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  1. Gettle... wait Hurney Magic
  2. Panthers need to get Cam OBJ and stop bullshittin Then again David wouldn't even think about trading him to us.
  3. OBJ on the block

    1. You're an idiot if you don't want OBJ point blank period. 2. If the Rams get OBJ, goodnight. 3. If we don't try, Cam should sign elsewhere 2021
  4. ? He''ll be 32 and we don't have any corners as is
  5. So we're cutting Torrey?
  6. Coleman to saints 3yrs

    Time for us to start signing Saints players. Grab Kenny
  7. This is not the off-season to bullshit around and sit and wait. Unfortunately I see it happening once it again. I get what Hurney said about just jumping out there, but you should already know what we need and what we should go after if they become available.