at the moment and I really hope that Norv is the upgrade may believe him to be.
  3. Carolina has needed a quality FB/edge-type blocker since Hartsock in 2013. I hope Armah can be that guy and the extra stuff that his athleticism hints at is icing on the cake.
  4. KSpan

    Is Shaq Thompson a bust?

    Not a bust, not outstanding either. A bit of a luxury pick that, IMO, hasn't been fully and/or properly utilized by the team but is already a solid player who appears to have not yet reached his ceiling.
  5. KSpan


    I've been with my wife for 14 years now and we have 3 kids; I daresay I'm more attracted to her every day and have a way bigger libido now than I did 10 years ago. She is my partner in every sense of the word and I'd be absolutely devastated to lose her. That's not to say that I don't think other women are attractive/enjoy being around them (or that my wife doesn't share the same opinion about other men), or that there isn't anyone else in the world that could make me happy/that I could eventually love in a similar fashion, but I've no desire to test that theory. Flipping the question a bit, what do you gain from not being monogamous/in a monogamous relationship that you feel is necessary to your happiness? Honest question, as even though I like being social and the company of others I've always been a 'relationship guy' and greatly prefer a deep connection with someone than a revolving cast of partners. I also value/prioritize intimacy and a sexual relationship which may differ from your priorities as well. As humans are bad at lots of things that are inherently beneficial for us - eating right, exercise, sleep, impulse control, saving money, not abusing drugs, etc. - your point isn't really applicable but I assume your sentiment is that monogamy seems to be against human nature, which is one side of the argument. The partnership/family approach is seen in nature with lots of theories as to why vs. a more communal society but the single-sexual partner model is a social construct so yeah, limitation itself might be tough even if beneficial in the context of society.
  6. KSpan

    CAP vs Barner

    Looks like just stating the stats, and his post directly above yours is about how he'd like Hood over CAP.
  7. And Byron Bell is left-handed. Love me some TD but nothing for this year has been proven yet.
  8. I'll agree with you there. Luke was still good last year but not nearly as dominant and it seemed like he maybe wasn't hustling as hard at certain times, which I only point out because it was very un-Luke of years past. Hopefully he's fully OK and rebounds this year - we've been spoiled by Luke thus far in his career.
  9. Luke has missed 10. Not a huge difference.
  10. KSpan

    Kicking with Cam

    Cam always smiling with Josh.
  11. KSpan

    Report Mobile Redirects Here

    Not a mobile redirect but what's up with the ads popping up literally on the pictures in threads? Is that intentional? Has happened on both mobile and desktop.