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  1. Who is the KC offensive coordinator?
  2. So do we hate or love Norv? I’m a little lost. We’re 3-1 and this game isn’t over. Relax. RR is trash though.
  3. Oof they showed us what to do on a fourth and short lol
  4. Turnip

    Ryan Kalil

    We have a horrific amount of guys that need to be replaced this upcoming season and a lot due to age. Hopefully we can get some quality years out of our oldies. Luke needs a new linebacker buddy that he meshes with as well as Thomas Davis. There’s a noticeable difference without old man Davis out there. Adams is ancient at safety and we’re not even sure if Reid is going to be a long term solution. At corner Captain should be taken out back and put down. Bradberry and DJ are a good start for the secondary but I think, ideally, DJ should be our slot guy and we should get a top tier or early round corner opposite B-berry. DL as stated above is just old and I agree the majority of our draft needs to be the line on both sides but I think OL is our immediate need. Both Khalil’s are likely done here, Amini needs to be done, and we have a few guys that have been very lucky pickups for us. DWill, Moton, Trai are all stout but we need two more studs and some depth. Torrey Smith just isn’t doing it and Moore needs to be developed asap. Funchess will be an FA and we really need a little more “pow” at the position. Man I wish Cam had a OBJ.
  5. Anyone wanting to trade for Kalil? What a ridiculous contract. It baffles me every time.
  6. Agreed but I’d still like to bolster it next offseason. We can add a lot of years to Cam’s career if we do.
  7. Didn’t get the game in my area and I’m doing some work for the week. Why was it even close? It looked like we were on pace to nominate them.
  8. Kuechly will stalk Barkley like a lion keeping him to a poultry 30 yards. This will force Eli-Over-the-Hill Manning to win the game. He fears Peppers who haunts his dreams. Eli plays so bad they consider benching him. Reid gets 2 picks and does a Black Panther Wakanda Forever arm cross every time he makes a big play. DJ Moore gets 15 targets and goes for over 200 yards and 3 touchdowns. Carolina 42 - New York Giant Rebuild Ahead 3 ...I saw it happen in a dream
  9. I have always liked the dark visor look. Honestly, he really should wear that neck thing that Kuechley wears; if it has a 1% chance of reducing concussions it’s worth it. Watching his highlights he needs to lower his level when tackling so his head hits at the chest or on the ball and not into the other player’s head. He thumps hard and breaks up passes well, he’s even pretty good at stripping the ball, just has to adapt to protect himself and others from unnecessary head trauma.
  10. Turnip

    Eric Reid Press Conference

    We all knew this coming into this signing. Some just enjoy hating others. I disagree with a lot of what Reid stands...erm...kneels for? However, it doesn’t mean I have to dislike him. I know this is a foreign idea but you can disagree with someone and not hate them because of it...
  11. Can’t wait for the rematch. Let’s kick their teeth in next time.
  12. Turnip

    Week 4 Sunday Games Thread

    To be honest Andy Dalton has had enough time to do more than he has. They need to go ahead and move on from him.