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  1. Savagery

    That's going to get them wayyyyy more publicity than the actual video would have.
  2. Words that aren't nice together

    I had necrotizing fascitis (the flesh-eating bacteria) in my left foot when I was a kid. That hurt pretty bad and had we not gone to the hospital as quickly as we did they likely would have amputated. Had to do antibiotic infusions for a couple of weeks after.
  3. week 13 Car at No moved to 430 pm

    Yes, probably next week.
  4. If anyone was to be signed I assume it would be someone with some wheels, not a guy like Cruz. Also, at this point in the seasons it will be very difficult for a reciever to integrate into a brand new offense.
  5. Philly Brown?

    Taye Biddle or bust.
  6. P'shaw... a real team would have had 600. Cut everyone.
  7. Did Bradberry just puke after tackling that guy?
  8. Watching that injury hopefully not the rest of the season.
  9. And he lined up like half a yard off the LOS. Head-scratcher, as I didn't realize the Dallas Flex defense was still a thing.