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  1. Hornets Are Trash!

    Gtfo, I am tired of not even having a playoff contender.. everyone gtfo now.. You can't even contend for a playoff spot in the East when you are actually TRYING!?! GTFO!!!
  2.         I forgot how emotional that was to watch..
  3. took every fiber of my being for me to not bust out in laughter sitting here at my desk.. and i dont laugh out loud for nuthin.. ever
  4. reference to 2pac at Coachella was hilarious...   EDIT: I just saw the other post way down there.. Mod can move if possible
  5. Cecil, "Cam is only scratching the surface"

      Above @ 8:10 Skip asks Cecil "What did those skeptics say?"                 Below @ 1:30 - and I quote "I still say, The Golden Calf of Bristol is a more accurate thrower of the football than Cam will ever be..."  
  6. today's press conference tweets

  7. Have you lost focus at work?

    It has been a different feeling everyday.. Confidence, nervousness, anxiety, excitement, prideful Earlier this week I was nervous Yesterday I was filled with excitement - ASMR feeling for like 2 hours straight! Today I'm more anxious for Sunday to come
  8. If you're not following the Panthers on snapchat...

    Panthers Snapchat is the best thing ever.. all year been able to watch them practice and pregame stuff. This is what social media is suppose to be!! Question - who is the player that stayed the latest after practice all year?? If you have Snap, you def know. He would play a tip-ball game after putting in that 'extra work'
  9. Scott Simonson saved his sister's life

    whew... the picture of him in the car with his dad and having that conversation.. whew
  10. I met a ton at TC.. even @Jeremy Igo I drove down from Northern VA to Myrtle Beach for the week. Made the hike over to Spartanburg and back in a day. Whew! I was holding my 11 yr old son on my shoulders for like an hour getting almost everyone's sig (minus Cam, Greg and Funchess). My son's legs fell asleep while he was up there and my shoulders and quads didn't need a workout for the rest of the week. I got back to the beach and the next day KB tore his knee up. I was so depressed but enjoyed the rest of my stay at the beach.
  11. Man, the city and Carolinas are 110% behind this squad.. We gotta win this dammit!!!!!
  12. Real good Podcast. Love her voice..... Anyways, Cam comes on around the 16:00 mark but a good overall listen.
  13. Who is this year's surprise star in the sb

    Jerricho CLUTCH-ery