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  1. per ESPN, "...our pass block win rate metric conveys the rate linemen can sustain their blocks for 2.5 seconds or longer." Based on images in the same article it appears that most of the failure was our interior OL (note the 2! Jets DTs in the top 10).
  2. Called it. You don't punt from your 33 and also have confidence in your kicking game.
  3. 1) Kicking/lack of confidence in the kicking game. I wouldn't be surprised to see us cut Santoso and try develop him on the practice squad. 2) O-line is outmatched. We will have to scheme around it all season. Honorable Mention) Pass coverage was leaky. Whenever we didn't get pressure it was almost always a completion or a drop.
  4. I don't see him playing. He hasn't even been practicing to my knowledge. Texans are paying him to be on the roster. Right now it's part of the 53, but it could be on an exempt list at some future point in the season. Basically, they are paying millions this season for future 1st round draft picks.
  5. I also got the sense that the roster wasn't "final" hence the not wanting to talk about players specifically. Shi could go on IR tomorrow and be eligible to return in 3 games. Easy way to create a roster spot for a waiver wire addition.
  6. I was reading that this was a real possibility a few days ago. Basically they are equally good/bad so why eat a roster spot. Once they get past today they can IR-to-return some players (3 games) and bring back either guy.
  7. I do wonder what kind of "injury" Fletch has that is season ending
  8. Win-win. Jansen gets his sunset tour. Team gets a super reliable long snapper and doesn't have to expose their 6th round investment to waivers.
  9. Conservative coach chooses conservative QB. Color me shocked.
  10. How much of practice is spent on two-minute and redzone
  11. "sensor" And I agree regarding the first downs.
  12. I loved how our draft was run! I liked that we tried to consolidate more picks around the 3rd round which is where career AV and the old Jimmy Johnson chart disagree the most. I loved that instead of trying to beat the odds with 6 picks like have in the past, we embraced the odds and just took more shots
  13. If true, the Horn pick should hopefully put some at ease knowing football people are making the decisions.
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