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  1. Kony Ealy

    Ealy has come so fricken far, next year is gonna be big for him.  We just need to solidify the other edge and our front 4 could be a truly dominant force.
  2. Logo

    JR will never do it, but we need that trash off our field.
  3. Blandino on the no catch call

    fug the NFL and Blandino, that was an obvious catch to anyone with an objective eye and it directly lead to us losing a timeout and a challenge that shouldn't have been needed, THEN lead to a strip 6.  Hurmonculous Blandino and his merry band of Hucklefugs need to go.
  4. Do you trust Gano?

    Yup, Gano is fine for our team and has one of the highest touchback percentages in the NFL, and that is a big deal.  I don't however trust our line to protect, he's been blocked more often than he's missed (and not due to low trajectory).  All of that said, the "miss" shouldn't have mattered if they didn't botch the PI on the play before or the BLATANT offside on the kick itself.  
  5. Talib needs to be booted from the NFL, no one pays to see neanderthal talib or Burfict injure people.  
  6. Talib said he nearly yanked Philly's head off on purpose

    Buh, Sheriff, good guys, no dancing. 
  7. Hangover unfortunately, we'll get our feet under us after a month or so in the season to make a run to the playoffs, but nothing will line up like it did this year.  That said, I think we'll finally have back to back winning seasons...
  8. Yup, did you know he was sad after he lost!  what a thug.  And did you know he doesn't like losing, such an immature thing, unless you go about it the "right way".  Did you know what he plays the game emotionally and wears his emotions on his sleeves, god, I hate people who enjoy what they do....meanwhile in reality...
  9. Roman Harper

    They did show atleast the unsportsmanlike penalty, he slapped the ball out of the guys hand after the play.  Ticky tack, yes, but also a penalty.  As for the other penalties, it's no surprise they didn't show anything, didn't wanna show the NFL in a bad light after their blatant fug up on the first challenge.
  10. Big congrats to the Broncos

    He would atleast put it out with his asshole as long as the fire was on your face...given the assumption that your a female athletic trainer.
  11. Cam backing away from the ball...

    While the refs aren't why we lost, they sure as fug didn't help.  Problem is, it'll be same ole NFL, protect the shield...JR should remove that fuger from midfield tonight, nothing legitimate about this league.
  12. Cam backing away from the ball...

    Refs buried us there with the picked up flag and blatant missed offsides.  The refs were pure fuging garbage, NFL should be embarrassed by this trash, but they won't be, got their storyline.
  13. NFL Rigged?

    Don't forget the 3 points on our missed field goal with a guy clearly offside.
  14. NFL wrote their storyline, can't let the previous 2 NFL men of the year get a ring in favor of a guy being investigated for hgh use and a charge of sexual assault going back to college.  He's an NFL all time great, but the idea that he's this spotless NFL white knight is pure garbage.
  15. Draft and free agency

    Gimme a tackle, DE and and a Nickel corner (let bene go outside) and we're good for another run.