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  1. You do realize Cam had shoulder surgery right and spent most of the time in between games not pushing it right? You do realize that QB play is dependent on other things right?
  2. Having a strong secondary can do man and zone can do wonders in today's league. This poo needs to be the number 1 priority
  3. Hurney said its a deep class, so I don't get where you'll think he would pick one in the 1st round from
  4. Haley fired

    Jets fired their OC. I feel like the Panthers started this
  5. I want them to succeed cause they sucked so long, but damn if they win a SB before us, I don't know if I'll be happy
  6. Haley fired

    That guy that isn't employed right now either
  7. I'm sorry, this was funny as hell
  8. Still HOF I'll never forget the day many years ago PANTHERS FANS on here was saying Steve won't go, yeah we'll see
  9. Haley fired

    Do I want him over Norv.... hmm...
  10. In all fairness he did draft KB to replace Steve Smith. KB might not have been a number 1 receiver in the entire NFL, but he was the Panthers number 1 and then fuged his knee all up
  11. Landry is nice when it come to picking up 3rd downs, but I feel with Samuel he can be that guy in the slot. The only problem is injuries and he don't have hands like Landry
  12. Man we could get CD, I would be ecstatic, being a UA fan. CD however you have to let him play physical, he can do zone, but he's best at man press. I don't think we'll be drafting CB in the 1st 2 rounds though. If we go defense it'll probably be S