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  1. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic Panthers Roster Projection Update   

    I can agree with that, but the positive we have is I don't think Byrd is going anywhere for a while.  I have no doubt that he will make to our practice squad safely.  I don't think we will end up with a Gaffney situation, Byrd will be on our team for the foreseeable future, and whether he gets reps on the practice squad or rides the bench during game week won't make any difference.  I actually am not high on Cotch, or really bersin, but having one of those guys on the roster is good, so why not go with the Young guy.  As long as Bersin doesn't return a punt for the rest of his life, I'm good.
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  2. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic Panthers Roster Projection Update   

    Eh, it depends.  I've been as vocal against Cotch as anyone, his veteran presence is completely overblown IMO.  That said, he is owed money, he knows the offense decently, and on top of all of this, I legitimately think we can stash Byrd on the practice squad safely this season.  If I had any fear at all of Byrd not safely making it to the practice squad, I wouldn't even suggest it.  All of this is for naught though if Byrd shows out in the preseason and gives us no way to not include him on the roster.
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  3. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic SI Blogger Predicts 8-8 from Training Camp   

    Wait...lemme guess...The Saints will win the NFC South with a record of 17 and -1?
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  4. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic NFL Splits 7.24 Billion dollars with every team   

    Glad to see that the Ray rice, Greg hardy, Adrian Peterson, and Ray Macdonald situations killed the NFL, or the concussion lawsuit that the players won mortally wounded the rep of the NFL and no one was watching...guess all they can do now, is pick up the pieces of their shattered lives and move on, hopefully they'll be able to burn their piles of money for warmth during the rough falls we'll have without football because of this.
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  5. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic Jags release Ace Sanders   

    Wiggle pants!...wait, I thought we were just saying the first words that came to our mind
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  6. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic Rob Ryan Reboots   

    We get it, paper champs 3 years running, I'm sure this time will be different though.
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  7. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic ESPN dumps Keith Olbermann   

    Good, I couldn't stand him.  If you take all the annoying aspects of Bill O'Reilly added to all the Annoying aspects of Skip Bayless, you get Olbermann.  Hopefully, he fades from existence and I never have to hear about him ever again.
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  8. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic Most and Least injured teams over the past two years   

    Is it just me or does this seem off?  I could have swore we had more injuries last year than in 2013, and maybe by a significant margin.  I mean, Last year we had Bell, Silatolu, Chandler, Turner, Stewart, Williams, Brown, Cam, and Bene injured at different times, and I don't remember anything nearly so dramatic the previous season.
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