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  1. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Fear the Walking Dead - Season 1   

    Just watched ep 2 last night...   Still maintain, it's worth watching right now, simply because there isn't anything else on lol.  Still isn't TWD, and I still find a lot of holes in the writing, BUT this episode was MUCH, MUCH better and did a great job of building tension and increasing the suspense for each subsequent scene. 
    But, the lack of thought that goes into some of the writing is annoying...   I don't find these slip ups in TWD...  There, everything and every possible scenario is thought out before it ever makes it to the screen.  In this episode, the most glaring issue was first thing with the sister's boyfriend.  How believable is it that you would get a chunk of your fuging skin bit out of your body by a human who no longer looks human or responds to your words or actions, you escape, and then just decide to go home to sleep it off alone?  Lol.   Like, where is the explanation to that?  He didn't call his girlfriend?  If no one in this world has very given thought to zombies, why not call the police?  His parents?   Go to the ER?  That was laughable.  And I've seen several people across articles and social media suggest that in their world, they have no idea what zombies are or what's possibly going on...   I don't buy that.  As I've said elsewhere, to me what makes a good show is making the characters believable for their environment.  To me, it is unrealistic for them to NOT suspect that this is zombies they're dealing with.  And that naivete seems like a shortcut for the writers...   Because again, it easily dismisses but doesn't explain why someone would get bit by another person, escaped, and then didn't report it to anyone.  That's just plain dumb.  And if they were truly oblivious to zombies, how would anyone have the ability to escape a zombie attacking them?  Also, the flashlight out the window scene at the end...   Who the fug does that?  Why do you need a flashlight there to look out the window?  
    Also said to my wife, how unbelievable AND convenient was it that Tobias showed up as the only other live person at the school?
    And as far as the principal, I have a similar complaint as with the daughter/sister boyfriend...  How did he get bit? How is he alone? And another mistake they left in there...   Supposedly Maddie(?) just smashed the first zombie skull of the zombie apocalypse, and yet, at the end, when it's showing the montage, the principal has a head lol. 
    Like I said after last week's episode, it just feels like they're being a little bit lazy here and there in the writing, filming, and even some of the acting...  
    That being said, i think this episode was much better and to some degree, I find the eeriness to be possibly even greater than TWD, because you're seeing it unfold versus it having already took place and establishing itself.  The neighbor scene at the end was REALLY chilling.  Thats probably the biggest strength I find going for the show right now.  The more the chaos escalates, the more intense and unpredictable things feel and that feeling keeps building.   You can see that sense of security slowly being stripped away...  To go from that security to in one night, realizing what is happening and trying to figure out what your next move is and whether you can even open the door again...   That is intense. 
    One thing I wish they would've explored though is how it actually started...  I'm thinking it didn't start with biting as how it spread...   Some people have to catch it, get sick, and then recover - like a flu bug - but they don't die.  They spread it to others, some of whom did die and immediately turned to walkers.  But I read a quote from Kirkman awhile back that said he had an idea of how it started but didn't ever plan on exploring it, as he didn't find it to be vital to what happens. 
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  2. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Huddle Workout Warriors   

    Sorry fiz, current huddle atmosphere has me on insult alert: high. 
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  3. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Gettlemagic Teeth pulling : Sticking to Youth Movement.   

    His name is not ironic. 
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  4. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Gettlemagic Teeth pulling : Sticking to Youth Movement.   

    Youth movement
    Gross negligence 
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  5. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Does anyone have the gut feeling that we should throw a BBQ/Cookout for Police Officers?   

    I will head it up...   I will call it, "Pigs for Pigs." 
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  6. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Huddle Workout Warriors   

    If my goal is 10% body fat, how would that be "skinny fat"?
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  7. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Huddle Workout Warriors   

