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  1. KSpan

    I see you DJ

    Did Cam (clearly unintentionally) hit that guy with the ball?
  2. Not arguing that the Jackson hype factor is a bit high but his first interception today was anything but a "fair catch punt."
  3. KSpan

    Bengals beat themselves

    CMC just had the most under-the-radar 30-touch, (near) 200 yd. game I think I've ever seen. He made it look so effortless that I didn't even realize how many yards he'd rolled up.
  4. KSpan


    Ryan Delaire had a helluva first NFL game as well. Cheers to Obada keeping it going all year and longer!
  5. Good physicality but Donte needs to wrap him up.
  6. Deja vu from the playoff game.
  7. Did it really take them 90 seconds to run 4 plays?
  8. Wtf is DJ Moore doing on the kickoff coverage team?
  9. All this talk of Florence and I keep thinking of Drayton.
  10. KSpan

    2018 Huddle FFL league getting late start

    I'm just here to enjoy my likely-to-be-short stay atop the standings.
  11. The inimitable Sean Lee getting cut-blocked by CMC.
  12. KSpan

    Cams Housewife Look

    I'm really kind of desensitized at this point. Would be stranger if he came out dressed normally.
  13. As someone who wasn't able to watch the game until the 4th quarter... how does this even happen?
  14. The more things change, the more things stay the same.