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  1. beastson

    Antonio Brown rumor?

    You can say whatever you want about Steve Smith, but Antonio Brown cares about AB first and then his team. Steve was the opposite, he wasn't with the bullshit when it came to winning and competing when it came to the team. The main difference honestly is the time, Steve didn't come up in the social media era, AB is in it. AB don't give a damn, just give him the ball every single play and get out the way. I'm just throwing this out there.
  2. He also added Captain played well at Nickel
  3. Well first off the media isn't a big fan of Cam, he gets more hate than love. I watched Cam put up numbers for his 1st seasons and we didn't win, so they dismissed it. His numbers dip, but we're winning he needs to be more consistent and get better numbers. It's a lose lose We the fans didn't create this narrative about completion % and keep beating on it, the media is. We all know Cam had a good game, it really doesn't need to be pointed out honestly like its an anomaly. Cam been carrying this offense for years running and passing. So yes, the mention of it was unwarranted at-least to me cause I'm tired of people talking about it. The offense did enough to win, the defense just sucks
  4. No, but his mention about completion percentage was unwarranted. The media been pumping up his completion % bullshit and in a loss just had to mention it being irrelevant for whatever reason whether we lost or others didn't perform as well
  5. I read the whole thing and why for some reason it was mentioned, he did take swipes at all the drops and lack of run game.
  6. beastson

    Josh Gordon!

    I just want to know who can Gordon stop on opposing teams offense?
  7. Olsen is missed too But remember, cut TD, Olsen and Ryan. Let's pull a David Gettleman, cause I mean he's been so great the last few seasons
  8. beastson

    We're good.

    The falcons since quinn took over has been giving us problems offensively, so at what point do you look at the Panthers defense? You're right they wasn't the same last week, so what changed? Their opponent which was us. We haven't had a great defense since 2015
  9. beastson

    We're good.

    We could have stopped him from getting in the endzone, him jumping over our defenders and wasn't even successful and still got in, that was embarrassing That's one drive though, they were 4-4 in the redzone, takeaway that one play they were 3-3 in the redzone. Was it perfect those other times?
  10. beastson

    We're good.

    This defense is concerning to me. DAL offense got our fans blind, they're just that bad. What I just saw was so bad especially letting Ryan run for that TD
  11. I'm all for signing Reid at this point. This secondary need help
  12. I dont think Ron cares that we lost this one. Game 2 and away, I think he's satisfied overall but he's pretty pissed at the D
  13. beastson

    Where was C.J. today

    Where was he? He was out there dropping passes and causing INT
  14. That's because Ron out-dated philosophy is to put everything on the front 7, the front 7 can mask the back 4. If you can't sack the QB, then what? This defense hasn't looked the same since 2015, since Norman left and Bene he was good too until that career changing injury