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  1. Norman was not a production of a system

    Yes, he was a product of a system, it's why it's important to find guys who fit your system. VERY few players are what you'd consider system busters (IE good enough to play in any system). Peyton Manning threw for 4,700 yards and 39TDs in 2014, then was so bad in 2015 he got benched and booed off the field. It was system, Fox tailored his system to Peyton and it worked for a while where as Kubiak ran his own system regardless of if the pieces fit. Adrien Peterson, does anyone remember how there were issues with him in the shotgun/spread formation? He apparently was uncomfortable and had trouble finding holes so they went back to a pro style system but it made Bridgewater regress. Darrelle Revis? Remember him looking awful in Tampa, put a man corner in a zone system and they won't succeed. Tom Freaking Brady may be the greatest QB of our generation, but if you asked him to do what Cam does, he would fail miserably. Norman WAS a product of a system, denying that is quite shortsighted. Gettleman does a great job of getting guys who can maximize their potential within our system as long as they play their roles, it's why Harper was decent, Mitchell was dominant, Coleman was a beast, and Tillman was solid. Just like past redskins signings, he will be alright, but he won't be the dominant shutdown corner they expect.
  2. Gettlemen offered Norman just above 10 mill per season

    Love josh, but he's a system guy and in the right system he can do well, in the wrong he will get abused. If the skins never ask him to be a man corner, he'll be fine, but there's a reason a lot of pro bowl elite Corners hit free agency and get abused on their new team. Hell, Revis was square pegged in Tampa, so we shall see.
  3. Are you expecting much from Charles Johnson this year...

    I think he'll have a good year this year (not monsters inc type numbers, but good). He's got a lot to prove and I think he thought he'd walk into free agency and teams would fall all over themselves to give him a payday...well, it didn't happen and now he knows he better put in the work or he could be out of a job soon. Summation, gifted athlete with a lot to prove=a good season on the horizon.
  4. It's too early for you to be this drunk already.
  5. Think about working with a guy, he's a hard worker but gets paid the same or less than you, then he tells you he put in a 2 week notice to go to a new job where he will be paid more but the job security might not be as high. It sucks for you because where you work lost a good worker and other people will have to pick up the slack, but ultimately you are happy for the guy because he is doing what's best for him and his family. That's why no one is pissed about him leaving, not anyone on the team or anyone in the front office. It was purely a business decision.
  6. Every year since G-Man has gotten here, I've bitched about something in regards to Free Agency or Draft and yet Every year he proves me wrong. Admittingly, this has made thisoffseason far more boring for myself than in years past, BUT I just don't have the concern this offseason like I have in the past. We could take a Punter in the first round of the draft and I'll be ok with it, Gettlemans has earned that much respect. That said, I don't care who we pick, I'm sure it'll be a blue goose and I'm sure he'll come in, fit the system, and melt faces.
  7. This is dumb. I remember the zero percent chance of being successful last year without Kelvin Benjamin. Life goes on and we'll be fine.
  8. Norman's replacement

    I'm not sure he's gone. By the looks of free agency thus far, nothing tells me that the panthers want to overspend on the guys out there, so I think we will end upwith some cap room here and leading forward, meaning I think there's a legitimate possibility of signing him long term to a manageable contract might be doable. I think the key for Gettleman is seeing where we sit after our free agent acquisitions before he knows exactly the dollars and cents he has available to throw at him and KK.
  9. Brock Osweiler to Texans

    If Denverthinks that RG3 or Kaepernick are gonna suddenly fix their turnoveritis...well...their gonna have a bad time. Regardless, I think Denver could miss theplayoffs next year, their line is a mess, run game isn't much, and QB is gonna be garbage, I think KC wins that division and Oakland will battle with them for second and possibly a playoff spot depending on the rest of the AFC.
  10. Charles Johnson officially signs 1-year, $3M deal

    After Mario and JPP got the contracts they did, the DE market got noticably smaller and when you add in the fact that CJ likely left and realized that he wasn't gonna get the "payday" he wanted, he realized that he needed to sign a prove it deal, so why not do it in a place that needs a DE and that he's familiar with. I think/hope this will lead to a more productive year next year (barring his health).
  11. Phins may un-tag Vernon

    It doesn't directly affect us, but it does affect us. Vernon knocks every other DE on that list down moving a better DE into our price range.
  12. Trade w Cowboys at end of first?

    No way on earth we trade down, there's too much talent on the roster that we might have to cut in order to make room for extra picks. My guess is we stay in thefirst but possibly move up once or twice more in the draft.
  13. Yankees say don't be like Cam Newton

    Yea, don't act like Cam, he's a turd, be more like that upstanding citizen Alex Rodriguez...oh wait. the Bankees can fug themselves sideways with a ping pong paddle. Jesus, How short of a memory do people have, anyone remember them being such a poo assed organization to Randy Johnson?
  14. Two former Chargers probably starters in Carolina secondary in 2016

    Cromartie excels in zone, I think he just didn't fit the scheme in NY this year, here on the other hand, I bet he would absolutely beast.
  15. Rank your Top5 sports team you root for

    1) Ragin Cajuns football 2) Panthers 3)Ragin Cajuns Baseball 4)Houston Astros 5)Ragin Cajun Basketball Basically, I absolutely love my alma mater and it's a big reason I'm even a Panthers fan. I'd be willing to guess that I'm the only person that will list college baseball on his list.