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  1. I'm assuming that 2nd interview was today. "Don't let the guy leave" mentality.
  2. Decent hire. Checks the right boxes. I slightly preferred Gruden, but it's nice to have some NFL experience on that side of the ball. The length of the contract will be somewhat revealing for Rhule's level of safeness. I am expecting 2-3 years, anything longer would be a surprise. @Mr. ScotWhat OL coaches has McAdoo worked with in the past? I'm assuming he will have some say in filling that position.
  3. Pshhh, Joe Brady was getting HC interviews after 1 season as an NFL OC. Those two are amateurs in comparison.
  4. Flores to Houston makes too much sense. NE connections, really good coach, and your star QB might actually play for him. They could then auction off Davis Mills for additional picks.
  5. That x-axis seems kinda dumb unless you think a 2nd and 3rd round pick are worth ~$80M in cap space. According to this chart the Saints are considered to have more "resources" when in reality the difference between the Panthers and Saints is one team having a 2nd and 3rd round pick as well as ~$80M less cap space.
  6. Possible openings next season: Jets (back-to-back losing seasons) Browns (if they miss the playoffs again) Chargers (unlikely, but decision making of the HC did lead to them missing the playoffs) Lions (back-to-back losing seasons) Falcons (unlikely if they pick a rookie QB) Cardinals (Kingsbury was on the hot seat again during the late season slide) Seahawks (possible retirement)
  7. QB: Sam / high-floor veteran (Dalton is my personal favorite, but Cam and Brissett also fit the bill) ~$6M of cap space used Simply put, unless there is a guy worth taking at #6, I don't think we see a lot here. You aren't "solving" the QB issue this offseason barring spending a LOT of draft capital. Best you can hope for is someone to be average enough that the team can get to about 9-8. At QB the big fish likely won't move (I'm looking at you Russ and Rodgers). The biggest wildcard is D. Watson, but with the potential for missing several games (not to mention the acquisition cost) he's not a good move for a hot seat coach ... unless the QB missing games actually gets you another season . The other outside consideration would be a team looking to dump a guy for minimal return later in the process like we did with Teddy. I don't think this is very likely since we would once again be spending draft capital on a guy that isn't projected to be the long-term solution; Possibilities include: J. Garoppolo, K. Cousins, D. Lock, D. Jones, B. Mayfield, D. Carr, J. Goff, M. Ryan, G. Minshew. OL: There are two major paths here based on whether we are taking Best OT at #6 or trading down for an extra pick in day 2. In either case the team will need to sign top FAs before the draft. Based on where we pick and the existence of Brady C. on the roster I don't think we see a FA LT. Before moves LT: Brady / Erving LG: M. Jordan C : Elflein/ Tecklenburg RG: D. Daley / D. Brown RT: T-mo I'd focusing on grabbing 1 or 2 high-end IOL in FA (however I'm not how many will actually make it to FA). I'll project G Laken Tomlinson here for ~$9M AAV. That leaves the team with ~$13M in cap space for re-signings before any wizardry. After FA LT: Brady / Erving LG: L. Tomlinson / M. Jordan C : Elflein/ Tecklenburg RG: D. Daley / D. Brown RT: T-mo Draft Scenario #1, LT @ #6 LT: #6 / Erving LG: L. Tomlinson / M. Jordan C : Elflein/ Tecklenburg RG: Brady / D. Brown RT: T-mo/ D. Daley Draft Scenario #2, C @ in 1st after trade-down LT: Brady / Erving LG: L. Tomlinson / M. Jordan C : Linderbaum / Tecklenburg RG: Elflein / D. Brown RT: T-mo/ D. Daley Overall I prefer scenario #2 as it gives the Panthers an almost can't miss prospect and Fitterer more picks to work with.
  8. I see it more as he's explaining the decision making process at the time in regards to "why not Slater". Anyone paying attention should also take note that those comments indicate the Panthers won't take IOL in the top 10.
  9. What exactly is controversial about Rhule's comments?
  10. Seems a bit early to ask this question considering we don't know who's on the coaching staff. This is purely a "Do you like Matt Rhule (and Phil Snow)?" question at this stage.
  11. Unless the team is eliminated from playoff contention super early then he probably lasts the whole season.
  12. Hopefully it was for far far less than his RFA tag would have cost.
  13. I generally support keeping Rhule, but Flores is one of the few coaches on the market I would want.
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