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  1. Hurney and drafting receivers

    Hell, take it on back to 2002. Walter Young (rd 7, 2003) Drew Carter (rd 5, 2004) Keary Colbert (rd 2, 2004)
  2. Daryl Williams

    I expect Williams to regress to the mean next year (and will be thrilled if he doesn't) but even a fair bit of regression is still in 'solid performer' territory.
  3. Otah sighting in that first video. Also, Smitty has to hold some kind of positional record for number of times tackled inside the 5 yard line.
  4. It's Fournette deja vu... "generational talent", "gone top 5 guaranteed", etc.
  5. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    Care to share the actual fact behind your statement?
  6. "Newtonite?" Not sure what that means but I appreciated the joke and the bow-tie and thought it would fit right in amongst the mock draft and "What about this FA" threads.
  7. A young Matt Patricia in that video.
  8. At this point in time with the information currently available, reminds me of that lawsuit that Chris Hetherington's wife filed years ago. Not saying that more facts won't emerge. Re: the Hetherington case, interesting reading for anyone with a few minutes to kill. http://www.topix.com/forum/nfl/carolina-panthers/TTH3NUAOAQAUF7EEH/p3
  9. Car Question

    Yes. They'll hook a meter to the battery and it will only take a minute or two.
  10. Car Question

    A weak alternator could absolutely cause intermittent dead batteries and shortened battery life - we just went through this exact scenario with our 2005 minivan and a weak (and subsequently dead) alternator was the root cause. Go to AutoZone or somewhere and ask them to check your alternator just in case. We had to replace my wife's alternator in her 2005 Focus at around 100K miles as well, though that was an instant death and not prolonged weak performance.
  11. I wonder how different the narrative around this would be if NE had managed to win.
  12. Almost like rookies often take some time to adapt. Weird.