    Also an update for me...   Following my grandmother passing back in November and me subsequently leaving my horrible job after being shat on throughout the duration of my time there and then wondering what was my purpose in life, lol, I got into a pretty big funk and crossed a threshold I never thought I was capable of...   I, at 5'10,"exceeded 200lbs for the first time in my life.  The highest I actually saw on the scale was 203, but I'm pretty sure I was a little bigger than that at some point.
    I got more serious than I ever have about losing weight...  My goal is to get back and lean down to my "prime shape," weight and then put on more muscle mass after I reach that.  I was 203 in mid-may.   I started reading up on the science behind weight loss and really buckled down on following that. 
    When I was less than 10% bf in my late teens-early twenties, I ate like crap but I basically did non-stop anaerobic exercises and sprinkled in some weight lifting...   Looking back, the difference was, I didn't indulge in junk.   I ate it all the time, but I didn't over eat and was always active.  When I got to college, and had my kids, I got comfortable.   I quit being physically active and in a double dose of dumb, I started eating fast food like never before and definitely did overeat and indulge.  I gave no thought to portions...  And considering what good shape I had always been in, I thought it was impossible to ever get fat.  I was wrong lol. 
    Anyway, what I learned in researching the science behind it was, basically no matter how good your metabolism, especially if you are already overweight, you can't out exercise a horrible diet.  I read something like out of your body's total caloric burn, only 15% of it is determined by working out...  So if you eat 3 big macs a day, and a bunch of other crap on top of it as snacks, you won't out work that, no matter what you do.  The highest percentage of your caloric burn comes from your natural body processes (breathing, just being alive)...  So again, it illustrated how important diet was.  I also learned why it always seemed so much easier to stay in shape when I was already in shape even if I ate bad, versus getting overweight and tthen trying to lose weight and get back in shape...   Basically, fat loves company and muscle burns fat.  So when I was lean, anytime I ate bad, already being mostly lean muscle helped burn the fat at  a greater rate.  But, when you're fat, your body welcomes more fat at a higher rate and your metabolism slows to allow more fat to accumulate. 
    So, I'm sure at this point I'm talking to myself like an asshole, but oh well...
    So, after reading about that and then reading how easy it was once you get your diet in check, I realize I had to make changes I never thought I would before and decided to start tracking my calories.  
    So, then I started insanity again...  I use myfitnesspal everyday to track my cals, and I went from that 203 in mid-may to now currently 174.  I started going to the gym with a friend and tried Kris gethin's 12 week trainer on, which lended itself to me abandoning insanity about a week into month two lol...   But then I got frustrated by my friend's lack of self-motivation and his shitty gym aka Planet Fatness.  I got the fuging lunk alarm pulled on me for lowering my rubber dumbbells about a foot off the floor and then dropping them following presses to failure...  Meanwhile, some authentic assholes were banging metal on metal on fuging Smith machines and got nothing.   I seem to have that effect on people lol.  Furthermore, my friend allowed his nazi wife to dictate that he couldn't go to the gym as many days as that program requires, and he was my free pass in.  So, combine the fact that his schedule wouldn't allow us to do the program the way it was supposed to be done and then having a lunk alarm pulled on me, I abandoned that for the time being.  So, I now joined a lifetime fitness and love it, but I have been slacking the last two weeks with my kids starting school back, and haven't lifted in almost a month now, in part due to hurting my shoulders with all those heavy presses and flyes, so I needed to rest them.  But, I've maintained my calorie tracking for the most part and am currently trying to figure out what kind of program I want to do...   I'm trying to find a three day lifting program that isn't ridiculous but will give me muscle mass while I'm still leaning down.  In the meantime, I need to get back on my HIIT cardio, but I'm proud of myself so far.
    Also,i have to recommend, in my "research" I found the documentary "Fathead" to be amazing,  along with  an article I read on about the twinkle diet equally fascinating.  Check them out!  It shows as long as you track your cals, you don't have to be miserable, but at the same time, it also opens your eyes up to how much more you can eat of a salad versus how little you would eat in a day if it strictly pizza and doughnuts. 
    THE END. 
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  8. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Huddle Workout Warriors   

    Fiz is a smart guy, and I know he loves lifting, and he is absolutely 100% right about fat loss...   But, I have to disagree with him on crunches being useless.  I know lifts will help, but from personal experience, crunches absolutely worked for me in my prime shape.  I did a regimen every night consisting of variations of crunches and then reps with an ab wheel and I had an 8-pack with people asking me what I did to get them. 
    I posted the pics here of my abs from back then, and I'm pretty sure it was somewhere in this thread.  So in my experience, crunches work great.  But nothing works to make your abs pop of you have fat covering them, which is why that cliche "great abs are made in the kitchen," couldn't be more true.  I will say though, in recent years, I've noticed a trend in a lot of workouts I've been trying out to get away from crunches and more towards stuff like hanging leg raises/bicycles, planks, static movements using gravity (like six-inches) and as fiz mentioned, relying more on lifts to have a residual effect on your abs.  I don't know if it's just a trendy thing, but like I said, crunches worked for me, but I had less than 10% body fat at the time too, among all the other things I was doing exercise-wise. 
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  9. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Imagine Steph Curry doing this in a Charlotte school   

    Devils advocate, but he's not going to say anything other than he wants to play for GS right now.  I also think it's a bit ridiculous for The Observer to be so desperate and off putting to ask him that.   I also think it's interesting how he entertained the idea prior to this last season, but I think playing on a great team with great teammates and winning a chip changed all that for him.  All that being said, i don't think he's going anywhere either and these threads are getting a bit pathetic and tiresome. 
    All we had to do was trade whatever it took to move up and get him like I wanted to when he came out...   But, oh well... 
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  10. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Which is the bigger glaring Problem?   

    Good news CRA, after being cornered earlier and involuntarily bukkake'd by several Huddlers, yet again, I was informed that WR was actually not a problem at any point prior to KB's injury.   So apparently, if he stayed healthy we were like, the BEST WR unit in the nfl.  And we didn't need help either because Philly Brown was primed to become Tim Brown this year, while Bersin was fully ready to step up and become John Stallworth.  Plus, I was schooled on the cap.  We apparently didn't even have a single hundred dollar bill to spare, so I was relieved to discover all was done that could be done and I'm a fuging idiot for questioning otherwise.
    Also, somewhere in the universe, there is copious amounts of passive-aggressive pie being given out in a collective effort to counter and smother any disagreeable energy as I type.  I for one love corny, non-thoughtful, similar, repetitive, and stating the obvious posts!
    Glad everything was cleared up for me. 

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  11. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Phil Taylor good sirs?   

    Can he play WR? 
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  12. Proudiddy added a post in a topic SI puts "Leagues Premier Takedown Artist" on Cover   

    Yeah, cause he has won NFL DPOY and all, so it makes sense. 
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  13. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Tuesday Panthers Cuts....   

    True, but I think of guys like Jacobs and Trusnik as well.  Glanton played ST just as they do, and to me, appeared to be a better player at LB as well. 
    It's not devastating, just wasn't expected.
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  14. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Tuesday Panthers Cuts....   

    Yeah, but the Glanton one to me is probably the most surprising.  I know he plays outside and we drafted Shaq, but I still thought he was good enough to make the roster. 
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  15. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Tuesday Panthers Cuts....   

    Lots of surprises so far - Ward, White, Boykin, Glanton.  Ridiculous.
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