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  1. Peter King mentioned that Another novel thing the eagles did is install plays that they have never used, but that does not mean invent the play but copy cool plays from other teams so no amount of scouting from Pats would help Dont know if/why Shula wouldnt do this, we know he is not a offensive genius like Sean Payton but copying can be done by anyone.
  2. sorry didnt see Panthers Fanatic beat me to the same post
  3. Want to remind readers of this Warner guy who tutored Colin Kaepernick to make him a better passer in 2015 what a joke https://www.sportressofblogitude.com/2015/08/03/kurt-warner-impressed-by-progress-made-by-pupil-colin-kaepernick/
  4. Mike Shula & Ken Dorsey FIRED

    One of the frustrating things of the loss Sunday was they were at the 21 yard line with 45 seconds and they didnt try any Running plays, I was hoping on that play they would just have Cam Run it ala "Deshaun watson" vs Bengals style, I bet that would have had better results.
  5. I am new here but noticed since the ATL vs NO (their 1st game), ATL plays dirty man, I can remember in that game 1 someone head to head hit on Kamara 2. another dirty hit vs Ginn/J Hill Last week helmet to helmet hit on G Olsen Today against Pharoah Cooper I hope if Panthers ever play ATL in the playoffs we can give them some cheap hits that they deserve.
  6. >What ever happened to Keyarris Garrett? According to the article below, he cannot be added to the Panthers 53 man roster in 2017 https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/football/news/keyarris-garrett-placed-on-practice-squad-injured-list/
  7. This article speculates if Rivera might want to leave Panthers because of ownership uncertainty http://www.profootballweekly.com/2018/01/03/way-we-hear-it-could-ron-rivera-leave-carolina-panthers-this-offseason/awgfqvo/
  8. Panthers might be headed to LA for playoffs

    ESPN According to this post, Rams resting Goff, Gurley etc, maybe they lose that game then And in the espn playoff machine, unless Vikings & Saints both lose, Panthers are locked into the 5th seed going to LA Considering that Vikings may not lose to bears, it almost seems certain that Panthers go to LA
  9. I am new here, so excuse my exuberance, but I am not sure about the Rams either, with Wade Philips as the DC, don't want no Green Dog blitzes, speaking of the Green dog blitz, is our current offense in better shape to handle it.
  10. Kaelin Clay Traded to Bills

    Kaelin Clay waived, does that mean we got the upper hand in the trade