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  1. You need to lay off the booze buddy. Also you need to learn about football before you comment on it boy.
  2. Possibility Wentz tore his ACL

    Yeah, this Eagles team won't be one of them though. Their defense and running game aren't world beaters, they're just "pretty good".
  3. Possibility Wentz tore his ACL

    I appreciate this... everyone and their mother comes out to make those type of posts
  4. I don't ever recall responding to you before this, let alone seeing one of your posts. Just looked two above mine and saw your garbage analysis that was proven wrong today. So, no, you aren't living in anyone's head buddy. Looks like yours is mostly empty as well.
  5. Eagles at Rams

    Then go home bud. Don't need this negative nancy BS around here. Panthers can absolutely make it to NFCCG
  6. Yeah I really wish we could tally all of the folks that scoffed at the idea of Worley was better than Seymour. Need to have a tag on them that says "I don't know how to evaluate corner play"
  7. Check yourself mate
  8. LMAO!!! Thank you
  9. Ryan Kalil is a Difference Maker

    I just want to know where the peeps are that said Ryan Kalil was "done" and "we are better off with Larsen". That stance was absurd, but also plentiful on this board.
  10. I've been saying Worley is better than Seymour for weeks.... It's not hard to see. They have to stop subbing Seymour in
  11. Official Vikings at Panthers Gameday Thread

    I love seeing Joe Webb at QB
  12. Official Vikings at Panthers Gameday Thread

    LMAO at Mike Zimmer calling a TO
  13. Official Vikings at Panthers Gameday Thread

    BTW, love seeing Byrd back there instead of Adams
  14. Official Vikings at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Turnover. Book it.