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  1. Coleman was absolutely trash last year. If you've never heard of Searcy then I don't think you should be posting on secondary threads. While I agree it is our worst defensive position group, our DB's will not be worse than last year
  2. PantherNation123

    Random musings, specifically WR and S.

    Exactly. People don't seem to understand this. If he were playing TD's position (which he will at times this year and then obviously next when TD retires), he would look much better. Having him in a hybrid nickel half the time just puts him in an impossible position. He will shine as a true LB, when he finally gets that chance
  3. PantherNation123

    Fun Fun about to be on NFL Live

    Hahaha yeah... wtf? What a quite?
  4. PantherNation123

    Official UDFA Signings Thread

    Josh Adams, Notre Dame?? Would love that. Hope he isn't selected late
  5. PantherNation123

    Day 3 general draft chatter

    After watching more tape on Gaulden and Jackson, I think they will definitely be solid contributors year 1. Specifically Gaulden. He is just a playmaker and I truly believe he starts opening day. Ian Thomas haven't watched much on, but seems to have high upside and someone we can groom the next couple of years
  6. PantherNation123

    Day 3 general draft chatter

    Yep. I overall like the draft, but not taking an Olineman or RB with these last couple of picks is pretty shocking. Maybe we have a good read on a few UDFA's... just gotta hope that's the case. Or hope Moton can start
  7. PantherNation123

    Day 3 general draft chatter

    Yeah, guess there aren't any offensive lineman we like here? Seems like we could've snagged one, even if it's a UDFA target... Admittedly though, I don't know much about Norton
  8. PantherNation123

    Day 3 general draft chatter

    Hahaha, touche
  9. PantherNation123

    Day 3 general draft chatter

    LMAOOO Fox007 just went through all of my last few posts and poo'ed them, because I poo this past post calling Hurney the "best worst GM in history". Chill out bro
  10. A couple of great quotes from Gaulden: "I feel like I have the alpha dog mentality, but at the same time I know who is the alpha back there – definitely Kuechly. I can't wait to line up next to him and be able to pick his brain and be able to show him that I'm worthy of being able to line up on the same field as him." "The defensive line that the Panthers have is one of the best I've seen," Gaulden said. "I just can't wait to put my name on this organization and bring a championship to this organization. That's my goal more than anything else – to bring a championship to the Carolina Panthers." This kid is going to come in and work, and I bet he starts day 1 at safety and makes an immediate impact
  11. PantherNation123

    Back to Back CB

    Yeah I'm really confused how people are reacting to the Gaulden pick so negatively, but they legit don't know who he is. Admittedly, I'm a UT football fan, but Gaulden is a big-time player. He most likely will start day 1 at safety for us, and he will be a playmaker
  12. PantherNation123

    Wait and see approach

    I hear you dude... But the fact you don't know who Gaulden is really solidifies how most fans shouldn't react much to a draft. Gaulden certainly could start for us immediately at safety and play well. He was a big time player in the SEC
  13. PantherNation123

    Marvin Lewis Aside

    Yeah I guess that's just the definition of being OK with mediocrity. Sure, he will make the playoffs sometimes, but with no playoffs wins in 16 years??? I would hate to be a fan of that franchise. It's just accepting mediocrity without sugar coating it like JR did
  14. PantherNation123

    Marvin Lewis Aside

    Yeah I guess it depends how you define "pretty good". They haven't won a playoff game his entire 16 year tenure. IMO tough to say that's pretty good