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  1. It Follows is said to be pretty good as well.
  2. James Bradberry's Draft Diary

    You're in luck, as the link at the bottom of the page takes you to that entry. http://americansportsnet.com/nfl-draft-diary-moms-toilet-can-wait-panthers-hope-james-bradberry-can-fix-secondary/ "My mom was in my ear to go fix the toilet seat. We had bought a new toilet seat and it didn’t seem to fit right, so toward the end of the second round, I went to go fix the toilet seat. Then my phone rang and I saw it was a North Carolina phone number, so I answered it and the coaches told me … I couldn’t really hear a lot because there was so much screaming in the house. Then we celebrated and screamed and stuff and then we all watched my name come across the board. And then they called me back and had me talk to the PR guy, then things settled down, everyone was kind of in shock."
  3. Ties?

  4. Actually, Bene's consistently graded well on the outside during his time at that position. For example, 2014 when teams were supposed to be throwing at him instead of Josh: https://www.profootballfocus.com/sig-stats-ypcs-cornerbacks/ Though he looked much better on the outside than in the nickel he did regress to the mean a bit in 2015 before his injury, but he still looked solid. That's hardly "consistently been graded as less than average."
  5. Kelvin Benjamin's OTA Debut

    I forgot just how big he is... will be great to get him back in the game.
  6. New DOOM

    Cool. I got it as a birthday gift last week but haven't had a chance to pop it in yet. I assume you were playing single player?
  7. A nagging hip injury might also help explain why he signed such a seemingly-odd contract. Speculating, but it makes sense.
  8. Yeah, Dwight Freeney is their answer. Don't ever change, Falcons.
  9. Should Dex be banned?

    Doesn't he live in Connecticut? If so, isn't the guy being punished enough on a daily basis?
  10. I'd perhaps word that as 'adding more poor blockers' wasn't better. Somebody like Hartsock will help, somebody like Dickson will not.
  11. I'd have to think that having Ginn on the field, in this case perhaps for Dickson, adds an entirely different dimension and is more dangerous. I get their reasoning though.
  12. Carolina Panthers OTA thread - May 24

    Did Ron really say 'on blast'?
  13. Suck. That's a nasty injury.
  14. Heart Rate Monitor Recommendation needed

    In all seriousness though, are you looking to trend the data/ review readings over time or just something to take the occasional pulse rate? If the latter you might be best off just doing it the old-fashioned way.
  15. Official Netflix Thread

    Sounds like Season 3 of Peaky Blinders comes to Netflix May 31. Boo ya.