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  1. KSpan added a post in a topic Voth's Unanswered Questions   

    That's an odd comment - why would Hill not be included as a young player? Boykin, KB and Bersin are all physically older than him (and Corey is only a few months younger), Bersin has 2 more years of Panthers seniority and experience and he and Boykin have the same number of NFL years overall, and KB has already doubled Hill's NFL production. Hill has little to no edge in the age, maturity, or experience departments.
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  2. KSpan added a post in a topic Batman Arkham Knight   

    As someone who just went from a 46" to a 60" at the same viewing distance, you could definitely benefit from an upgrade.
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  3. KSpan added a post in a topic Son, when I was your age....   

    When I told my 4 year old that my $20 V-tech office phone was 'a phone', he got confused and asked how he could look at pictures on it without a screen.
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  4. KSpan added a post in a topic Someone tried to break into my casa.   

    That's what majority of home burglaries are. We tend to think of it as the house being turned over and cleaned out but most thieves are in and out in mere minutes or less, only taking what they can easily find and carry. Definitely warn your neighbors and the neighborhood in general if possible.  
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  5. KSpan added a post in a topic After looking at this how can you not approve of Obama?   

    This thread.
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  6. KSpan added a post in a topic Corey Brown, I May Be on the Hype Train...   

    I agree about Brown - saw a lot of potential last year and think he'll build on it this year.
    Also, how is everyone getting their YouTube vids on here? The [yt] thing? Can't seem to get my vids to show up.
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  7. KSpan added a post in a topic Falcons pay OL Bill Fralic $150K/yr...for life   

    Does he count against the cap every year?  I assume not, but those deals might be messier these days.
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  8. KSpan added a post in a topic Dan Graziano: Receivers aren't the issue in Carolina   

    To be fair, Boykin gave reason to be hopeful in the recent past.  However, he seems to be on the Tiquan Underwood Roster Spot Assurance plan.
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  9. KSpan added a post in a topic Mobile redirects - need your help   

    Stupid question, but what exactly is a redirect?  Being taken to some random as or other site? Can't say that I've noticed anything odd on my phone or tablet.
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