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  1. Panthers Mock w/Trade Down Scenario

    Exactly this. The 5th year option is huge in the 1st round... no chance we move totally out of the 1st round. Wouldn't make any sense
  2. I get what you're saying... but he was not a "bright spot". He too was often torched, and missed a number of tackles (which was what he was brought here NOT to do)
  3. DeMarco Murray?

    Really confused on the Jeremy Hill love... Demarco Murray is at least two tiers above Jeremy Hill
  4. If we paid him pretty much Vet minimum, then yes. He hasn't looked good at all the past couple of years. Also, seriously doubt he would take something around Vet minimum, so nah not Jeremy Hill
  5. Really confused why people think this. Adams was consistently torched this year in coverage, just about on par with Coleman. Adams at this point is a serviceable backup, but he should be paid next to nothing IMO
  6. So Tom Brady didn't shake Foles hand?

    He literally said "they made one good play, they made one good play"... talking about the defense. While it is semi-true, that is NOT praising the play of the Eagles. Really its the opposite
  7. Do you think Belichick would be a good GM?

    Also, was thinking about Alabama's Ronnie Harrison, but sweet correction there buddy.
  8. Do you think Belichick would be a good GM?

    LOL... guess you got me on the Troy Brown... Doesn't change the fact that Matt Cassell went 11-5, and after that legitimately did nothing but prove himself to not be an NFL starter, and not really even a serviceable backup.
  9. Do you think Belichick would be a good GM?

    LMAO... sure buddy... "It was all the schedule" with Matt Cassell going 11-5. In 2008 they didn't have Ronnie Harrison, Troy Brown or Laurence Maroney (for most of the season) all key parts of the 2007 team.
  10. Do you think Belichick would be a good GM?

    Have to disagree with this a bit. When Brady was out, he took Matt Cassell and went 12-4 or 11-5. As soon as Matt Cassell left and went elsewhere, he was an awful starter, and then went to being a poor backup. Bellichick is the best coach of all-time, and he is a top 5 GM of all time. Not really any argument IMO
  11. NFL1000 Rank for all starters on the Panthers

    Yeah, but Shaq is actually a really good outside LB.... He just shouldn't be asked to guard fast slot receivers, as no LB should... Shaq is a great player bud.
  12. Keuchly on Pardon My Take

    Those guys are really annoying
  13. Bro this narrative just doesn't work. If we let them both walk and get pretty much nothing in FA, we would have a good amount of cap room, but an lesser roster, when we are trying to get a better roster. I.E... we won't get two comp picks for them because we will sign peeps in FA (most notably a WR or two, along with a Safety (or two)
  14. Defensive Strategy

    Pretty happy about this tbh. I don't think he'll gamble as much as Wilks did (which hurt us more often than it helped).
  15. Your ideal 2018 Super Bowl

    Vikings... simple.