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  1. Bench Worley ?

    J.No forced offenses to throw to the opposite side of the field making the rest of the defense job much easier. Bradberry got scored on too. He doesn't get his head around.
  2. I give you credit. You guys made decisions with your coaching staff and its paying off. Its very frustrating to watch us struggle yet keep the same staff out there.
  3. I see your point, but we just got blown out by a divisional opponent AT HOME. None of the games you listed were divisional games, the most important ones. We're now 0-1 to start and did I mention we got blown out. We have 3 TD in 3 games, Cam shoulder is still bothering him and I'm waiting for one of our RB's have a 100+ rush game. When we're effective running, we either win or at-least keep it close. Something has to give.
  4. I just had to mention it since everything is cam this cam that. Cam has to throw, rush, catch, block, play defense, play injured, game plan against defenses
  5. OK tell the coaches get somebody else so Cam won't be playing on an injured shoulder all while trying to lead a loser franchise to victory.
  6. If you think another QB can come in and do better, good luck. I hope we sit Cam, just make sure you don't ask for him to come back in and play savior I also want to make a slight mention, the Panthers hasn't had a 100 yard rush from their RB yet and only did it once last season... and we're supposed to be a run first team though right. Well that part of the game better improve without Cam running.
  7. Is The Panthers Defense Bad?

    I've seen enough from this team to tell you we don't game-plan.
  8. Truthfully? KB went down and it forced our offense to not go to 1 guy, but to everybody. KB is back and ??? I'm not blaming KB, its just time for a new coach, new offense. The Broncos D told you the offense didn't change anything, ran exactly what they saw on film. I don't know what else you need to know.
  9. So you think what happens off the field doesn't effect what happens on the field? Im not saying we lost cause of it, I'm saying the lack of energy today was noticeable
  10. Truthfully we only drafted 2 receivers. Funchess played one year as a WR his last, he was a TE the rest. CMC and Samuel were RB/H-Back in college just throwing that out there While we're on this topic, most people said KB/Funchess are a problem together. Does CMC and Samuel cancel each other out? Should we start using Samuel the same way we use CMC when he's out? Regardless I dont believe Shula can design a whole offense to incorporate them both and be effective. He just can't.
  11. Bengals fired their OC and look much better in GB. Defense was garbage out the gate, is that Cam fault too? At what point do you wake up and realize you need a change in coaching. Its very obvious we don't game-plan.
  12. He told a lie and the truth Lie on receivers Truth on oline lol
  13. We're not the Steelers And the Steelers went the playoffs last year, going again this year I'll bet I'm willing to bet the Bears dont And another good bet, poo we may not go to the playoffs either We got blown out, the steelers didnt
  14. And if our next QB suck, you'll say we should have stuck with Cam Cam Newton QB coach is Ken Dorsey and his offensive coordinator is Mike Shula Let that soak in for a minute... in fact go look up their resumes and highlight something impressive they did.
  15. They went out there with no energy and no fight. They didnt give a fug. It starts with JR not even commenting