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  1. I would absolutely trade him; he is one of the best "when" he plays but shows no signs of wanting to play for this team. Trade him for a day 2 pick or a WR and let some other team pick up his 5th year option.
  2. My initial list: Ben Johnson (was the favorite last cycle) Kellen Moore (was a finalist last cycle) Ejiro Evero (young, well regarded, Tepper has already paid him well and complimented his unit) Bobby Slowik (why not steal the primary coach for the OROY) Jim Caldwell (an interesting option if you want to leave the rest of the high-priced coaching staff in place; Ejiro at DC and Thomas at OC) I don't see a DC type other than Evero getting a chance. Basically, any hire will be encouraged to keep Evero (and Tabor) on staff and a defensive type coach would make that redundant. I'm on the fence with Bienemy since he interviewed a few cycles ago; I'm not sure if they would want to bring him back in (not saying they shouldn't).
  3. No idea. But I feel pretty confident that part the early season problems on offense stem from trying to create a playbook by committee instead of it having a singular voice. It'll be interesting to see if the amount of pre-snap motion increases significantly.
  4. My guess is this is to reduce the number of "cooks in the kitchen" and let TB do his thing.
  5. I think his prorated cost would be ~$6M, so we don't even have enough cap space to claim him right now. If we somehow found the money and claimed him, he would cost around $1M in cap per week until he did agree to a new deal.
  6. The Bengals have more (effective) cap space. They have already paid Burrow, so that is accounted for. If they want Higgins at his price tag they can afford him. The only way he hits FA is if they decide he isn't worth "that" contract. It's a similar situation we are in with Burns; we can afford him, but is he worth "that" contract?
  7. Not a fan of shelling out top 10 LB money for a lottery ticket. When he passes through waivers, then I'd be open to bringing him in.
  8. Cincy has more cap space than us over the next 2 seasons. If we can afford Higgins and Burns they can easily afford Higgins and Chase.
  9. Agreed. TE is Hurst and Tremble next season (I expect Ian to get cut). You can maybe grab a cheap vet or a rookie, but we aren't getting out of Hurst's contract until after next season.
  10. T. Higgins, M. Pittman, M. Brown, and C. Ridley will likely be retained by their current teams. A more likely list: Mike Evans (current age 30.2) Tyler Boyd (29.0) Curtis Samuel (27.2) Kendrick Bourne (28.2) Gabe Davis (24.6) KJ Osborn (26.4) DJ Chark (27.1)
  11. Going to disagree. I was happy to see multiple running plays yesterday that used a power run scheme. I'm pretty sure Olsen commented on it during the broadcast as well. They also put Bryce under center more than I can remember in any other game.
  12. Dang. This tells me that Frank is staring at one-and-done. I thought for sure he'd get at least 2 years.
  13. This breakdown provides a small glimmer of hope; The play calling against the Bears was actually scheming players open!
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