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  1. SingleMalt

    DW. Dislocated patella and torn mcl

    next man up...........move on.
  2. things that I ignore........mock drafts and pre-season prediction polls/articles
  3. SingleMalt

    Where are you Republican Patriots?

    Sorry I missed the joke........not sure what 40"s means but i bet it would be uncomfortable
  4. SingleMalt

    Where are you Republican Patriots?

    John Brennan......a nonpartisan american. LMFAO
  5. First time Ive read a post on the Huddle and ended with an over whelming desire for a funnel cake and a candied apple
  6. SingleMalt

    Restocking the Barren Tree

    Im sure we'll have a player or two retire by then.......... and we all know everyone loves to bring them back as coaches.
  7. SingleMalt

    Late offseason free agent news

    Wilks is signing contracts ??
  8. SingleMalt

    REPORT: Charles Johnson planning to retire

    Thanks CJ....... in before the statue and hire him as a coach threads
  9. SingleMalt

    Start of Summer means.....

    as Hannibal Lecter said......."I'm having an old friend over for dinner"
  10. SingleMalt

    Don’t ask Cam about the SB fumble...

    I love it when the public/ media hates my team.
  11. what could you have possibly edited in this post ?
  12. not according to the Huddle
  13. SingleMalt

    Julio Jones holding out

    if this is how players negotiate now........ every QB in the league should be holding out after the Cousins and Garoppolo contracts.
  14. if he's not it will be RR's fault for not letting him the surgery sooner....aka Cam