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  1. Deangelo Williams picks....

    Wow, you can tell he is hating life right now. Can't even be happy for his former teammates. Sad. FYI DWill:  Next year's SB is in Houston.  Destiny is calling... Carolina vs New England.  Book it. 
  2. Here's to all the Panthers who sacrificed their bodies in pursuit of the ultimate goal... the SB.
  3. Carolina Panthers have really gotten under the Seahawks fans skin.
  4. Well, Denver has apparently managed to score 3 TDs in 29 post season possessions...   so they have that going for them.
  5. One

    Well done my friend!
  6. One

  7. What should be clear by now is most of these pundits don't make the effort to do their homework. The majority of talking heads just parrot the prevailing popular opinions in the media as gospel. These experts are actually nothing more than highly compensated cheerleaders. Just remember that their words are as worthless now that they are Panther fans as they were when they were haters.  
  8. I don't see you as a troll.  You've been providing a good defense for your team.  You also seem like a pretty decent guy. Hopefully you will be able to console yourself with the fact that Denver had a tougher regular season schedule because after tomorrow that is all you will likely have left. There is a juggernaut called the Panthers and they are going to steamroll the Broncos just like they did with AZ and Seattle.    Panthers have been steamrolling other teams all season.  Once Carolina gets an insurmountable lead, usually by halftime, Rivera has the offense and defense throttle back.  The game clock does the rest.   Imagine Carolina's stats if Rivera had asked the team to continue to steamroll our opponents all game long like he did with AZ?  Winter is coming.
  9. Trying to pump myself up for this game

    Deepest Condolences Chknwing. The passing of our parents is a reminder that we are all mortal and not long for this world. You've already honored your parents by doing the toughest job possible, taking care of them in their declining years when they needed you most. Your mom and dad loved you so much they gave you the gift of life.  No doubt, they would want you to continue to enjoy that gift after their passing.  It is rare to have an opportunity to participate in an event as grand as the SB.  Even rarer still to have your favorite team participating. Honor your parents gift by living your life to its fullest.
  10. Broncos prepare to get your wood shellacked! 
  11. Trent Dilfer thinks that Denver will win because of "magic"

    There is a new guard/old guard vibe going on with this Super Bowl. The traditionalists last stand/hope... Manning's "magic". Rational minds know better... Super Bowl 50 is turning out to be the perfect transition point.  
  12. Author demonstrates how little he knows about Carolina: It’s safe to say Carolina would be counting down the days to SEC football right now without him.  (Cam)
  13. I'm not the biggest fan of Fox for his ultra conservative approach, but anyone that hired him after his time at Carolina should have known what they were getting in that regard. Manning/Fox is like vinegar and oil when it comes to offensive philosophies. Not sure how much say Fox had when it came to selecting personnel, but that seemed to be his Achilles heel here in Panther land.  Never had the depth or diversity of talent overcome key injuries.   A Fox/Gettleman combo might not have been as successful as the Rivera/Gettleman combo for numerous reasons however I suspect Carolina would have had several more winning seasons with that combo than they managed during the Fox/Hurney era. 
  14. Should the Super Bowl be Held on a Saturday?

    I'm half Panther, many cat naps.
  15. Should the Super Bowl be Held on a Saturday?

    Super Foose Ball Bowl is the devil's work, shouldn't be on Sundays. It is a well known fact that the devil does his best work on Saturdays. Therefore, Super Foose Ball Bowl should of course be on Saturdays. Result:  GOAT Super Foose Ball Bowls ever!