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  1. felt that done got our ticket punch feel sitting in my seat in atlanta..it cost us.
  2. i wonder what raiders and steelers and whoever else said back in the day. Hold my tampon. Its football fn pussys.
  3. If you ever want to concede a loss at home go to the spectum center and watch the Hornets but not in the BOA.
  4. yes Igo you need to add a vagina and crowe mojis for some of these so called panther fans
  5. Hang it low.....Keep Pounding Front Line or get out its gonna get nasty.
  6. Peppers welcomes UNC alum Tribusky to the league. He leaves Chicago with 9.5 sacks on the year. 23-13 panthers
  7. Luke Kuechly

    Riddick was a tough match up today and he got the best of it. Luke knew it was going to the left called the play and then just got juked. It happened a couple times.