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  1. And I got quoted for saying this guy was out for the Season. While some idiots on here held out hope. The HUDDLE is HUDDLING WAYYYYYYYYYY TOO MUCH LATELY.
  2. The thread Jeremy asked "if there's one thing you could fix, what would it be?" The majority of the Thread said pass rush. I WISH I WAS JOKING. Even a Mod said pass rush. I just shook my head.
  3. PREACHINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Our front four has been average as fug for going on two and half years.
  4. Also true, so................
  5. The whole secondary besides Bradberry is fuging garbage. And everyone on here is screaming pass rush! LOL. Clueless Huddle is clueless.
  6. My two favorite peeps on here finally seeing the light. Mjiligon used to be so positive. LOL. My man!
  7. Reps do not mean poo, in my personal opinion. You can learning while practicing and sitting too. I believe in sitting a talent like that for a year, especially, if your team is trash.
  8. There was a poster on here that said Baker was going to be complete garbage in the NFL before the Draft. Wonder where this dip poo is now?
  9. BOOMER fuging SOONER!!!!
  10. I'm pretty sure it is accurate. Think of all the QB's that have failed that started day 1. It's high man. REALLY high.
  11. There's far more bust that have started day 1 though. That's the thing, that's also why I think there is a better percentage that QB will become good-great if they sit. Rookie or not. Look at Tribusky for fugs sake. He looks lost out there. You sit him, and let him learn, I think he would be honestly better right now.
  12. Tim Couch started from day 1, David Carr, Ryan Leaf, and many, many, other bust started day 1. While, if they would've sat and learned the position for a year, ya never know. There are far many failures than success stories from day 1 starters. While sitting a highly picked guy for a year or two, there's only success stories from what I gather. I personally think Cam would be better than he is now if he would've sat for a year. Reps are cool and all, but if your team, and more specifically your o-line is hot garbage, it will probably hinder your growth. Point, blank, period.
  13. Doesn't matter if your line is crap, and team isn't good. Baker can be their best option next year when their team is better. Oh well, Tyrod got hurt. Is what it is. Mahomes sat for a year, look at him. Letting a QB sit for a year benefits them in the long run. Regardless if they're the best option or not.
  14. I'm a firm believer in letting a QB sit for a year, and then starting him the next year, if he's picked high.
  15. Sadly, as an avid OU fan, and Graduate. I wanted Baker to sit for a year, before they played him. It sucks, but I saw this coming. Oh well.
  16. How would either of you assess the Defensive Line? I think they've been fairly averaging going on two years now. Because we've had to blitz to get the majority of our sacks for two straight years. Also, do you think Ron Rivera's philosophy is outdated in this NFL? Where the most important thing is to stop the run? While the QB is getting the ball out quick and torching our trash secondary?
  17. Vegas say by 3. I'm going 3. 30-27.
  18. That's why I said a few years. Draft one in like the 3rd or 4th round now though. Better than Taylor Heineken.
  19. Absolutely, this is going to sound stupid, but it is the Huddle, so maybe not. But, I want us within the next few years to Draft a QB high and groom him under Cam. I've always believed that keeping a highly drafted QB on the bench for a year or more is the best thing to do.
  20. Don't forget Thomas Davis, and Shaq Thompson. I'm also excited about this possibility.
  21. Just anything in the Secondary would help at this point.
  22. This fan base is so obsessed with living in the 80's like Rivera it's ridiculous. Hur Duh pass rush! Hur dur! We got it! Hur dur! We good in the secondary.
  23. Yep. This Saca dude still thinking he knows everything talking about Pass Rush is the issue. fug outta here.
  24. Just because you say it, doesn't mean it's true. If you REALLY think dip poo Donte Jackson, average ass Bradberry (he's getting better), trash ass Gualdin, and Mike (400 years old) Adams is good, I got some front beach property in South Dakota I can sell you right now. For the past 3 years, the secondary has been the issue. It's the issue now, did we forget Matt Ryan had an 82 percent completion percentage? You mean to tell me, if we had a Jalen Ramsey, and an average safety, that still happens? No, not at all. The pass rush has been okay for two years, the secondary has been hot garbage for that long.