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  1. Breaking: Turkish F-16 shot down Russian fighter jet

    The "civilized" powers fighting among themselves... great, could not be working out better for organizations like ISIL. These children need to put aside their petty differences and focus on the task at hand.  
  2. Grinders grind they don' t ever retire.
  3. For SCP and Others That Give a Poo

    life just got a whole lot better...
  4. Proof US Government Wanted ISIS to Emerge in Syria

    The USA has gotten itself in the middle of a religious war between the Shia and Sunni and not just any Sunni, but fundamentalist Sunnis.  Our government did it thinking they could control the Frankenstein monster now known as ISIL in an attempt to destabilize and overthrow Assad in Syria.  Neocons are a serious threat to global safety.
  5. Airport Workers Across the U.S. Go on Strike

    I'm sure in this economy there are plenty of applicants just waiting for their chance to make ten dollars an hour.  Now whether your bag will be at baggage claim area when you arrive is another matter entirely. Nome Alaska?  How did my bag travel all the way across the continent?  Sorry for the inconvenience Mr. Arsen.  We have a flight leaving for the West coast in an hour if you would like buy a ticket to retrieve your luggage.  Otherwise we can take care of the problem for you.  In that case expect to receive your luggage back within the next month or two. 
  6. Rubio Welfare Queen?

    Must be difficult purchasing the largest boat possible on your government issued credit card when you're already five months behind on your home mortgage payment. Can't say for sure, since I live within my means and pay my bills on time.   What I can say for sure is when I was issued a government credit card they made it clear unauthorized use of the card would result in legal prosecution.  Of course that was the big bad federal government watching their piggy bank.  Not Jeb's inefficient FL government where having accurate voting machines available for minorities and other democrats is apparently beyond their abilities.
  7. And now in Mali

    The Kurds have consistently been one of the few groups that have a talent for defending their lands.  It is the Iraqi Shiites who mostly live in Southern Iraq and now control the government who have shown a lack of courage in the face of Sunni/ISIL terrorists. The US spent over a decade in Iraq and 15 years and counting in Afghanistan with boots on the ground and bombs raining from the skies.  How did that work out for us?  Might be about time for you to give up on your neocon dreams of world conquest there g5.
  8. And now in Mali

    Of course, there is still Iran fighting these radical Sunni terrorists, but if the neocons get their way we will be destabilizing that nation after the 2016 elections as well.
  9. And now in Mali

    The only way to get this situation under control is for the the Arab nations to step up and take a hard line, proactive stance on this issue.  Unfortunately, most of the leaders with the balls to do anything have been deposed or neutralized by the CIA or Western military adventurism. Sucks to be us.
  10. Bye bye Jeb!

    Libya says hello! 
  11. And now in Mali

    These guys are trying to bring about Armageddon, they may just succeed.
  12. Mass shootings, explosions in Paris... Dozens killed

    We are now witnessing the Trumpafication of American politics. Trump-a-fication:  Nothing you say or do is too stupid.  In fact, the dumber the comment or action, the higher the resulting positive poll numbers will be.
  13. Bye bye Jeb!

    Just like America, the French use oil for more than cooking.  Usually right there with us and the Brits when it comes to bombing little brown people in the ME.
  14. FB Memes

    When are we going to bomb the source of all this terror funding, Saudi Arabia?
  15. Bye bye Jeb!

    The French have been pretty active in their former colonies over the years.  We don't hear much about that over here because well, we think the French are a bunch of wimps, too busy making wine, cheese and cheap paintings for the tourists.