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  1. When should we give up on Monk?

    Na man, this team is littered with bad contract. We have to trade Kemba and just tank at this point. Only thing we can do.
  2. When should we give up on Monk?

    No man. You have to trade him and try to get a Lottery pick or get rid of Batum's salary. The people that wanted to keep Kemba at the trade deadline were smartish. They only wanted him gone if we could get Cleveland's pick. I think Cleveland is screwed because they wouldn't part with that pick. LeBron is leaving in my opinion. With Kemba they could've given the Warriors a run for their money. Without him, they'll get maybe one game, if that.
  3. When should we give up on Monk?

    He looked awesome vs Philly. And only played 17 minutes vs Brooklyn. What is this poo?
  4. I think we'll be 10th. And honestly, it was worth it. Easily the best game every by a Hornet, and it's not even close.
  5. Kemba would cut it. He's an All-Star. No way are we sending our first round pick to get rid of his contract. Not when we are about to start REALLY sucking.
  6. Kemba/Batum seems like the only option at this point. Especially if we want anything of significance in return. If they don't care, I would try to trade Batum and our second rounder or something for a second rounder. His contract is so bad, I would take a Gatorade for him.
  7. Can't give up a Lottery pick just to get rid of a bad contract man. You have to put Kemba with him, simple as that.
  8. That person might be the leader of our first unit, if we can trade some assets for another Lottery pick.
  9. The good thing about those two right now, is that their stock isn’t that high. Mid 1st round type of guys. So they might be there later on in the Draft if we want to make some trades.
  10. Dwight has been pretty solid as well.
  11. I think they'll fire the Staff once the season is over. Too much talent to be this putrid.
  12. Defensively, yeah. But, that’s an obvious statement. Young plays horrible Defense right now. I’m sure he’ll work on that in the Pros.