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  1. You need to read this

    So, I see "Tonight, Blakeman’s crew was quick to flag late hits"...and immediately quit reading.  Zero credibility when Cam was late hit all game long.
  2. Arthur Blank.... Prostate Cancer

    Some things are bigger than football, get well Mr Blank.
  3. Aqib Talib Further Proves Why He Is A POS Human Being

    Man Corey Brown is what the media would say if his complexion was different...
  4. Is Rivera cutthroat enough to make the tough decisions?

    Rivera and gettleman have a sort of good cop/bad cop situation going IMO.  Rivera is a players coach, someone everyone loves, he is loyal to a fault and while it hurts him, his players will die for him.  On the flip side, he knows it's a business and let's gettleman force his hand when he needs to (Steve smith, Byron bell, and Charles Godfrey come to mind).  As long as gettleman will force the changes needed and Rivera will take care of the day to day aspects, we'll be fine.
  5. Is Rivera cutthroat enough to make the tough decisions?

    He's not, but gettleman is and gettleman will ship out guys if he thinks it'll help the team (see: Smith, Steve)
  6. #gettlemagic No one will DRAFT and prepare us better : I BELEIVE

    Bingo, Gettleman understands our scheme better than we do and he gets players that fill the holes we have with players that fit our style.  I think about Darrelle Revis in Tampa, they ran a ton of zone with the best man corner in football, and frankly Revis wouldn't fit here either, it's why understanding our scheme is important.  After bashing Gettleman multiple times for "not making moves", I'm done, I'm eating my crow, the guy will drop something in his toilet that has more football scouting knowledge than I will have in my entire life, I'm just gonna sit back and let him do his thing.
  7. Offensive Tackles cost us the game.

    A lot of things cost us, Tackles were just one thing.  Stew getting banged up early hurt us, then Fozzy got hurt meaning that Tolbert was our healthiest runner (and he was god awful with his turnovers), Norwell injury was HUUUUUGE as after that all the sudden pressure started getting to cam from right up the gut, as stated, receivers were just dropping passes like crazy, oh and 4 turnovers hurt us terribly, and well of course the refs did have a major effect on the game because they cant find their asshole from a hole in the ground.  Pretty much on offense, we failed in every single aspect of the game, this game isn't on our defense or special teams, just soully on that offensive unit that just dug a gigantic hole.
  8. The things that will be interesting to me this offseason is the fact that we A)have cap room FINALLY, and B) are actually a destination for players.  In the past, we've had holes and we had to struggle to get quality players to come here unless we upped over other teams offers, but the question is now that we're THE contender, do free agents with "competing offers" decide to come here for a chance at a ring.  Still, in the Gettleman way, I think he take care of the guys he wants to keep first then solidifies the pieces he feels we "need" so that he has full ability to just go after BPA up and down the board in the draft.  March is gonna be more interesting for us this year than in the past few years.
  9. Kony Ealy

    Ealy has come so fricken far, next year is gonna be big for him.  We just need to solidify the other edge and our front 4 could be a truly dominant force.
  10. Logo

    JR will never do it, but we need that trash off our field.
  11. Blandino on the no catch call

    fug the NFL and Blandino, that was an obvious catch to anyone with an objective eye and it directly lead to us losing a timeout and a challenge that shouldn't have been needed, THEN lead to a strip 6.  Hurmonculous Blandino and his merry band of Hucklefugs need to go.
  12. Do you trust Gano?

    Yup, Gano is fine for our team and has one of the highest touchback percentages in the NFL, and that is a big deal.  I don't however trust our line to protect, he's been blocked more often than he's missed (and not due to low trajectory).  All of that said, the "miss" shouldn't have mattered if they didn't botch the PI on the play before or the BLATANT offside on the kick itself.  
  13. Talib needs to be booted from the NFL, no one pays to see neanderthal talib or Burfict injure people.  
  14. Talib said he nearly yanked Philly's head off on purpose

    Buh, Sheriff, good guys, no dancing. 
  15. Hangover unfortunately, we'll get our feet under us after a month or so in the season to make a run to the playoffs, but nothing will line up like it did this year.  That said, I think we'll finally have back to back winning seasons...