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  1. in before the left handed jokes begin Gettlemagic
  2. Thought I heard on the radio (12:15pm) that Ebron was visiting Carolina
  3. any Panther Fan that considers trading away 2 first again...... hasnt been a Panthers long.
  4. Developing Trade pending with Raiders

    to be honest..... it beats the hell out of someones 13th edition of their mock draft in March.
  5. Developing Trade pending with Raiders

    Be careful now.......lotta folks round here gonna poo poo this type of talk. no way in hell our GM is like you know.....actually GMing.
  6. Brees staying in NO

    maybe he can get a car now that wont break down on the way to the stadium.......
  7. Schefter: Lotulelei to Buffalo

    West coast of NY state
  8. how often have you seen a minority owner ?? .....he'll have nothing to do with anything I tend to worry about whats on the field more than whats in the skybox
  9. Dolezal

    wonder how the left feels about someone pawning themselves off as an Indian ?
  10. Richard Sherman anyone ?

    They better......cause he'll lose 60% to taxes.
  11. Ron's happy........WR room just got better.
  12. Trump SK NK

    Had no idea we had so many foreign experts on the huddle....
  13. Thought Cam was on some special diet......... didn't know shitty pizza was one of the staples.
  14. Stewart released "confirmed"

    yeah....with his history of leg issues that turf should do him wonders.