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  1. BionicBunny

    Deep dive insiders info on the sale by SI

    Interesting that the owners weren’t enthused with Rubins new age owners, who might that be, and what were they afraid of?
  2. BionicBunny

    About that league investigation...

    Did nba punish the clippers after ballmer bought them? Probably not
  3. Here is a hot take, Speaking of his Pittsburgh ties who knows if Panthers have a bad season or two (hope not) he might trade for Steeler veterans BigBen? Leveon? Ab?
  4. According to this link https://www.forbes.com/sites/kurtbadenhausen/2017/10/17/americas-richest-sports-team-owners-2017/#431b9628bca3 Tepper is already the 2nd richest nfl owner 4th richest in all American sports
  5. The advantages of tepper being an owner is he is among the richest owners in the league and he wants his shiny team comparisons with raiders chargers are not the same mark davis is one of the poorest owners hence he is looking for any move to earn more from the raiders, Spanos owner of the chargers is also not that rich he inherited his fathers real estate investments if at all you want to compare him with other owners it would be to Paul Allen or Arthur blank owners with so much money are not looking at their teams to squeeze more revenue, they usually want their teams to win , maybe a good thing he might build a state of art practice facility or stadium
  6. BionicBunny

    Panthers signing CJ Anderson

    Makes me sad the rest of the day like a 28-3 scoreline does to a falcons fan
  7. BionicBunny

    REPORT: Panthers exploring CB FA market

    If Gettleman can get unsigned/released panthers to Giants like JStew, teddy W why can’t Hurney get DRC
  8. BionicBunny

    Michael Crabtree Released

    Rotoworld says Ravens in a underhanded tactic voided Ryan Grant contract to pursue Crabtree http://www.rotoworld.com/player/nfl/9666/ryan-grant
  9. “Good leg all day but he's had a tendency to miss the big ones in his career more than the game winners. I.E: Denver W1 2017, TB Week 17, NO Playoffs, I'm missing a handful but those are at the top of the dome)” Oh you forgot the 44 yarder doinked by Gano in SB 50 :(