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  1. KSpan added a post in a topic Epic Twitter response from @Panthers   

    Google says that is Mychal Kendricks, drafted in the same class as Luke.   He has 209 fewer tackles, 4 fewer interceptions and 11 fewer pass breakups than Luke but 3 more sacks and 4 more forced fumbles.  Clear superiority.
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  2. KSpan added a post in a topic Most memorable Packer Panthers game   

    Some pretty memorable games but Beuerlein sneaking in a game-winning TD is pretty funny to anyone who knew how immobile he was.
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  3. KSpan added a post in a topic Preseason QB Ratings   

    They should all be cut.
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  4. KSpan added a post in a topic Let's talk about when we were wrong...   

    You say that like something changed when Fox went from Henning to Davidson.
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  5. KSpan added a post in a topic Top play during week 2 of this preseason per NFLN   

    I'm going to need to see some metrics and evidence supporting your claim of 'best quality'.  
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  6. KSpan added a post in a topic The Panthers just posted a video in Spanish and the dumbassery was unleashed   

    Dumbassery is a gentle term.
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  7. KSpan added a post in a topic Recent OTs drafted in the top rounds   

    No gguarantee that Humphries wouldn't be a better practice player in a different organizational culture, but it definitely sounds like AZ may have helped Carolina dodge a bullet.
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  8. KSpan added a post in a topic This Jarrett Boykin highlight vid makes me feel good..   

    Because his performance in camp was pretty meh until the games started.
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  9. KSpan added a post in a topic Let's talk about when we were wrong...   

    I forgive myself as I was a mere teenager, but the 2000 defensive backfield of Doug Evans/Eric Davis/Jimmy Hitchcock and Mike Minter paired with the newcomers Rashard Anderson and Deon Grant sure sounded incredible playing behind Chuck Smith, Sean Gilbert, and a healthy Jason Peter.  So many layers of wrong.
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  10. KSpan added a post in a topic Around the NFL   

    I caught some of the Rams/Titans game this weekend and saw Bell at LG.  He looked similar to how he looked at tackle... take that as you will.
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  11. KSpan added a post in a topic Rough year for Brad Nortman in 2014?   

    Those data in combination with average returns against the Panthers would tell a much clearer story of exactly where the suckitude lies.
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  12. KSpan added a post in a topic Jarret Boykin to replace Jordy Nelson per NFLN   

    He had been bad up until the preseason games started, so Carolina probably disn't think too highly of his performance until about 10 days ago.
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  13. KSpan added a post in a topic So the Metal Gear Solid V initial reviews are rolling out...   

    Who has that kind of time to play a single video gamegame, let alone several (any Rock Star game, Oblivion, etc.)? Hell, I'm lucky to get a game or two of Madden a month. I genuinely don't understand where people find the time, but it sounds like an awesome experience for those who can.
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  14. KSpan added a post in a topic The absolute most heartbreaking thing about our WR situation..   

    For better or worse I am about the least political person you'll ever meet and, if anything, am quite centrist. It's funny that no one else on this site, 'conservative', 'liberal', or otherwise,  has seemed to take any offense to my very obvious and very gentle joke. Seems like you're the one better suited to the Tinderbox.
    To stay on topic, I'm holding out hope that someone will step up at QR in the next game.  Please, please, please let someone step up...
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  15. KSpan added a post in a topic Did R.Brockel break his shoulder blade?   

    Plenty of those on the roster at the moment with Teddy Williams, Trusnik, Wegher, Boykin, Glanton, Klein, Colin Jones, etc.  I think it probably opens a spot for one of these types of guys.
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