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  1. Joe Thomas in 2015 for a first rounder? Absolutely. Josh Gordon in 2017-2018 for a First Rounder? fugKKKKKKKKKKKKK NO. Maybe a 3rd & a 5th, but that's it.
  2. We would lose. But, I also thought we would lose to the Saints. And that happened. What exactly is your point here? Just curious.
  3. Packers 30-20. Rodgers is just too good, and our Secondary is too weak. Simple as can be.
  4. Hornets at Rockets

    They need to just tank. This poo is pathetic.
  5. Yeah, the WR's in this Draft are very underwhelming. We're better off going in FA than looking for one in this Draft. Unless we want Mark Andrews.
  6. Trai in concussion protocol: out Sunday

    Turner hasn't been that good this year, anyway.
  7. Trai in concussion protocol: out Sunday

    Are you REALLY surprised, because you shouldn't be.
  8. Well, that would be a fug up. He's played LT his whole career. Remember when these moronic Coaches on our team tried out Daryl Williams at LT? How'd that workout? Oh, ya know. He got burnt a ton on the left side. Keep it simple stupid. Sometimes, Coaches and others need to do this.
  9. Trai in concussion protocol: out Sunday

    Come hug it out, bro.
  10. Trai in concussion protocol: out Sunday

    LOL you forgot Ron Rivera is Coaching this team. It's Amini time!
  11. Wed. news and tweets

    I hate to ask, but at what point do we call Shaq a bust?
  12. Pretty sure he's projected as an LT. No way are they going to move him to RT. That wouldn't make any sense.
  13. I just think this Draft is that stacked at multiple positions. But, I don't see him dropping past 15, honestly.
  14. 3 star prospect coming out of High School. Hasn't given up a sack in quite sometime. Since maybe 2015. Unanimous All-American back to back years. Pretty much proved everyone wrong about him. He's going to be good, super athletic as well.
  15. I searched Oklahoma and the only thing I found with my name in it was this Orlando Brown thread and a Daryl Williams thread. Which Daryl is really good so far. And Orlando Brown is also really good. So................I'm confused.