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  1. Daryl Worley Posts Cryptic Tweet...

    Ah, yeah he had a seemingly weird knee injury that kept lingering, so they put him on IR
  2. Daryl Worley Posts Cryptic Tweet...

    Corn Elder from IR? Not sure how that'll work out bud
  3. Except that Rivera and co. have proven to be outrageously conservative. Even if he is "out of the protocol" and didn't have a concussion, I could easily see them keeping him sidelined for precaution (which makes no sense). The sooner he is out of it, the better.
  4. So this is exactly why many of us were saying "wait until we know more" until we say Keuchly should retire. I don't mind them keeping him out for precaution, but it certainly is pretty annoying in retrospect.
  5. In What World

    Yeah what a cowardly excuse from him. Honestly, it's even scarier that he tries to defend these horrendous decisions. It's time for him to delegate these decisions to someone else, like Ken Dorsey. Rivera can just sit there with his arms crossed doing nothing (which is mostly what he's doing now), but now he won't be able to negatively impact us with his elementary coaching mistakes
  6. Have you missed the part of our gameplan where J Stew is our main back? To say CMac is just a "scat back" is just willfully ignorant.
  7. Are you joking? McCaffrey absolutely broke tackles in the Pac 12, and he broke tackles tonight. I'm not sure you realize how important Kalil is to our running game. However, I also don't think you really understand football, when you think CMac didn't break tackles in the Pac 12. Just wow. Hope you are drunk
  8. Luke needs to retire

    Haha alright. I got it now
  9. Definitely agree with the CAP over Jstew. I do think CMac can be a good between the tackles runner though.
  10. All I'll say, is wait until Kalil is back to truly pass judgement. If we can get out of the obivous running downs, and have a better center, I think our running game will be vastly improved.
  11. Luke needs to retire

    Hey man, I get it. I also have had 4 concussions, two from football, one from lacrosse, and one from walking the dog as a kid. I know it isn't a joke. I'm just saying that I understand the sentiment to hold out on judgement on Luke's status until we know more
  12. Luke needs to retire

    Haha, not to be a contrarian... but I think this is just so sensitive for some people, because Keuchly is such an important piece to our team (aka difference between a Super Bowl or not), that I understand the not wanting to rush to judgement.
  13. In What World

    Yep, AKA, the fire immediately world
  14. Shaq Thompson | Time to Walk the Walk

    Yep. I think we actually agree 100%. I think maybe the slight difference is that I see long-term value in Shaq, but I think you just need to see more, which I don't disagree with