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  1. "sensor" And I agree regarding the first downs.
  2. I loved how our draft was run! I liked that we tried to consolidate more picks around the 3rd round which is where career AV and the old Jimmy Johnson chart disagree the most. I loved that instead of trying to beat the odds with 6 picks like have in the past, we embraced the odds and just took more shots
  3. If true, the Horn pick should hopefully put some at ease knowing football people are making the decisions.
  4. Here's what I think Sam should be able to hit if he is able to: improve his Cmp% by 3% (roughly what Teddy saw when he went from MINN to NO/CAR) improve his TD% by 0.5% decrease his Int% by 0.5% match Teddy in Y/C I estimated 550 attempts based on Teddy's attempts from last season extrapolated for a 17 game season.
  5. I think unless someone unexpected (e.g. Wilson) drops to 8, we won't be drafting QB in the 1st. The team already compared Darnold to the expected QB options at 8 and chose Darnold.
  6. You don't have to actually commit to the 5th year until after the draft though, so not that different.
  7. If true that suggests Atlanta isn't leaning QB. Or isn't enamored with the QBs they expect to be at 4.
  8. Voted Teddy as it's the most likely option for game 1. If we draft a QB, they'll probably sit until after our bye week. If we trade for DW (which I still think it possible) he may not be able to play week 1. Like other posters have said, I think Darnold is the most likely non-Teddy option as a week 1 starter at this point.
  9. I wonder if he's the individual Rhule is referring to in his "elevator ride" story. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/01/26/matt-rhule-says-an-elevator-ride-with-a-prospect-eliminated-him-from-consideration/
  10. Is he a franchise caliber QB? Yes? Then yes, I still want him. Innocent until proven guilty my friends.
  11. Spotrac has his value at $14.7M a year (https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/carolina-panthers/taylor-moton-21806/market-value/) OTC estimates the franchise tag for an OL is about the same money (https://overthecap.com/franchise-transition-and-rfa-tenders/). Seems reasonable as a starting point.
  12. Assuming the team is trying to win and not tank then option A for me. A backup QB in general isn't that expensive in comparison to a starter ($8M gets you in the top 3) QBs can be a good currency, almost as good as draft picks (see Eagles)
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