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  1. If the chance presented itself, would you take Jones or Antonio Brown?
  2. I though the neck ring was just to collect data, not prevention. I've said for years, the NFL needs to invest its money into better equipment
  3. Maybe its me, but damn I would have said pull up film on the Saints for me during this week
  4. NE had the number 1 scoring defense last season, 15.6 and 8 in 2014. Brees in the SB, Saints defense was number in turnovers and poo they sealed the game off a INT return for a TD. I dont know what lumps is talking about.
  5. He also faced Malcolm Butler a few times.
  6. Getting to the endzone. Last 4 years he also has more catches.
  7. I really want to smack those stupid glasses off his face.
  8. Who to root for/against, Week 11 Version

    Umm you want the Rams to win, a better record > head to head match-up. We play the Vikings We need Atlanta to lose cause they're in our division and we don't want them to gain momentum, and we play them. We don't play Seattle. With Zeke 6 game suspension, I believe the Eagles have secured the 1st seed. Our goal should be 2nd seed.
  9. I think we're forgetting Olsen is coming back so that's a target. Byrd too so Cam will have options to throw to. I just hope he throws to Clay more instead of Shepard. Armah can catch too, maybe do a 1 rollout to him. We can find ways to spread the ball out, no excuse.
  10. Byrd is still out. We need someone right now. I wonder who's out there Edit. Olsen coming back, maybe we don't need someone