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  1. Advice on trade possibility

    Hmm. Not the worst trade in the world and I don't know that Cohen will take all that much away from Howard, but Bell is Bell and will get his. I wouldn't blame you for taking it if you did nor would I blame you for declining - totally your call. For PPR I'd personally rather have the stud RB myself and maybe start grabbing guys like Kupp if needed.
  2. Let's shoutout Wes Horton

    3 of the last 4 - Redskins, Bucs, and now SF.
  3. Non-flags in last year's AZ and Redskin games after some obvious personal fouls against Cam. Maybe, just maybe things change this year.
  4. Huddle Fantasy Football 2017

    What does the rest of your roster look like and what is your league scoring (PPR, standard, etc)/how many teams? You might also have better luck starting a separate thread.
  5. Warning: Graphic content

    Every single DL player contacted the QB at some point on that play. Don't see that too often.
  6. Huddle Fantasy Football 2017

    Kareem Hunt scores 40 and I still lose by 5 yards due to some inept receiver play and somebody named Adam Thielen (joking...) having a great night. Such is the way of fantasy football.
  7. Thomas Davis is an animal

    Star had 63 on skates as well.
  8. As a focal centerpiece of the running game? We all hope so. As an omnipresent threat to scramble and have the occasional run called? I don't think so.
  9. Little surprised they didn't call Horton for helmet-to-helmet on that strip-sack. We don't typically get the benefit of those doubts.
  10. I looked into this last year and, at least at that time, there were a couple of catches. Not sure if they eliminated them or not but I somehow doubt it - Commercials still use data but they give you and extra gig to compensate. You have to be on one of their newer plans. No legacy plans are eligible.
  11. Nothing hot in any of those takes. Just a coach playing the media game.
  12. Huddle Fantasy Football 2017

    I missed the first quarter and most of the 4th (fell asleep) and woke up literally to here her ask him how it felt to set the record during the post-game interview. Made me smile. At this point I'll keep him until Sunday unless Gano gets moved in real life. Had to have at least 1 Panther on the roster.
  13. Huddle Fantasy Football 2017

    Kareem Hunt. Dig it.