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  1. Definitely missed you this past TG. Turnout was small, but was still a great time.

  2. Holy Crap Batman....where the hell have you been. Hope to see you Saturday at the Tailgate.

  3. Dude where u been? Nice to see u on here.

  4. hey there buddy Bo!!! Hope you are well!

  5. Hello Poo Britches!

  6. Good deal! Looking forward to it!

  7. You tail gating Sunday you sick bastage??

  8. I used to know a guy named Lee!

  9. Last activity 5-20-09!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn it Landon!!!

  10. Howdy, just a heads up. This is not a place to sell your services.

  11. Back at ya! Hope you have a great one!